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  1. Great tools you have shared here! I don't use all of them but some of them yes. I also can share new tool which I found recently. It is https://sitecurious.com, you can use it to search and learn how to fix your SEO issues, analyze websites, etc. Very useful in work!
  2. There are many marketing strategies to improve company brand. I can say that promotional products is quite effective tool. Promotional items or gifts means that you are promoting your brand through some gifts and making brand awareness among the people. It can be such things like pen, pencils, markers, envelopes, filing folders, electronic items, bags/coolers or totes, apparel, etc. More examples you can find on http://www.conceptplus.ca/fr/
  3. I use 1xbet service. It is proven and worldwide popular sport bookmaker. They offer good bonuses for beginners. Here you can read more info https://1xbet-th.com/
  4. What sport is the best for betting? What is your choice?
  5. I make bets on basketball and don't use something special. I can only share https://777score.com/ with it you can follow all basketball news, match results and statistics. It is quite useful for betting!
  6. What such services for sport betting in Kenya do you know?
  7. There are tons of business software applications out there, each contextual to a specific domain - Financials/Accounting, Program Management, IT delivery, non-IT / Business General software. For example for our pool care company we use devision from ManageMart https://www.managemart.com/pool-care it helps to invoicing, scheduling, pool management, routing, customer management, billing, etc. Very helpful tool!
  8. For online betting you simply need to just make a account and you can begin procuring. For checking matches results and statistics I use this website https://777score.ng/ it provides many useful info for me like match results, statistics, team squads, etc.
  9. Try to search reviews from clients and then to choose.
  10. I can recommend Monfex trading platform https://www.monfex.com/ here you can trade cryptocurrencies with up to 50X leverage. This platform is user friendly, cost effective, powerfull and provide good 24/7 support.
  11. My favorite service is https://1xbit.com/en/ there you can find the most competitive odds and wagering options, make live bets for most sport events and even play online poker! I make bets on NBA games, and you?
  12. It is too early to make any predictions. But I will be rooting for Liverpool
  13. I need to find developers to create mobile app on iOS and Android. It will be for online learning platform. Can you share some contacts?
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