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  1. Students are always looking for some help to gain good score in their assignments. But to attain good marks they need to indulge themselves in well researched studies and the nature of the assignment. However, most of the students feel hesitant to take Assignment Help or Help In Assignment as they don’t trust the online assignment writing services.
  2. JohnFranklin

    I like reading, but it's hard for me now to complete books. If you like book, you tend to complete it as sooner as you can, right? But something went wrong, so I start reading, and then start reading another one, then another one, and so on. So, I have to push myself, but it's weird for me. I mean, reading was a hobby, but it turns into a torture. Seems like a new form of procrastination.
  3. JohnFranklin

    I often have problems with writing...
  4. JohnFranklin

    Reading. Writing. Drawing. Playing MMORPGs: Star Wars The Old Republic, Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Fallen Earth. I cycle among them as one becomes too “grindy”. Watching various TV Series. Enumeration would be too lengthy. Watching Movies. I generally like all well-made movies of different genres but I like Sci-Fi, Horror/Thrillers, Fantasy and Comedies the most.
  5. JohnFranklin

    I have used Schwab, NFS (basically Fidelity), and TD Ameritrade. Of course, all depends on what kind of trading you want to do, and what your particulars are. Fidelity has good execution, but lacks in third-party research and decent charting tools. It is great for simple, buy-and-hold investing or mutual fund investing. Plus it is inexpensive.
  6. I think you should find some local variants, get consultations, then to choose the best variant for you.
  7. I was on Testosterone Replacement Therapy ("TRT") for about 12 years. I just stopped it after having had a recent prostate cancer scare. (The biopsy was negative, fortunately, but I don't want to play with fire.) A classic case of hypogonadism, the doctor tested me for male hormones (via a blood test called a male hormone panel) and found them deficient. He explained that insurance companies hate to pay for TRT because it's expensive and theoretically will be required forever. In my case, there was ample justification and so I was put on TRT.
  8. What such websites do you know?
  9. It depends on your marketing strategy. There are many different marketing tools which can bring results. For example I want to try promotional products Promotional items is also known as marketing strategy used by all types of business to promote their products and service via business logo and slogans. I found some ideas on http://www.conceptplus.ca/ and I want to get consultations how to choose the best option for me.
  10. What is the purpose of headshot photography?
  11. JohnFranklin

    Try to search local photo studio or some photographer. Nowadays many people work in this industry so you can find many options for you.
  12. JohnFranklin

    Very complicated things, immune systems. A great deal is known, even more suspected and the greater part, as yet, undiscovered about them. They do go wrong fairly frequently and in a surprisingly wide variety of ways, some subtle and some barn-door obvious. Recurrent upper respiratory and ENT problems might be presenting symptoms for immune disorder but, provided each episode is followed by full recovery and normality between episodes, then I would be disinclined to attribute such episodes to immune disorder - at least in the first instance. Very frequently recurrent infections and some serious or unusual infections should prompt examination of those elements of the immune system that can be measured. The results can be spectacularly difficult to interpret. Diagnosis, if one can be reached with confidence, may point toward normal variation in function, trivial or temporary impairment, treatable disorder or fatal outcome. Treatment, where possible, is complicated, often innovative and requiring continuing monitoring.
  13. JohnFranklin

    I've been going since I was 6. I enjoy the whole process- from the shooting to the gutting. I hunt whitetail deer and turkey, but one of my most memorable hunting experiences was seeing a black coyote. For those of you who don't know, they're exceedingly rare, and it was quite cool to be able to see one. If anyone has any more specific questions feel free to ask away.
  14. Also you should work with your brand. For this purpose promotion products is very powerful tool. Promotional products are the items, articles, gifts or merchandise that are branded with a company’s logo and a short caption used for marketing purpose. They can be a bag, calendar, cap, bottled water, clock, diary, pen and much more. You can check more examples and prices here http://www.conceptplus.ca/
  15. I used to love Bet365.com, what a beautiful site (looks & function) but they sent me an email to say they were “limiting” my bets. The lesson learned there is that you “rob peter to pay paul” using betfair exchange. Thus maintaining a loss on Bet365 that would have kept them happy. If you need me to explain this further i will.