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  1. The growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain The interest in cryptocurrency is often referred to as the ‘digital gold rush’ attracting thousands around the world to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others like Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The value of Bitcoin is linked to sentiment – whenever people rush to invest, the prices go up and when people decide to sell, the price goes down. This volatility has resulted in prices skyrocketing. In 2017, Bitcoin surged in valued from $830 to $19300 and is now fluctuating around $8,000. Other cryptocurrencies like Ripple and Ethereum are following a similar trend. This cryptocurrency rollercoaster has helped lucky investors to make fortunes. Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, was designed to facilitate, authorise and log the transfer of bitcoins. How does blockchain technology work? Blockchain is a shared database populated with entries that must be confirmed and encrypted. Traditional databases are owned by a central authority like banks and governments, but blockchain does not belong to anyone. The impact that blockchain technology is having is similar to the impact of the internet in the 90s. As society becomes increasingly digital, financial services providers are looking to provide customers with more efficient, secure, and cost-effective services. Therefore, blockchain technology will become more applicable to our daily lives. Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies depend on blockchain technology that makes transactions so secure that they are almost unhackable For More Detail : Cryptocurrency will play a big role in our lives in the future
  2. Are you still confused about Bitcoin? Or maybe you don’t know what cryptocurrency is and why it is so significant. Our Bitcoin survival guide will outline everything you need to know and help you make the right decisions when investing. Throughout this guide I will refer to Bitcoin, but the information applies to Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum as well. Read on to find out all you need to know about Bitcoin and surviving the market trends. What is cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions. How can cryptocurrency be used as money? Currency is a system of money and a form of exchange in general use in a specific country. At present, the Dollar is the most widely used currency around the world. Anything can be used as a form of exchange, and this includes cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. There are many other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, etc. Bitcoin is the most popular because it was the first successful cryptocurrency to emerge. It is a digital currency that can be used to complete a transaction between two parties without involving a middleman. It allows direct, private transactions between users with almost no transaction costs. This is achieved because it is powered by blockchain technology. For More Detail : The Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple & Ethereum survival guide
  3. Cryptocurrency trading Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular and many investors are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. However, it is essential to understand that trading cryptocurrencies is not necessarily a ‘Get rich quick scheme’. Before you start investing in cryptocurrencies, it is important to do your research. Read our guide and find out all you need to know about trading cryptocurrencies. Buy Cryptos What are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are a digital asset and exist only in an electronic form. What are the most common cryptocurrencies? The most common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. For More Detail : A beginner’s guide to trading cryptocurrencies
  4. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value this year has outstripped even high-performing technology stocks tempting more investors to capitalise on the volatility while others steer clear fearful of a crash When the Wall Street Journal’s headline reads Bitcoin: Even Grandma Wants In On The Action you can’t ignore it. Bitcoin’s price swings have been prompting volatility-starved investors to join the biggest speculative boom since the 1990s dotcom fever. Just six minutes into Bitcoin futures trading, the contract expiring in January which opened at $15,000 rose to $16,600. Trading on Monday morning (December 11th) in London the contract was changing hands at $17,500. Bitcoin itself was at $16,635.05 according to CoinDesk. Right now there is no hotter ticket having started 2017 at $968.23. Is Bitcoin a bubble? Investment is being tempered by the fear that Bitcoin’s value is speculation driven. They’re wary of putting money into a bubble. Some are convinced it’s the future. John McAfee – founder of the eponymously named software – doubled down on his previous prediction and claimed: “I’ll eat my own d**k on national TV if Bitcoin doesn’t surpass $1 million by 2020.” More investors are setting aside Bitcoin’s questionable past and use by criminal elements. Some see it as a viable alternative to gold as an investment. Especially when faith ebbs in fiat currencies. For More Detail : Bitcoin mania: Is it too late to join the rush?
