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  1. As the case with most cryptos Litecoin recently dipped following record highs. However, it broke $214 (February 16) from a low of $110 on February 2 suggesting further price increases are imminent. Litecoin’s gain has stood out amongst a general growth pattern seen in many leading cryptos this month. Since its inception Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has positioned his creation as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. The main benefits of Lee’s digital coin over Bitcoin are twofold. FXBtrading
  2. Interest rate changes in the US are felt throughout the markets, where even a 0.25% increase or decrease is capable of triggering volatility. This tool gauges expectations from market participants about the probability of a change in interest rates when the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) next meets to discuss monetary policy. Fed rate monitor tool
  3. Bitcoin value has dropped by almost 45% after hitting a high of almost $20k this month but some experts feel the crypto currency is set to climb again in 2018 Cryptocurrency investors who joined late will feel the latest headline about Bitcoin value is a bad joke. Most people who invested in Bitcoin recently are sitting on negative equity or have cashed out losing. Ethereum and Ripple backers have similar stories to share with their Bitcoin owning counterparts. But for portfolio manager Jeet Sign cryptocurrency volatility isn’t surprising and he envisages Bitcoin’s value hitting $50k this year. Singh gave his views about cryptocurrencies to RT while attending the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland. He’s been operating in the cryptocurrency space for the last six years. He’s seen similar volatility time and again. And he’s also experienced fluctuations by more than 80% and above on a regular basis. Singh drew comparisons between cryptocurrency and the early performance of Microsoft and Apple stock. “If you look at Microsoft or Apple when they went public their stocks were very volatile because the market wasn’t mature,” he said. The lack of vendors accepting cryptocurrencies as payment results in cryptocurrencies being used more like as a store of value. However, in countries with high inflation (Indonesia and Thailand) cryptocurrencies are more readily accepted. For More Detail : Bitcoin value can reach $50k this year
  4. The demand for these chips has grown in parallel to the value of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is created by solving mathematical problems, with these calculations also maintaining the integrity of the transactions. As more Bitcoins are mined, these problems become more difficult. Miners who used to use normal integrated graphics cards switched to GPUs designed for gaming. However, they are now turning to specially built ASICs. more details : Samsung joins cryptocurrency bandwagon
  5. Vegas starts to come to terms with shooting but the markets remain unaffected despite 50 lost lives Over 50 innocent lives were lost in Vegas in another act of random violence, shocking everyone except the markets. The market reaction to the deadliest shooting in modern US history? Predictably, gun stocks have soared while the value of MGM shares (the company that own the hotel chain) have plummeted. But for Wall Street and the other markets it’s almost like it never happened. But imagine yourself, if you can, in America’s playground today. What would you be doing? How many people are out and about enjoying what makes Vegas what it is? Would you still want to party in Vegas? How many have decided to end their visit early and go home? Have others have decided to cancel their trip to Sin City? How much money that would have been spent in Vegas today and in the coming weeks is going to stay at home. Probably billions, but that disturbance to the economy is being treated like a scraped knee. In Catalunya, violence during the referendum for independence from Spain saw 850 people injured. It also had a direct effect on the value of the Euro. It’s likely to have an ongoing influence on Euro/Dollar trading as the aftermath and implications of the Catalan vote are factored in. It could be argued that the two events shouldn’t be compared. It’s a valid argument until the memory is cast back to how the markets reacted to the 9/11 attacks. Every event that significantly affects the flow of money has an effect on the markets. It’s like taking some of the oxygen out of the air – it’s going to get harder to breathe. For More Detail : Did the markets miss what happened in Vegas?
