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  1. fayeseom

    Clearly define your seo goalsfind an seo company that tracks your dataget seo company reviews, case studies & testimonialsschedule a consultationdefine your seo budget
  2. fayeseom

    Automated bidding takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids to meet your performance goals. Each type of automated bid strategy is designed to help you achieve a specific goal for your business
  3. fayeseom

    Optimize your pages of your website.Stuff relevant keywords properly.build backlinksAnd analyze the performance of your website and optimize it accordingly.
  4. fayeseom

    Google has a new search process, the system it uses to sort through all the info when you search and come back with responses. It’s called “Hummingbird”.
  5. PR is Page Rank which is defined by quality inbound links from other website or web-pages to a web page or website as well as say the importance of that site.SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page is the placement of the website or web-page which is returned by search engine after a search query or attribute
  6. fayeseom

    Expanded Text Ads are the next generation of the standard AdWords Text Ad. This new ad type provides longer, more controllable messaging in your ads. ExpandedTextAd also features: Two headlines. This ad type has two headline fields.
  7. fayeseom

    Broad MatchExact MatchPhrase Match
  8. fayeseom

    1.Easy to track affiliate links2.Boosts CTR (Click Through Rate)3.Improves Email Delivery Rate4.Easy Management of Affiliate Links5.Reduction in Commission Loss6.ByPass Ad Blockers7.Link Trust8.Tracking
  9. fayeseom

    This means traffic that is generated from users clicking on banners, adverts, pop-ups, and videos. Unlike other forms of paid traffic, such as pay per click, advertisers who use ad traffic are usually charged per one thousand impressions. Also known as CPM or cost per mile.
  10. fayeseom

    Do-follow link allows the Google (and all search engines) to follow them and reach our website. It passes link juice and gives us a backlink. If a webmaster is linking back to you with this link then both search engine and humans will be able to follow you.
  11. There are few steps to implement SEO. They are* Website Analysis* Keywords Analysis* Concentrate On Page Optimization* Off Page Techniques (Do your best for Website Promotions) * Improve Website Keywords ranking in SERP and Build Brand awareness* Generate new leads for your Business Website.
  12. fayeseom

    A link farm is a website (or a group of websites) created only for the purpose of increasing the linkpopularity of another site by increasing the number of incoming links.
  13. fayeseom

    Reciprocal link building means, Link exchange that is you place your partner's site link on your site and he will place your link on his site. But, Google does not give more values to these kinds of links; however, few of such backlinks are fine but not excess.
  14. fayeseom

    It is extremely easy to create a sitemap, which will help with the indexing of your website. You will find more on this topic in our article “How important is a sitemap for the indexing of my site?“. You can then comfortably submit your sitemap to the searchengines Google and Bing. For more on this, please see “How can I submit a sitemap to Google?” Sitemaps for search engines have to be in a specific “machine-readable” format, which means that it needs to be hierarchically structured. Additionally, the sitemap needs to use the XML sitemap protocol for the markup. This is the reason why this type of sitemap is called an XML sitemap.
  15. 1. Advertise2. Get Social3. Mix It Up4. Write Irresistible Headlines5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO6. Target Long-Tail Keywords7. Start Guest Blogging8. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site9. Go After Referral Traffic10. Post Content to LinkedIn