  5. The MetaTrader 4 (usually known as the MT4) is the most common choice of traders around the world. As Forex trading becomes more popular, software companies launch new trading platforms to compete with MT4. But so far it is still the leading FX trading platform worldwide. The MetaTrader4 is a full cycle trading platform that includes back-office elements as well as front-end terminals. Therefore, with the MetaTrader4, a broker does not need any additional software to run the brokerage business. The MT4 is totally user-friendly for traders and offers a wide range of powerful tools such as financial instruments, databases, data feeders, and many others. The following advantages proves its popularity and increasing success. API –Application Program Interface, this allows the software to extend its functionality and integration with other systems. It also grants access to ready plug-ins designed to ease smooth operation of the platform. ML4 language- this is the programing language of the MT4 which is immensely popular as it allows the creation of new scripts, and integration of EAs, enabling full automated trading. The platform has the benefit of a strong security system on the online operations as the MT4 employs 128 bit encoding. A full set of technical analysis tools and graphics are available. The platform offers multi-lingual and multi-currency support. For More detail : MetaTrader 4 UK- the major FX platform
  6. The foreign exchange market is a decentralized market that is meant for trading currencies. The forex market determines the value of currencies. The magnetic power of money has motivated the investors to invest in stock markets. Earning money through equities is not an easy task. You need extensive research and lots of discipline, patience and confidence. You need to be able to interpret the market. Due to the volatility of a market, investors are in a continuous dilemma whether to invest or not. Market volatility causes the investors to lose trust in the stock market and shut themselves off from stock markets. Ideal investors must know how to deal confidently with this volatility. People who lack confidence cannot sustain the highs and lows of the marketing trends. Thinking about the winnings You need to be confident in order to trade efficiently. Trading efficiently helps to develop confidence. Confidence and perfect trading habits are almost equivalent. Low level of confidence can negatively affect trading performance. Thinking about your winnings can make you a winner. It is necessary to think about your wins, and it is necessary to consider the factors that result in the win. Important factors must be noted in a trading journal to record the trading policies that prompted the win. You must memorise trading techniques in order to acquire trading skill which will make you more confident in trading For More Detail : Rule the market through a confident trading approach
  7. fahdforex

    There is a widespread global debt problem which was inevitable after paper money had been introduced. Almost every country in the world is in debt. Global debt Debt is a fascinating concept as governments need money in order to run countries. It’s an obvious fact that running a country costs a lot of money. Governments obtain money from the people they govern. Governments are not profitable entities, nor do they own profitable businesses or any other ways of earning money. This money is assigned as taxes, and it is the obligation of the citizen of a country to pay their taxes in order to provide their government with enough funds to run the country. Essentially, the government uses these funds (taxes) to run the country. They should spend all tax money on the country, but governments often surpass the amount of these funds. Government expenditure is similar to the spending of people because it usually exceeds their financial means. Governments printed more money and referred to this money as debt to justify the spending of more money. They use this money to pay for everything that taxes would have paid for. This money though is debt. For More Detail : The global debt problem
  8. fahdforex

    As Forex trading has become popular, a lot of people are gaining the practice by opening a demo trading account. Forex market offers individuals all the resources required to help them acquire experience for online forex trade. For this reason, it has allowed a large number of official financial partners to help their clients begin with a free demo account for Forex trade. By using a demo account, you can learn how to become a professional trader and investor. Why use a demo trading account? Demo trading accounts have a number of advantages: • Not required to invest money. • Opened for free with leading brokers. • Market trends can be observed. • Buying and selling prices can be seen live. • Experience forex trading without investing any money. • Trade 24 hours a day during the 5 working days of Forex trade. • Provides up to $100,000 of virtual money. For More Detail : Demo trading account
  9. Markets are set to experience a period of high volatility which will be an opportunity for some but will send others looking for safe havens Strap yourselves in, the markets are going on a rollercoaster ride. And depending on your appetite for risk you should prepare your portfolios accordingly. If you want to protect what you have, the path to the safe havens haven’t changed. If you believe you have the know-how to profit from it, then start reading between the lines of news stories. There’s no roadmap for this because the outcome is far from certain. The ongoing chess match between two superpowers has reached a critical point with Syria as the focal point. Whoever’s plans play out the most successfully will have greater influence over the Arab states. For More Detail : Markets will get volatile sooner or later
