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  1. How long did it take to complete the transfer? How does that work since Bitcoin price fluctuates? Did you get the exact amount you requested in your ACX account plus the 20%? Or was it different than what you requested because Bitcoin price fluctuates?
  2. I'm just waiting for the next restart/shift to confirm to myself why I have been avoiding funding in new money. I know its coming.
  3. But how much did you have to fund your account just to get that 20 dollars out? I doubt you are in profit after all the resets. I don't consider ACX in paying status if they keep having reset after reset and members have to keep funding in more and more money than they are withdrawing just to get a withdraw.
  4. Yeah. They always say in the emails how great ACX is but then why do they have to do a reset so many times? They are liars. ACX was never any good and all the resets prove that. Time for them to change what they have been doing because it's not working to make the members money.
  5. The last email about the upcoming changes was interesting. It was enough to get me thinking about giving ACX another chance.
  6. Another reset?! After the last reset, I don't even log in anymore. I've moved on to other money-making opportunities. ACX is dead to me. I was a diehard ACX supporter, but I have to admit it's over. No way I can have financial success in ACX with all the resets.
  7. Yeah, but they don't tell us how much money needs to be funded in to make that happen, if its even in our range or not. So then it's like trying to guess how much fuel we need to fly over the unknown expanse of hell. We better be damn sure we pumped in enough fuel or we will crash and burn in hell. I suspect restoring all those Triplers will be hard to achieve because they have a hard enough time paying on the Triplers that are currently active. It could be just like when we had Panels. They were never able to pay those Panels and the Ad Packs at the same time.
  8. Lol. You might want to check your account again. They did another adjustment. I was making over 80 dollars a day now making under 4 dollars a day after all the resets. Happy Thanksgiving from ACX!
  9. The last email said the Triplers that were reset to a lower DSC are now capable of being reset to a higher percentage if ACX sees an overload in funding. We could suddenly see our DSC return to what it was before all the resets. That could be the final touch that is needed. We will see how that works out. I know for myself I would be more confident to continue to buy Triplers if I knew these resets were never permanent.
  10. I thought the reset wouldn't take place until the DSC reached 10%? How many times will they reduce my DSC? Was making over 80 dollars a day now down to 10 dollars!