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  1. Stop loss is a part of risk management. To protect your account from great loss, you need to use stop loss. But to use stop loss effectively is the key. Many traders don't know how to use it. I suggest them to study more. I am trading with FXPM. I chose the broker because of their instant withdrawal facility.
  2. Yes it is money that entices people into trading. Many people come here out of greed. They think by trading they will be rich overnight. Without understanding anything they run for profit. They forget that to make money in forex, you need good knowledge and skills. As a result they end up losing all the capital. I am trading with FXPM , a regulated broker. It has assigned me a personal account manager to help me in my trading.
  3. To me the best way is to trade with a single pair. Because every pair has its own characteristics. Once you are familiar with that pair, you can take another pair. Do not generalize all the major pairs. I trade only GBP/USD. I am trading with FXPM where I get support from my personal account manager in my trading.
  4. No, day trading is not gambling. Actually any type of trading is not gambling. It's the traders who make it gambling. When you start trading without having proper skill sets. You end up doing gambling. So focus on learning. I am sharpening my trading knowledge with the help of my personal account manager assigned by FXPM.
  5. Successful trading is tied in with controlling your risk. There are some more essential things to take after which incorporate great methodology, great trading plan, polished skill and picking the correct broker. You can not get good results by trading in a poor broker. I trade forex at FXPM broker. I am here in this broker since it is a regulated broker and has tight spreads. I moreover can withdraw my money instantly.
  6. Demo account is valuable for new traders. Opening a demo account is very easy. But you need a good broker whose demo price is well synced with live market. I began my trading with FXPM in their demo platform which works impossibly well and synchronized to the live market prices. By then I moved myself to their live account.
  7. To become a profitable forex trader you need good analytical ability. Good understanding of the market and the power to control your emotions are also necessary. You also need a solid broker where you will get good support. I am trading with FXPM where I am happy with the personal care.
  8. I didn't get what do you mean by right information. For trading you need good knowledge, skills and a solid broker. For study I get best educational resources in FXPM. They are also a solid broker who assigns a personal account manager to me to help me in my trading.
  9. Forex is a currency market. Currencies are traded here in pair. Through online forex trading, retail traders can make money. But it's not quite simple. For trading you require particular learning and abilities. You also require a decent broker. I'm trading with FXPM where you will get important study resources to pick up information and abilities for trading.
  10. Yes loss can be recovered. But it needs time. You need to know that to make a consistent profit in forex trading you need good knowledge, skills and support from your broker. A good broker like FXPM can provides you that. It has amazing educational resources and excellent customer support available for 24/5.
  11. Yes intensive study is needed to make consistent profit. Forex trading is a work of professional. You need specific knowledge and skills. The more you will learn about the market, the better will be your trades. I am trading with FXPM where I can access to their advanced educational resources for my study purpose.
  12. Learning is vital for forex trading. Most amateur begin trading just by knowing how to submit a market order. They overlook that forex trading is a work of professional. It requires proficient learning and aptitudes. Thus they wind up losing their cash. I would prescribe all novices to contemplate first. I am trading with FXPM due to their advanced instructive resources. You can have a look at them.
  13. Yes opening a demo account is very important. But the problem is where to open the demo account. You need to find a good broker which demo account is synced with live market. It will give you real market price. I did start with FXPM demo account which is synced with live market prices.
  14. Forex is the biggest financial market in the world. Everyday turnover is more than 5 trillions dollars. You can leverage from this market by doing online trading. For this you need to learn the art of forex trading. You also need a online broker to trade with. I am trading with FXPM where I have got good learning materials for free.
  15. Yes in forex trading less is more. But most trader do not understand it. They treat it as gambling. They come to forex to become rich overnight. They do not understand that a simple 5% to 10% return per month can give them a huge yearly return. So patience is the virtue. My personal account manager assigned by FXPM has helped me a lot to understand many aspects of trading that I used to ignore.