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  1. It will be an awful lot of trader should consider before placing the order, where a motion condition price is going on compared to that has happened so that data can be processed to predict price movements next
  2. Very impressive, I have downloaded the mt4 trading as practice for real, although no deposit bonus $25 of FXB Trading, as a means of practicing in the real account and no risk so it is better we take only
  3. So don't wear your leverage too high, dangerous if the wrong order, and consequently is not worth the loss of available capital and that crappy towards progress trading
  4. risk management is the rule that governs the use of capital and its influence on the risk of each transaction, so can be measured with a clear if stop loss hit, so it will make traders know the steps to be taken to secure accounts from the loss is too large
  5. Because it's not easy to get profit then better continue to learn just to gain increased knowledge and from there could also give encouragement to traders to be able to manage trading capital when practice trading on a demo account
  6. Well, everything will be clear measurable capability of trading a trader if able to consistently study and practice trading, either on the demo account or real account, and they will make an increase in knowledge and experience in managing capital
  7. I think all brokers have a regulation that can be trusted if it is within the scope of international, and especially providing numerous trading facilities are complete and there is also education for traders
  8. Correctly, uncontrolled emotions give bad impact on performance trading, because it was not based on the fact the data belonging to match analysis were made, so that they became no directional in the trading process
  9. I use the method of scalping trading with daily targets are not much, and want the convenience of the way dri joined FXB Trading because allow scalping and hedging
  10. Amenities provided FXB Trading influence on performance in terms of technical trading just like the speed of execution of the orders we place, easy to do withdraw as well as the existence of a guarantee fund which we deposited security
  11. agree in terms of control of emotion is a decisive run at maximum capability or whether traders, because the fact that an awful lot of traders who've been nice in the mastery of the trading system in theory but not maximum when dealing directly with the real account because his emotions are not controlled properly
  12. a lot that we can choose in determining the trading platform, the reasoning was that we are trading and also how often accessed to see the progression of the price movement is going on
  13. Individually the opportunity to be successful in forex trading is determined by conditions of traders and trading skill well which determine the trading skill goes well is control of the emotion that always just blocking the maximum ability If the emotions of uncontrolled
  14. Loss happens if stop loss hit or cut loss if price movements are no longer appropriate with market analysis, so that it becomes floating minus, and it must immediately do the existing capital rescue
  15. The difference is in the capital and also the mental condition of the trader when facing conditions favorable and adverse