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  1. Although we are new in the business of buying and selling bricks of money, we have to be sure that if you do your best, then the result will be maximum, and that's why I am currently implementing a system of trading course in forex trading practice
  2. Improve the ability in currency trading must be constantly improved, with always practice on a demo-account and always do an evaluation that is often to improve the weaknesses of the capabilities
  3. In a great risk of currency trading, have excess benefit greatly and fast too, because it we should study diligently in order to have a reliable expertise in benefit
  4. Currency trading is a huge business and quickly, whether the acquisition of profit or loss, from the condition it will be good give priority to handling losses, so we put a stop loss order with small so even though taxable capital also means little is missing
  5. I often trading at pair EURUSD, it's just out of habit since first learning forex trading, and there is no problem because it is just a habit, with trading any system can be for any kind of pair if the condition of price movement is ideal for transaction
  6. All business risks are there, as well as in forex trading, and I think the biggest risk in currency trading is if someone does these kinds without sufficient knowledge based, rely solely on the sheer luck, without exercise on demo accounts directly manages capital in the real account
  7. I was new at this business, that's why I participated in the forum to gain insight in the forex trading, mutual discussion, mutual exchange of information concerning this business
  8. The best means to learn the business of currency trading demo account is, we can learn and manage capital without risk, and is not in the business of others, only forex trading course
  9. Study and practice on a consistent basis in order to have a reliable expertise in getting money from forex trading, and does it require quite a long time but whatever no one Instant
  10. We make the demo account as a means of practice theory of forex trading, with virtual capital will not be endless and it's good to train trading system to become familiar with and able to be carried out on a real account in the future
  11. I am still relatively new compared with traders which have been experienced, still learning and practicing on a demo-account, but once in a while try trading on a real account with the goal of learning to manage and train psychological
  12. I am still learning in forex trading, and most rewarding thing is when the focus of learning against a particular trading method, and continue to train it on demo accounts, making increasingly good understanding and experience also increased
  13. To be successful in forex trading is not easy, need to be studied seriously and continue to practice diligently, focus on one trading system so that it becomes very familiar and also need to learn self control, not obeying the ego
  14. Comfort in trading would be the main thing utilizing facilities from brokers, if so then the loyalty towards the broker can become more powerful
  15. How scalping was indeed not all brokers allow it, somehow, but just want to freely use any way keep putting that order, it means that we have to pay for the services of the spread of an existing

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