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  1. Did they have a reset in Crypto300Club as well? Maybe I should start buying packs in the clone instead?
  2. I hope DSC on older packs returns to 2% daily some day. Not going to fund more money until maybe next year after I do my taxes if everything is still going well by then. I'm still withdrawing 60 dollars a week and that covers my car payment which is cool! I haven't had to tap into my main source of income for that. So right now I have no complaints. Could be a lot worse!
  3. I was somewhat disappointed in seeing my DSC cut in half by surprise. Hate how ACX gets us all comfortable and then yanks the chair out from under our assets. I was about to fund in a large amount of money but now not sure if that is a safe move to make. Just wondering what you or anyone else thinks. Should I still fund in the money or give it some time? I have $3,000 ready to load in, but that last adjustment scared me off.
  4. ACX Crypto is awesome! I'm just withdrawing money now and getting paid! It's like I got a second job now! I need to fund in more money soon and increase my DSC. This is incredible! For the first time, everything is actually working! No withdrawal delays. No resets. Unbelievable!
  5. Why do they need a clone? I personally can only fund my ACX account because then I can use a portion of my old funds that have been locked up for years. For that reason, I can't fund into the clone so the clone will be of no use to me unless it will be easier to get referrals signing up to the clone than with ACX.
  6. Blonde, I just don't know about some of these robot posters in here. It's like someone turned them on and forgot to update or reprogram them or something. They don't even read our post or communicate with us. Sometimes I wonder if they are real human beings.
  7. I'm done repurchasing Ad Packs for now. Got my DSC up to $21 a day! I'm satisfied with that for now so I will be just withdrawing the money. Wow! Might trade in my car for a newer car today now that I have extra money coming in. Been waiting a long time for this! Time to get that money out!
  8. I got several withdrawals as well just to test it out, but since things appear to be going so good like we will actually be paid for life without any reset or delays I've stopped withdrawals and now in 100% repurchase mode. I got my DSC up to $20 a day but thinking about getting it much higher. I'd like to be withdrawing around $1,000 a month for the rest of my life! That would be so awesome and make my life so much more enjoyable for sure! I don't know why you or anyone is withdrawing the money now. Build up that DSC for goodness sake! Why are people withdrawal that little money like there is no tomorrow? Time to start thinking big! If ACX is actually going to pay us 1% for life, then you want to build that DSC up now and enjoy the bigger money coming in later!
  9. Well, here we go again! Withdrawal completed! Let's start getting that money out: You just received0.0109009 BTC ($80.45 USD) You just received 0.0109009 BTC ($80.45 USD) from an external Bitcoin account. It may take up to 6 network confirmations before your Bitcoin is available to trade. Sign in to view transaction Want free Bitcoin? Invite your friends! Invite friends to Coinbase and you'll both get $10 worth of Bitcoin when they start investing using your link. Get Started Transaction Details COMPLETEAugust 03, 2018 06:54 PDT Amount received 0.0109009 BTC From an external account To You To stop receiving these emails, unsubscribe from this list. © Coinbase 2018
  10. Well, I'm now making 46 cents on weekdays. I did the math and maybe in ten years I will get my seed money out if there are no more resets and withdrawal delays or cancellations. So after ten years I will begin to see some profit from ACX if everything keeps going as it is.
  11. Were you able to withdrawal that money into your Bitcoin account, winner? Until you do you haven't won anything. Hope you realize that!
  12. My payment keeps getting delayed. Still haven't got the withdrawal. Same old ACX. I see they do pay the small payments for $1.77.
  13. I got a referral, which is bizarre because I wasn't even promoting for over a year. I must have some advertisement out there still active somewhere on the web that I forgot about. However, as usual, it appears just another one of those referrals that signs up, but never funds in any money. I have yet to figure out how to land an active paying referral. Don't know how others are doing it. I try everything they say and nothing works.
  14. That's nice but I thought resets were something we didn't have to worry about anymore? Not that I'm surprised, but they made it seem like everything was going so good in the emails, then suddenly reset. No shock out of me, however. Was fully expecting it from years of experience. Usually happens right after I fund in the big money. No difference this time as usual. I must be bad luck. ):
  15. 13 day waiting time, but I don't care as long as it gets paid in that time. Requested my first Bitcoin withdrawal after funding in some big money, so I'm officially back in this.