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  1. Jo Eshuijs

    Now at the present time Forex trading has become very easy for the traders as he can use his android, computer, or laptop with the connection of internet to create a trading account with the reliable broker. I choose Forex4you trading broker who are very famous for their entire service and facility. I am using their MT4 software which allows to trade very fluently from anywhere at any time very easily.
  2. Jo Eshuijs

    Fundamental analysis is one of the analyzing type. To capturing the market it is an approach. Forex4you is a great technological broker, on daily basis they offer fundamental trading news which is a great support to the traders. By analyzing economic, social and political forces that may affect on supply and demand of an assets fundamental analysis is a way of looking of the Forex market. It is really a great support.
  3. Jo Eshuijs

    In the Forex market there are many brokers available. But in my trading career I have only work with Forex4you broker who are reliable and regulated. Traders are trading well and earn good money as this broker helps their traders in every way. They are really very favorable. About the comfort of their clients they are very concerned. From them I receive- 25% deposit bonus, 100% guaranteed security of funds and easy withdraw.
  4. Jo Eshuijs

    A foreign currency exchange trader must need to use proper timely, fastest and orderly trade execution since it is major support traders expect from their brokers. Different broker gives different trade execution support. With my broker Forex4you I can trade in just time as they give well timed, fastest and orderly trade execution. I am very lucky that my broker give me re-quote, slippage and dealing desk free trading platform.
  5. Jo Eshuijs

    As Forex is the most virtual trading platform so here Forex traders are virtual traders. In this trading platform traders are able to trade from anywhere by using their mobile phone, desktop, laptop, android, I phone etc. Forex4you is the most experienced brokers in this field and I am working with them. Their MT4 is the best and unique and error free software which I am using while trading in Forex.
  6. Forex brokers are the most important part in the Forex market. If you get a reliable broker you can ensure almost 80% success of your trading. So traders really need to find a reliable broker for their trading. Forex4you is a top rated Forex brokers are leading in this industry for a long time. With over than 150 trade able instruments all the commercial supports they have, smart bridge technology and so on.
  7. Jo Eshuijs

    Forex4you is a highly regulated and secured trading broker in Forex market and they provide 24/7 customers service in whole around the world as an international brokerage house. Till 2013 I am working with this broker for their best customer and error free networking system. I usually used their money transferring system which is also excellent and fast. They ensure security of their clients fund and protect them all day long by a third party supervisor.
  8. Jo Eshuijs

    In Forex market without a reliable trading support it is not so easy to trade profitably. And mostly traders are working with unsafe trading broker who are regulated by the market and they lose their wealth. Forex4you is a fate, faithful and regulated trading broker in tis field. From the beginning of my trading career I am working with them safely because they give me well- repute bank accounts and now I feel comfortable.
  9. Jo Eshuijs

    To deal with lower trading risks to earn smaller amount of money in a small time period scalping allow traders in Forex market. Today mostly traders are using this short term investment policy but they need to choose the broker carefully. Forex4you I the best broker which is true STP executing broker and allow scalping trading strategy by giving low zero spread facility from 0 pip. They also allow long term investment.
  10. Jo Eshuijs

    With micro trading account those who to trade with smaller amount of risk and smaller deposit and those foreign currency exchange traders can start working. To trade with small deposit via micro trading account the chances many Forex brokers are offering. Forex4you is such a friendly broker who offer no minimum deposit to the newcomers and they also offer five different types of accounts where smaller trader can choose the cent account to start trade.
  11. Jo Eshuijs

    Without learning mostly traders start their trading journey but in Forex you have to learn first about Forex to trade profitably and comfortably as it is the best way to earn money from this market place. A reliable broker called Forex4you I already chosen for my Forex business because they give best educational session for their traders to learn accurately of Forex trading. From their monthly webinar classes I learn properly about Forex.
  12. Jo Eshuijs

    To be the most useful and profitable trading policy although scalping is highly considered by the Forex traders, but still of that many brokers don’t accept this trading policy in their trading platform. As a scalper I select Forex4you which is the true STP executing trading broker who allow all kinds of trading techniques including scalping and hedging with smart bridge of technology. They give lower zero spreads to make small profit.
  13. Jo Eshuijs

    It is impossible to increase profits without proper trading skills which I believe. I always find out a reliable broker such as Forex4you who offer free educational sources to provide their traders trading knowledge and help to increase their trading skills. I learn about Forex trading from their free webinar classes and believe me those are really very effective and also supportive to increase one’s trading skills by acquiring trading knowledge properly.
  14. Jo Eshuijs

    As Forex is a financial market which has many sudden changes, in the Forex market rational decision making is always being appreciated. As a global trading platform everyone is allowed to do this business to make his potential life. Forex4you is an amazing broker who are experienced and licensed and regulated broker and I am trading with them much comfortably. They give me secured trading environment with full of earning sources.
  15. Jo Eshuijs

    To be the most useful and profitable trading policy, from all trading strategies scalping is considered, for beginners especially. In the right way o use this scalping trading policy I choose the true STP executing platform Forex4you. Because this STP trading broker for all time ensures the best trading environment for scalping by providing only from 0 pips. By using this low zero spreads facility now I am able to make good money in a small time.