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  1. Forex is not a game. It needs a lot of knowledge and patience. A trader must have all kind of knowledge about forex market before he starts to trade. Knowledge can be gathered by so many ways. If any trader wants to gather knowledge about forex market he can try a demo account. I started my forex trading with a demo account of Forex4you broker. From there i gather all kind of knowledge when I did some trade with demo account. This is one of the best way to gain knowledge about forex market.
  2. Everyone trades in the market for making profit. But it is not easy to make profit. Forex market is like a puzzle game. You have to make proper decision in proper time. It is quite difficult to take quick decision without the help of any broker. Making profit is mainly depend on the spreads and leverage and the ability of taking quick and appropriate decisions. I always trade with Forex4you. Because they provide low spreads starting from 0.1 pips and give a dynamic leverage at maximum of 1:1000. It helps me to ensure my profit easily.
  3. If anyone wants to trade comfortably in forex market, he has to choose a reliable broker, which can lead him to make a profit and give good guideline in forex market. I am currently trading with Forex4you. It provides me tight spreads and dynamic leverage. It also helps me to make comfortable trade without any hesitation.
  4. In forex market, leverage is an important trading tool. Because higher leverage ensures the high profit. It is easy to make more money through high leverage. I select Forex4you as my broker because of their dynamic leverage. It provides the high leverage is 1:1000 which helps a trader to invest less and make profit more. So, I can comfortable make money by this broker because of their dynamic leverage.
  5. Forex Broker helps traders to execute their trade easily and smoothly. Traders need to choose the broker wisely. By choosing wrong broker While I trade in the market I rely on Forex4you. This broker has tight spreads, unblemished execution, dynamic leverage and ease of trading facilities than any other broker in the forex market. Anyone can easily trade with the help of this broker.
  6. It is very important to choose a good broker in trading. If the broker is not good, it is not possible to get a good reward by trading. If the broker is good, you can make a profit by trading. Because of the spread of the broker is not good, then there are many problems when opening a trade. I am trading with Forex4you where I am following their advanced information advantages to make myself capable.
  7. It is not possible to survive in trading without trading confidence. If a trader has low confidence, he will not get peace by trading. My confidence level is very high when I continue to profit consistently. Which is why my analysis is so good. And I can easily make a profit in trading with the help of my broker Forex4you. However, it is not possible to be overconfident because it is a loss in trading. Trading with confidence all the time maintains a positive mindset.
  8. The success of trading depends largely on trading psychology. Sadly, most traders either ignore this basic truth or don't realize how important it is to have the right mindset for a successful Forex trading. Yoga and meditation help to set mindset and brain in optimal condition. I am trading with Forex4you. I always try to keep my mind clear before trading.
  9. Professionals traders do not gamble in trading. Before start trading, pro trader always does their analysis and try to choose the currency pair with the most specific conditions. As for me I prefer major currency pair. I am trading with Forex4you which is a regulated broker. They give me low and tight spreads in major pair. That’s why I love trade in major pair.
  10. A trader has to be discipline for trading. This is one of the most important trading wisdoms that trader should master. Lack of discipline leads to trading mistakes. If you make a lot of mistakes and loss, recovering from that loss is quite impossible. My broker Forex4you provide me all the essential tips to make me discipline in trading. I also always exercise discipline for trading.
  11. Forex trading is not a game. It has so much risk. Every trader should learn the basic knowledge about forex before entering into the market. Lack of knowledge can put them into the big problem. knowledge about forex can be learned by many ways. But the best way of learning forex is to open a demo account. This can help him to get knowledge, by which he can at least make profit slowly. When I was new in this market, I gathered knowledge by opening a demo account in Forex4you. It helps me to know about forex, about trading. I also know what is good for me and what is not. I am still trading with
  12. If you are new at forex market, you should know all the rules and regulation of forex market. On the other hand you should also know the basics of forex trading. Without knowing the rules and basics, it will be quite tough for you to trade in forex market. As a new trader you can open a demo account under any broker. In that demo account you can learn the basics of forex trading. You can also know about the rules of the forex market. Demo account is fully risk free. It is the best option to know about the forex trading practically. I also used a demo account of Forex4you, when I was a new tra
  13. Low spreads is one of the most important elements of trading. The broker who gives low spreads are basically well known to the traders. Specially the newcomers and the low investors rely on the low spreads broker. I usually trade with Forex4you, which provides low spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Their spreads don't change much. So, it is very much pleasant for me to trade with them.
  14. A trader should pick a suitable broker to trade in the forex market. Without a suitable broker it is quite difficult to invest in the huge market. Broker can be the well wisher for any trader. But Broker has to be good. Wrong broker can create difficulties in trading. As a trader, I choose Forex4you as my broker. It provides low spreads and high leverage. The trading strategy is quite easy.
  15. Loosing money in forex market is a common matter. Most of the time it happens because of low knowledge about forex market. But sometimes it happens because of the assistant you have. The broker you trust can be the cause of losses sometimes. So beside your high knowledge about forex market, it is mandatory to choose the best broker which can help you to reduce losses and gain profit. I am a trader with medium knowledge of forex. But In my trading, Forex4you helps me to take decision and helps me to choose the best option beyond emotion.
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