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    Need high anonymity? Come here, here is the fastest proxy server https://advanced.name/cid/u9
  2. SunnyMay

    It's difficult to build a sauna. If you can and like to build, then I think you will like it. My husband loves all these do-it-yourself projects. He recently built a small barn in my garden so that I could put tools, seedlings and decorations for the holidays there. Now on the Internet you can find any plans, any advice on the construction and repair. Most likely you will need to replace the roof in the extension. The roof for the sauna must be fitted under the stove. You can search for information on the Internet, here myrooff.com is a lot about roofs. In any case, I wish you good luck and good construction.
  3. SunnyMay

    I think the most important thing about betting is not to be too gambling. I know that some use different strategies that guarantee winnings, but this is illegal. I also love e-sports, I’ve been watching Starcraft games for more than 3 years. I know well how each of the teams plays, I watch the players' streams. I sometimes bet on my favorite Flash and sAviOr. They are very popular in South Korea. I only bet in cryptocurrency, so if you are, too, I advise you to choose from the list https://yesportsbet.com/bitcoin-esports-betting/ . These are all legal sites that specialize in eSports. It seems to me that a successful bet is one that is easy to withdraw in case of a win.
  4. SunnyMay

    I really like Greece, we spent a honeymoon with my husband there. I would like to repeat our vows there on the anniversary. I don't know how quickly you can be married there, you should know it on the Internet. But it seems to me that this is a great place for a wedding. I think it's hard to organize a wedding abroad. I can advise you to think over your wedding well, how many guests will be, book rooms at the hotel in advance, also make sure that your guests are met by someone at the airport, for example there is such service https://www.hellenictaxi.com/ . Also look for a good photographer in the country where you want to marry, a make-up artist and a hairdresser. Carrying these people with you will be expensive.
  5. SunnyMay

    Also I can add to these tips that the active use of social networks helps to increase the traffic to your site. I lead a group on Facebook, where I communicate with my customers. This helps me to respond faster to questions, also frequent mentioning in social networks increases the number of visitors to my site. I have a site created on WordPress, so I can use such plugins as https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-facebook-plugin-facebook-feed-widget/20611532 . This plugin duplicates information from Facebook on my website. It saves time and the content on the site is regularly updated.
  6. Guys, do you love England as much as I do? I am planning to visit London in summer. I want to have a stroll in Hyde Park, drink a cup of coffee in Piccadilly Circus and all that stuff. I am also planning to visit blockchain technology conference london for I've been mining for a year and now I'm ready to learn something new that could help me to earn more money.
  7. SunnyMay

    My sexual fantasy is getting fucked by a shemale. I know it's really weird for a girl, but I think those transsexuals are so sexy and full of lust. They have dicks and I like that and they have subtle women-like bodies that I guess are so pleasant to be squeezed and kissed. I even started to watch specific porno here http://shemalevids.org/ to admire those shemales at work. Really gorgeous.
  8. SunnyMay

    I do not know about you, but for me it's one of the best slots I've seen. Everything is very fast and colorful. Free Novomatic Plenty on Twenty Game you will definitely like! Beautiful fruits and pictures make the game diverse and fun. I would like to see faster flash-player work but in general it's good!
  9. SunnyMay

    Very interesting slots. Especially football topics. I like football very much. I play football, watch football, and now I will make money with Football Rules Slot and look at my favorite football players. The idea is interesting. In addition, you don't waste your money as well. I advise it, football fans will appreciate the game.
  10. SunnyMay

    My friend has become mining recently but he thinks he's already become a pro-miner. How naive he is, can't even describe it with words. I decided to show him the article about Best altcoin to invest in 2018 so that he could read some manual from people that do know how to work, but he got offended. That proves how many people prefer to be ignorant but preserve their dignity.
  11. SunnyMay

    I have a habit of studying a country I'm going to visit. I try to feel it inside of me. I try to learn the language, the habits and celebrations of the locals, the names of most well-known sights etc. When I was about to visit Italy and its capital Rome, I came across a very useful site - https://rome.us/ . There I managed to find everything about Rome, its life and peculiarities that each tourtist had to know.
  12. SunnyMay

    If I were you, I wouldn`t think over whether Bitcoin investment is a good usage for your money or not - to mine bitcoins only the power of your computer is required, nothing else, you may tend to your business and then just get your cash as real money, isn`t it really convenient?
  13. I have never used free or paid themes. I found branding agency washington dc and ordered the design of my site from the professionals. I like that my site has a beautiful design, a user-friendly interface and an understandable structure to the customers. I think it's worth it to pay for it. I know for sure that my site is unique.
  14. I also really want to boost my account in the instagram. I found a good portal https://bigbangram.com/ where are many tips on how to have more subscribers. I started to follow the advice - to post high-quality photos, I began to look for active followers. I'm looking for people by hashtag follow4follow. In three months I doubled the number of followers. It takes a lot of time, but it's worth it.
  15. SunnyMay

    I think that modern equipment helps to maximize automation work in production. Also often use iot platform for business. The Internet of things allows you to interact with the seller and the client, monitor the work of different equipment, control the production process at different stages. The most important advantage of such platforms is that you can work remotely.