  6. Our Money Managers enjoy so many great benefits and FXB Trading is a market leader when it comes to ultra competitive pricing, providing access to a deep pool of liquidity that ensures large orders are filled at the requested price and, most importantly, giving you the ability to fully customize your markups and fees, account leverage, and so on. more details : Money Manager Benefits
  7. Historical volatility reflects the past price movements of an underlying asset. Generally, this is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument in the given time period. Historical volatility is important because it helps to predict future price movements and estimate or calculate risk. more details Historical volatility
  8. Futures are derivatives contracts that investors typically use to speculate on prices or hedge risk against turns in the market. Other major markets like stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies all have derivatives based on them. CME’s futures option would allow investors to hedge that Bitcoin’s price will rise, something that is difficult at present. more details Bitcoin takes a big stride away from fringes of finance
  9. How to Get Best Forex Risk Management Strategies in Forex Trade? The Forex market has a daily trading volume of about three trillion dollars. In order to earn money successfully, you have to develop a very clever Forex risk management strategy. Of course, you cannot earn profits all the time with every single move. You have to deal with risk in order to earn profits as it is all about winning or losing in this trade. Portfolios that provide the best risk strategy are based on the experience of investors and traders. Role of Brokers in Forex Risk Management An investor should look for the most reliable and trustworthy financial partner with the best reputation in the Forex trade market. Trading in the Forex market becomes easier when you have professional and expert advice. Best Investment Portfolio by Brokers Someone who is new to Forex trading cannot devise the best portfolio for their investments. Reputable financial partners or brokers provide the best Forex risk management strategies. If you lose in one currency, but gain huge profits in the other then your net profits will be huge in the end. For More Detail : Best forex risk management strategies
  10. Simply refer a friend, who is not our client, to FXB and we will continue from there. When your friend opens a live account, you will automatically receive up to $250* in your account. If you are an existing client, tell your friend to use the referral link while completing the registration form or just send us your friend’s name, email and phone number to [email protected] Refer a friend to FXB
  11. Guidelines to Learn How to Trade Currency in the Forex Market Foreign exchange is now the largest currency market that offers a platform to trade in all kinds of currencies in forms of pairs. If you plan on learning how to trade currency in the Forex market, then you must learn the pairing of currencies in the foreign exchange market. It is essential that you learn the fundamental principles underlying the trade of currencies in the foreign exchange in order to get the maximum returns from the investments that you make in the Forex trade. Learn How to Trade Currency in Pairs In Forex market, investors have to deal in the pairs of currencies in order to carry out transactions. For example, if there is a pair of Euro and Dollar you have to pay the price of one currency in these pairs. If the current ratio of the Euro to Dollar is 1.4520 then it means that you have to pay 1.4520 dollars to buy one Euro. This is how currencies are exchanged in the Forex market. Similarly, all other currencies are offered in the form of pairs with other compatible currencies. If you want to buy any currency, then you will have to pay the price in the other currency from the same pair. Role of Forex Market in Developing Skills Forex market plays an essential role in making people aware of currency exchanges. It offers the practice accounts facility to allow people to learn the currency exchanges and trades on their own. For More Detail : Learn how to trade currency
  12. The signals app is an advanced application with a high winning rate which brings you the best buy/sell signals on forex pairs, commodities, and stock indices. more details : FXBtrading
  13. The value of Ethereum has the potential to increase significantly due to a number of reasons. These include increasing application uses, more companies adopting decentralised cloud-based applications and increased usage of smart contracts. Smart contract platforms may be the future for cryptocurrencies as they gain popularity in different industries such as banking services and healthcare. They will enable you to exchange anything of value (such as money, shares etc.) while avoiding the services of an intermediary. For advice on trading cryptocurrencies, talk to the experts at FXB Trading. Our platform makes it easy to start earning a second income with only a small investment in time and funds. The FXB Trading team are on hand to teach its members any aspect of trading that they are interested in. more details : Ethereum for beginners
  14. Currency heat map provides a graphical representation of the relative strengths of major and exotic currency pairs in comparison with each other. This tool allows you to sort major currencies to view current 24 and 48-hour historical data movements to produce a clear overview of the forex market.
  15. The security of cryptocurrencies is an issue for some people. The founders of digital coins know that stories about exchanges being hacked damage their image. For cryptocurrencies to be commonly used by the general public they must gain trust. The same trust that people have in the bank coins and notes they use to buy goods and services. The developers of privacy-obsessed digital coin zcash have gone to unique (and extreme) lengths to ensure their digital currency’s security. more details : How far will cryptocurrrencies go for security?

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