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  1. JohnFranklin

    Testosterone is an anabolic steroid and classified as Schedule II substance. You do need a prescription to buy it in the US. Testosterone have some specific indications. In New York it is illegal to prescribe it just to build muscles and improve athletic performance. It is a drug with some potentially serious side effects and has to be used under medical supervision and only for some indications.
  2. From a *single* injection. You will get a very mild feeling of “today’s going pretty well” especially about 24 hrs after the shot. Nothing you could really swear on the bible was attributed to the testosterone. Just simply… hows it going?. Oh I’m actually having a great day! Testosterone is subtle. You might recover a little better than normal from the gym. But it’s a little better, not magic. And if you only take one, you are going to have world of problems starting in about a week, that will take at least a month to get right again. You put any amount of all of artificial testosterone in your body and your balls stop producing it. Read that again. Your nuts will stop working. Not wind down, not work at reduced efficiency. They stop. Working. So even if you take enough viagra to brute force a hardon, you are going to have the sex drive of a 4 year old. You are gonna look at that hardon and not know what to do with it. Got that? Key takeaway is your nuts will stop working. Ok. Want that? Good.
  3. How do you fix an iPhone that won't send text messages?
  4. What are benefits of a mobile app for businesses? Should I create app for my business?
  5. JohnFranklin

    I use Monster It is a global job portal owned and operated by Monster Worldwide, Inc. It was created in 1999 through the merger of The Monster Board and Online Career Center headquartered in Weston, Massachusetts. Monster is one of the more visited employment websites in the world as ranked by Alexa and is consistently ranked as one of the top five employment websites in the United States providing job postings in over 30 countries.
  6. JohnFranklin

    There are many variants for you. What exactly vacancies do you interested in? What industry? From my experience I can recommend to search on Jobsora, very good and comfortable job board. With it special filters you can easy find relevant vacancy. Here is a link for you https://ng.jobsora.com/jobs-ikeja
  7. What such useful tools can you share?
  8. JohnFranklin

    I used Lactis. It is not just a probiotic, but an innovative drug that exerts its effect on several levels at once. It includes specific bacterial enzymes and bio-elements directly from their cell culture. The latter, getting into your body, provide uninterrupted production of their own healthy bacteria and gradually increase immunity. Only soy milk is used, which almost never causes allergies and no one.
  9. JohnFranklin

    I can recommend Bet365. This service really tries to prove themselves as the no. 1. With a great selection of sports and betting and both an English and international flare, they really are the complete package. No other bookie offer the same level when it comes to special functions. For us at Bookiesbonuses.com, Bet365 is really one of the best betting companies. We recommend them highly.
  10. There are many variants. You should to choose the most relevant for you. Here are some examples what I know: 22Bet Kenya, Sportpesa, Betin Kenya, Sportybet, etc.
  11. What entertainment can you recommend in Seattle?
  12. What tools do you use for sport betting?
  13. JohnFranklin

    What exactly sport do you interested in? I usually check football and basketball scores on https://fscore-bd.com/ you can easy find neccessary championship or game. Quite comfortable!
  14. Pros: Extremely quiet. Environmental friendly, no emissions at source. Convenient to recharge, it can be done at home! Low maintenance Cons: Most electric powered bicycles and scooters are limited to a range of 15-40 miles per charge (depending on the model and battery type) so you won’t be able to use an electric bike to go on long road trips or to drive extremely long distances. As far as I know I have not seen any recharge stations. Recharging your vehicle takes longer that filling your tank up with petrol, but this can be done over night on a trickle charge. On very cold days, battery power can reduce by up to 20 per cent ! As temperature varies in India from state to state, I see this problem only in some selected cities. The near to silent operation can be dangerous to both you and the pedestrians. Considering the situation on Indian roads, you never know which athlete, hipster, child or any senior citizen may cross the road. This can be quiet hazardous as you might be blamed for silent operation.
  15. What are the best websites to search for jobs in India?
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