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  1. Jo Eshuijs

    Now from different corners of the world people are trading in Forex market. They are trading in Forex to earn good profit. But I start trading to not only earn good money but also gain experience to the market. That’s why I start trading with Forex4you broker. First of all I learn trading from their free webinars classes. This help me to become a confident trader and I m very comfortably trading now.
  2. Leverage is much important trading tool in Forex market which helps the trader to earn huge money easily. But most of traders are seems to afraid by using the high leverage because it contains high risks. With Forex4you broker I am enjoying the higher leverage that is 1:1000 in my trading career. I am making good sum of money by using this high trading leverage. I am also using risk management tools to control the risk.
  3. Jo Eshuijs

    Bonus is an important facility which is given by the Forex brokers to their clients. Bonus helps the trader to earn extra profit. But traders should consider this while selecting the broker because there are many scam brokers. I have selected Forex4you broker who have deposit bonus offer to their regular clients that starts from 5%-25%. I get 25% deposit bonus which help me to make extra money from my Forex business.
  4. Jo Eshuijs

    Forex traders should always be ready to face any types of loss. Without any loss we the traders can’t expect only profit because loss and profit are two parts of any business and so do in Forex. We just can reduce the loss. I am trading with Forex4you broker who give all types of trading facilities including – higher leverage 1:1000, risk management technologies, lowest zero spread from 0 pips, timely and orderly trade execution etc.
  5. I think spread is the most easiest, and powerful trading tools from among tools in Forex market which support the traders to earn good money, as the Forex trader invest in Forex market to earn huge profit. Before choosing the broker a trader must check the spread facility that given by the broker. Forex4you is giving lowest zero spread facility from only 0 pips in their platform which help the traders to earn good money in a small time.
  6. Jo Eshuijs

    From different Forex brokers Forex traders get several sites to Forex trading. And free webinar program is one of the learning sessions from the broker’s side. There are dozens of Forex brokers providing their trading services. Forex4you is the best broker for any types of facility including best educative sessions. From them I get free webinar classes to learn Forex trading exactly. They also have other sites to learn Forex trading.
  7. For retail, small scale currency trader, Forex broker can be the ultimate sustain. But now, for any Forex trader the selection of trading platform is becoming very difficult with the existence of scam brokers. Forex4you is a secure and regulated trading broker which I select. Because along with the flexible trading facilities like- well timed trade execution all the time, here I also get re-quote and slippage technical platform with high security service by 24/7.
  8. Jo Eshuijs

    I love to trade as a short term trader because it needs to invest small money to expecting earns small money and that’s why I have small risks. As a short term trader I can earn profit in a small time, and for short term trading I have chosen Forex4you trading broker who allow both short and long term trading in their platform. I get lowest zero spread from 0 pips, instant trade execution and smart bridge technology.
  9. Jo Eshuijs

    To the scalpers volatility can be a very chance. With the size of changes in a currency exchange rate volatility refers to the amount of uncertainty or risk involved. I have chosen the right broker for my Forex business and that is Forex4you broker. They give fluent trading platform where a trader will never face any re-quote, slippage or dealing desk problem. For scalping and hedging they give smart bridge technology.
  10. Forex trading is the most profitable business in the world there is no doubt but most of traders think that they can earn huge money in overnight which is a wring concept. There is no way to earn huge money in overnight. With Forex4you trading broker I am working very hard for my Forex business. I have learned properly of Forex trading first by the help of my broker, they are very helpful.
  11. Jo Eshuijs

    Successful foreign currency trading mostly depends on the trading strategy used by the traders. There are various types of trading strategies and according to the trading needs a trader should pick his trading strategy. I have selected scalping trading strategy as per my small deposit problem so I choose Forex4you broker who is best for scalping strategy. Basically they allow scalping, hedging and long term trading and they give low zero spread facility etc.
  12. Jo Eshuijs

    An exceptional facility is trading leverage which is provided by the broker as the trading loan. It is considered as the most important financial trading tool because higher leverage helps to make big profit. With Forex4you trading broker I am currently using higher trading leverage which is 1:1000 almost very high. To make huge profit now I am successfully able by using the higher leverage. So I am really grateful to my broker.
  13. Jo Eshuijs

    In whole around the world Forex trading is the only flexible business which allows trading any person, with any amount of money and in any time. There are both short term and long term investors who are doing trading. As a short term trader I am with Forex4you broker trading currently in this market. I chose them to get low spread facility which they allow from only 0 pips to earn easily it is very supportive.
  14. To earn profits quickly is almost impossible but many traders think that Forex is an easy business to earn. But to make profits quickly good brokers always prefer easy and successful ways. Forex4you is a nice and secured trading broker who allows different trading strategies in their platform so traders can easily choose their suitable trading strategy. This broker is giving all types of trading facilities including lowest zero spread and instant execution.
  15. Forex market is unpredictable and it has many ups and downs. The market moves very first. So a trader needs to have updated trading news to follow the trend and to survive profitably. Finding the broker who has necessary facilities is a trader duty. I have chosen Forex4you trading broker for my trading and they give me daily market up-dates like latest political news, hottest currency news and charts, events and data’s, economic calendar etc.