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  1. My favorite service is https://1xbit.com/en/ there you can find the most competitive odds and wagering options, make live bets for most sport events and even play online poker! I make bets on NBA games, and you?
  2. Geman

    It is too early to make any predictions. But I will be rooting for Liverpool
  3. Football is a global sport. Football is thought to have originated in twelfth century England and became so popular that the Kings Henry II and Henry IV had to ban it. What helped with the globalisation of football was Britains global influence. At the peak of its power, the British Empire nearly covered a quarter of the planet, meaning that it was very easy to spread the game of football. Football is also very popular because it can literally be played anywhere, all you need is a ball. It also doesn't require very many players, whereas games of rugby or American football would often need more players. I visited Morocco in the summer and the love of the game by the locals was evident. The locals would be up at 7 every morning playing on hand drawn pitches along the beach. This was also similarly evident in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.
  4. Geman

    I'm a fan of hunting!Already 10 years doing this!
  5. Geman

    I have AR-15, it is a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. It was designed to be manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. It is a semi-automatic version of the United States military M16 rifle.
  6. I need to find developers to create mobile app on iOS and Android. It will be for online learning platform. Can you share some contacts?
  7. Geman

    I think yes. But you need to create powerful app with some new modern features to win the competition and attract people!
  8. Geman

    I like Tom Hardy, he is an extraordinary actor. Do you know that for his role in The Dark Knight Rises he put on 30 lbs (13 kg) and his weight increased to 200 lbs or 90kg? How they can do this?:) I read this on Compareceleb(https://compareceleb.com/988-tom-hardy.html), quite interesting website about celebrities.
  9. Geman

    Here is good service for you https://boosthive.eu/wow/leveling. There are BFA Leveling 110-120, Legion Leveling 100 - 110, Flying in Legion, Profession Leveling, and many other.
  10. Geman

    I can recommend to contact https://www.americanbackflowprevention.com/, they make backflow testing and repairs in Chicago. They have 24 hour emergency service and all parts in-stock. Also they specializing in repairing obsolete and discontinued devices.
  11. Geman

    What platforms are your favorite?
  12. I think you need to use all ways of marketing and promotion. Also you should pay attention to the status of your site and how it works. Because there may be some errors or other problems, and visitors will not return to you again. For this purpose I recommend to use this service https://www.host-tracker.com/InstantCheck/Create it monitors the efficiency of your site, checks the load on the server, the speed of loading pages, the availability of the site from different countries, etc. Very useful thing!
  13. Geman

    I want create blog about boy-scouting. Which platform should I choose, blogger or wordpress?
  14. Do you use mobile apps for sales? What benefits does it bring?