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  7. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency exchange Binance's native platform coin, BNB, took a battering today, plummeting in minutes from a high of nearly $4 billion, to close to $3 billion, a drop of 33 per cent. Read more on:

    There are some words that seem self-explanatory on the surface, and blockchain is one of them. The blockchain is, simply put, a ‘chain’ of ‘blocks’. What makes the blockchain special is the nature of these ‘blocks’ and ‘chains’. The ‘blocks’ are similar to record-keeping ledgers or a set of data on a group of transactions that contain the details of every transaction and can be accessed only with specific credentials. The ‘chain’ represents the interconnected nature of the blocks. The ‘chain’ ensures that no change can happen in any of the blocks without consensus from all the interconnected blocks, making the blockchain resistive to any data-modification. Read more o

    Vid creates an engaging and exciting story out of clips and events in our daily lives - without the need to edit or compose videos. It uses blockchain technology in the form of the VID token to directly reward content creators who share stories on the platform. In this sponsored interview I ask CEO Jag Singh about how the Vid platform works and how they will compete in the social media space.

    Wow! This is cool, just wondering if there will be any censor for inappropriate content. Anyhow, thbrazzers pornhub xhamsteris is very cool

    It’s a truly remarkable project but seems to be very under-rated by many.
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