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  1. I have been sleeping bad last time. What can you advise to get enough sleep?
  2. This is not simple, but you can hire professionals for help. For example now I work with Online rewards company for creating customer loyalty program https://online-rewards.com/program/customer-loyalty/ for my business. Of course such program require resources you have allocated elsewhere in your marketing, but in the long run you will have many benefits!
  3. I want to start customer loyalty program for my business. I read that it is good way to increase sales especially in 2018. Well-designed customer loyalty programs are an important element to an overall marketing plan, and these programs can exceed your expectations. So I decided to work with Online rewards company, they have been working in this field since 2002, they are real professionals.
  4. I will work in Spain and I need to rent a car. What I need for this? I have Canadian driver licence.
  5. Yes, tips are good. Outsourcing is important thing for any business, it brings a lot of benefits. As for me I prefer big company with real professionals. For example I work with Innovecs - https://www.innovecs.com/ideas-portfolio/how-to-choose-outsourcing-partner/ it is is a technology software development company with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Tel-Aviv and R&D facilities in Ukraine.
  6. Is there a tattoo artist here? I want to ask advice what tattoo machine is better to buy?
  7. I had a wedding there, in Hyderabad. Personally, I really enjoyed it, I think you will not regret it! Look at their banquet halls - https://hyderabad.wedding.net/venues/ and I can say that the prices there are really low!
  8. The wedding is cool! We had a plush wedding in India, my wife is from there. We celebrated in Siddh Convention, Hyderabad great place, just look the photos(I found it here). We live together, happily .. I do not know how people can be lonely, but someone likes it)
  9. Building personal saunas is relatively simple if a good location is selected and the adequate materials are purchased. Although styles and sizes of saunas vary, the basic principles of sauna construction are the same, and these steps - wikihow.com/Build-Saunas will give you a general outline of how to build a home sauna. Also you need to find good materials.
  10. Of course. As I consider this is one of the best solutions.
  11. I like poker and slots. For example now my favorite is jungle jackpot slot. The game is colorful, which is laden with vibrant images that will draw the player into attention and the necessary action. The min coin size for this online casino game is 0.01 and the max coins size is 25.
  12. NightLife really good. I like the design. You must think about content, it is very important in SEO. Also I think you must create pages or groups in social media, and work with them to.
  13. My idea is to sell electronics in internet. And for this purpose I need good and attractive website. I contact web studio and they said that it will cost around $2000. Second variant is to use premium theme, for example this Electronics Store Responsive Shopify Theme from Templatemonster(price is $139). What variant is better, how do you think?
  14. Yes I think you can. Installing theme and post content is not so hard. Try to search some tutorial videos. Theme looks good, why not.