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  1. Jo Eshuijs

    I will never recommend any broker that I have been used in my trading. The only broker I can recommend is Forex4you. Due to their effective customer service I can always handle my trading loss, apply risk management and money management techniques, active service by 24/7, easy withdraw without facing any error, fluent trading environment, instant cash back service, re-quote, slippage and dealing desk free trading platforms, so I can trade well.
  2. Jo Eshuijs

    Never trade emotionally, when you start trading in Forex. Emotion causes great loss and a Forex loss every think to take any decision practically. He can never make good money and lose easily. Forex4you is the helpful Forex broker in Forex market who gives motivation and guideline on daily basis with expert assistance in their platform, so that trader can always trade practically. The best way is to trade without being emotional.
  3. Jo Eshuijs

    Success is not so easy to achieve and in Forex market it is toughest job. So the Forex trader especially the beginners should work really very hard in order to achieve his trading success. Without good trading support gaining success is not so easily. This is why I join with Forex4you broker who is much experienced and advanced technology provider. They give different trading platforms and error free access facility.
  4. Jo Eshuijs

    Forex trading is very profitable but also risky business. Without risk there is no scope to earn huge money. This is why we need to ensure advance risk management technologies in our trading life. From my reliable broker Forex4you I have the advance technology based supports. They give me advance risk management tools such as- stop loss, trail stop and take profit. By using any of these risk management tool I can control my trading risk.
  5. Jo Eshuijs

    Without getting the right trading guideline in Forex market you may lose your trading because there are lots of terms and conditions in Forex business which can you will never understand unless you get the right support ad guideline from the credible broker. To get the right trading support and guideline in my trading Forex4you broker I have been selected. In their platform I always get the experts guideline and advice.
  6. Jo Eshuijs

    You should learn from your trading mistakes in trading. There are lots of mistakes a Forex trader did in his trading but it will not be the end. If you can learn good things from your trading you can be winner and if you never overcome your mistakes you can lose. Forex4you broker gives the best effort to educate their traders and give expert assistance and guideline so the trader can always realize their mistakes.
  7. Jo Eshuijs

    The demo account can fulfill your trading learning by providing necessary practical theories. A Forex trader who tries the demo account first will definitely be benefited. There are many facilities using this demo account. AT Forex4you trading platform I have used the trail account because this broker has almost all the real trading tools in their demo account. So I have got the best trading education by practicing on the demo account.
  8. Jo Eshuijs

    The MT4 is the widely used trading platforms in all over the world to do Forex trading. Different broker allow different types of trading platforms in their trading but most of the Forex brokers have the MT4 trading software because it is very essential. With Forex4you trading broker I am using the MT4 trading software since it is very fluent and easy to access the financial activities properly in my trading.
  9. For achieving success in Forex trading market, the Forex trader should need the high leverage and low spread facility in their trading because these most important tools help to make profit consistently. Without using these two trading factors you can never make profit consistently. That’s why Forex4you broker I do select. They have higher trading leverage 1:1000, narrow trading spread from 0 pips and instant trade execution etc. in their platform.
  10. Jo Eshuijs

    If you can always keep good patience in your Forex business you can go long in the Forex market. Most of the Forex traders have short tempered. The main reason why they mostly fail in their career. The traders fail basically due to their own weakness. Forex4you my trading broker give the right trading tools and features and they give the promotional offers so that I can make good money easily in my trading.
  11. Jo Eshuijs

    Before investing in real account we the trader should practice on the free demo account. We can practice here for the long we want to. There are lots of chances to become a good trader by practicing on this trail account. I choose the demo account on Forex4you broker. Because they have fluent trading environment and have almost all the real trading tools to practice well. I acquire good trading knowledge by practicing here.
  12. Jo Eshuijs

    As a broker I have been chosen the best broker named Forex4you. They are best because they give – error free trading platforms, various trading accounts, active customer service, no minimum deposit, wide range of deposit bonus, 24/7 continuous support, exert assistance, one account multiple trading opportunities, risk management, lowest trading spread from 0 pips, high trading leverage 1:1000, low trading cost, no hidden charge, low margin, low commission etc. for their clients.
  13. Jo Eshuijs

    By attempting to measure the intrinsic value of a stock fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating securities. To identify patterns and trends that suggest what a stock will do in future instead use stock charts, technical analysis do not attempt to measure the securities. Forex4you is much reliable broker who gives both fundamental and technical support to its traders. That’s why with them I am really very much comfortable.
  14. Jo Eshuijs

    A trader should only choose a broker according to his trading concept because without checking this issue while trading with any broker a trader will face serious problems. That’s why I suggest Forex4you broker who is secured and allow all kinds of trading methods including scalping and hedging in their platforms by providing lowest zero spread, instant market execution and error free trading environment and smart bridge of technology for all accounts holders.
  15. Jo Eshuijs

    Forex traders should always try to develop their trading skill and knowledge as both of these are very important factors in Forex trading. Without good trading quality and skill, it is very difficult to lead a comfortable and profitable trading life. By trading with Forex4you credible Forex broker I have developed my trading skills and knowledge by using their free demo account. They have almost all the real trading tools in their platform.
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