  10. Cryptocurrencies and gold are often written about as either / or positions for an investor’s portfolio as they act as an alternative to currencies but they have can work well in combination Any trader looking to make money on cryptocurrencies and gold markets needs to invest time researching before taking a position. If you do a search on cryptocurrencies it won’t be long before you’ll see an article that compares their merits against gold. Should you invest your hard-earned money in gold or cryptocurrencies? They ask, and variations on that theme. The number of these articles implies that they are somehow in competition with each other. But it’s a phoney war. Both have a different role to play in the world of finance and in your portfolio. For More Detail : Cryptocurrencies and gold: You need to take a position
  11. Netflix share price has risen 59% already this year and is expected to rise even further after the company posts its third quarter earnings figures If you’re already a Netflix (NFLX) subscriber you probably don’t need too much convincing about how good it is and will appreciate why analysts are predicting that its share price is set to rise even higher, despite the fact that it has already grown 59% this year as it teases the $200 per share mark. You will notice from the chart that Netflix share price has a tendency to reach a peak as quarterly earnings figures are announced followed by a drop before picking up on its overall upward trend. If you’re not a Netflix subscriber then you’re one of the reasons why these analysts expect its share price to keep on rising. They expect that you soon will be. Streaming is the present and the future. It’s a service that meets the entertainment needs of our increasingly demanding lives. And once you’ve subscribed it’s hard to live without. Think of it as having unlimited access to one of those old video stores that you used to rent DVDs from. Only with Netflix you never need to leave your home to get your viewing entertainment and you watch what you want, when you want and as many times as you want. For More Detail : It’s prime time to trade Netflix shares
  12. fahdforex

    Very helpful for beginners to understand the basics of trading. Awesome forex tutorials download EVerFX aplication in order to help understand and master it
  13. So, you’ve got the trading bug. You’ve made your first profits – albeit modest – by making safe trades. Understanding how markets behave will help you to make better trades. There are riskier trading strategies that can earn bigger profits but the risks are too great. What do top traders do? So how do top traders end up making so much more money? It’s not by taking bigger risks but by learning to read between the lines to make better trades. Profitable traders earn more because they’re better at predicting and understanding how markets react to news and economic data. They read between the lines of the constant stream of information that is available on trading platforms to make more profitable judgements. The best traders use information to make a trade before the trend is visible to others. For profitable traders, breaking news stories and economic data is information to be deciphered into factors that can affect the market. It’s not easy. If it was, everyone would do it. It’s actually far from impossible and can be learned. Understanding economic performance and what affects it is an area where profitable traders excel. The examples below demonstrate the importance of being able to translate data and news into something meaningful. For More Detail : Learn to read between the lines to make better trades
  14. Many salaried individuals are now investing their money in Forex trade in order to increase their monthly income. They invest in Forex as it offers an absolute platform to make money with small amounts. However, you have to be very cautious as trading may reduce your capital if you do not monitor trends regularly. There are a large number of foreign exchange trading platforms available in order to conduct Forex trade. Important factors related to foreign exchange trading platforms: There are important factors to consider before choosing a forex platform: • Is it free to use? Does it offer any additional features if it charges a fee? • Which technical indicators does it offer? • Interface for the orders and types of orders that are made available to all. • Does it support back testing the strategies? • Has it API for the additional programming? • Does it provide historical data as well? Why to Look for the Best Foreign Exchange Trading Platforms? Taking into consideration the above mentioned characteristics, it is essential to choose the best platform to carry out Forex transactions most effectively and profitably. You can open up your account with a reputable financial partners in order to give a boost to your earnings and get the best returns for your savings For More Detail : Foreign exchange trading platforms
  15. The Forex market is quickly becoming the focus of attention for millions of new entrants due to its unique advantages. Many people have learnt how to make clever investment choices in order to take advantage of the market. Two strategies in Forex are going short or going long. Once you understand these two strategies you will be able to make important decisions in order to be profitable. The two main strategies will be examined below. Going short This trading strategy is when the base currency is sold in order to buy it later when the price begins to fall. For example, if the current GBP/USD is 1.5345 meaning we pay 1.5345 Dollars for one Pound Sterling, and we have $1000 dollars, we would sell the Dollars in order to purchase the Pound Sterling. This is carried out when the cost is expected to fall again in a short period of time. When the price GBP/USD falls to 1.5350, this means that more Dollars can be purchased with the same amount of Pounds that were obtained at the start. The additional dollars can be kept as profit which was earned by considering the dollar as the base currency. For More Detail : Strategies for successful trading decisions – going short or long
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