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  1. From the beginning till now I am trading with the expert broker in the whole world and that is Forex4you. To provide best customer service they won many awards from the authority. I am lucky that my broker gives me best trading environment and that’s why I am able to make good profit. I am receiving highest leverage volume 1:1000 and instant market execution which helps me to earn huge money by a short time.
  2. I think risk and money management are two important tools which should be used by every trader to trade profitably and comfortably. Without these two management it is not possible to trade long time in Forex market. Forex4you is my trading broker which I am using since my starting period of Forex trading. They give me proper risk and also money management technique to trade well for a long time with very comfortably.
  3. For a good trading broker it is very easy to provide actual trading facilities such as – bonus offer, cash back, withdrawing offer as an instant service. As the scammers are increasing very rapidly and it is very tough to know which is scam free broker is. Forex4you is my licensed and regulated trading broker from where I get all the essential trading facilities like- instant withdraw, super cool cash back with 50%o the paid spread and commissions, 100% deposit bonus etc.
  4. With the information’s and concepts of Forex market once new traders have familiarized themselves, they can open a demo trading account. The demo is free of any real cost or no chance to lose real money but to develop your trading skills it is perfect. With Forex4you I practiced to their free demo for at least six months. It helps to improve my trading skills and learn about Forex trading and their conditions.
  5. There are many kinds of trading strategies, In Forex trading. In my sense the most profitable and short term trading strategy is scalping. But a scalper have to choose the suitable broker very carefully because not every broker allow scalping approach. Forex4you is a genuine broker who give scalping facilities to make good profit that’s why I have chosen them for my scalping approach. In Forex market only a regulated trading broker can apply scalping strategy like my broker.
  6. Forex4you is a nice and really friendly broker; I can say them best because they give their traders easy and all types of trading platforms. I am currently using their mobile apps trading platform. Now by using the modern and full technological mobile trading platform I can access easily by using mobile phone, I pod, android etc. to complete my orders from anywhere and anytime. I feel very refresh and relax by trade in this platform.
  7. Different trader faces different trading problems during his trading and professional Forex trader keep a journal about his previous trading mistakes as it helps to improve his trading skills. With Forex4you I am currently trading and the good thing of this broker that they help their trader to select their trading mistakes and give expert’s advises to overcome those problems. I followed the expert’s advises properly so now I am trading well.
  8. You can earn your living cost from Forex and lead luxurious life, if you are a skilled trader. Forex4you is the friendliest trading platform for retail Forex trader, and there is no slippage, no re-quotes and such a good trading platform to trade with so I still working with them as I found them best to work with. I learned about real trading from their free demo which is also user friendly.
  9. On Forex market the key point of success is hard work. The trading life of a trader can be changed by proper hard work. I have selected Forex4you as my trading broker because they help in every way to become a successful Forex trader. I get super cool trading environment and instant market execution system from them and that’s why I am earning well in my Forex business. This is best broker I seen in my life.
  10. A trader should be skilled and knowledgeable about the changes of Forex market and Forex trading, in order to make profit. As a Forex trader we truly depend on a good broker who will give continuous customer support to survive in this challenging field. So I select my broker Forex4you which is regulated by the Financial Services and Commissions. Their continuous support helps me to sustain in long time and earn good profit.
  11. We the traders first of all have to choose the credible broker for ensuring successful trading with certainly, because with certainly the broker can affects on our trading result. I have been using Forex4you which is real STP execution platform and for all time make sure security of funds at any deposits with a wide range of trading technologies. Before selecting your broker make sure that they have proper security of client’s fund.
  12. To become successful every trader should follow perfect trading plan to go in a right way by right time. Maximum time from our trading broker we got the trading chart. Basically to make perfect trading plan a trader need daily market news to do the work. From Forex4you I get daily Forex news and data and other essential market information to make a trading plan properly. I am successfully trading by following the plan.
  13. Forex4you is the flexible broker because they give long and short both types of trading method to choose the suitable one. In Forex market there are different types of trader. I am a short term trader so I select them to get lowest zero spread and instant market execution system which help to earn good profit within shortest period. I choose this type of trading as a student I need to maintain my study and business both.
  14. If you want to be a successful Forex trader you will need to work hard and keep patient in any situation. Greediness will be harmful for any trader’s career. Forex4you I am currently trading to complete my financial activities and they are very active to help their traders. I follow the expert’s advices which help to recover my mistakes and develop my skills. When I get stuck with anything I can directly make a call or video call or E-mail them to solve it instantly.
  15. Forex4you is excellent by their service quality system so to make a good sense of trading I choose them. They provide various trading platforms to their entire regular client’s. Their platforms are very easy and comfortable to access. MT4 is my trading platform because I get all types of trading essentials here. I get- economic calendar, Dow jones news and reports, MQL language support to create trading robot, trading indicators and wide range of trading techniques.