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  1. Lack of sleep is very bad for me. I become irritable and inattentive, sluggish and I easily fall into apathy. When I sleep badly, I take these https://nootropicboost.com/buy-best-nootropics/aniracetam/ pills in the morning. These pills cope well with lack of sleep, help me stay concentrated and in a good mood. I'm more efficient at work. These pills are safe for health, but I try not to take them too often.
  2. Thank you very much for the information. It's interesting. I really like tattoos. I have two and I really want to make a third tattoo. I want to make a tattoo on my arm, now I choose sketches, I liked one of the app Tattoo Designs, with a fox. It seems to me that the arm will not be too painful, but I know that doing a tattoo hurts anyway and you have to endure.
  3. I know that any application requires technical support, regular updates. You can learn here https://www.infopulse.com/services/software-engineering/application-maintenance/ how much it will cost. I believe that a good application cann't be free or inexpensive. You must find a professional who will do his job well and on time. I believe that you shouldn't save your money on the quality of the application and its design.
  4. Flowers are a great sign of attention, but I prefer the more practical gifts. Recently, I gave my mother for a birthday such a ring as in the photo. She is very fond of designer jewelry. I accidentally found this https://lalaserengraving.com/tungsten-rings/gun-metal-tungsten-ring/ online store on the Internet and I really liked their jewelry. I know that my mother loves such jewelry very much.
  5. I recently learned about such tool as web scraping (here you can find more http://mydataprovider.com/ ). This tool helps to get quality content from any site. I use it to get a description of the goods in the online store. It saves time and money. I learned about this tool recently, but I already read a lot of good reviews about it. Maybe someone already used this?
  6. I believe that in trading on the stock exchange it is very important to choose a good broker with favorable terms. I found this https://www.forexee.com/en/ broker. I have been working with them for more than two years. I started trading on a demo account. I tested different strategies, I studied. Then I paid my first money to my account. It was 50 dollars. But I was able to withdraw money and profit without problems. I like that this broker has a good reputation and good conditions.
  7. I believe that SEO promotion is a complex process. I think that the first thing that should be paid attention is the structure of the site, how quickly it's loaded, it's important to have a suitable domain name, friendly visitors design. Then it's important that you have on the site high-quality content (for online stores use tools such as web scraping software http://mydataprovider.com/ , for a blog you can hire a copywriter), it's also important to find keywords that will help visitors find your site in the search engine. I believe that this is enough to start.
  8. I believe that with age, a person begins to remember less, it's more difficult to concentrate and absorb new information. But I know that there are special smart pills, here you can read more https://nootropicboost.com . These pills help improve memory and brain function at any age.
  9. I quite agree that apart from starting a business, you still need to be able to manage and develop it. But also I know that there are such companies as BlueBackGlobal , for example, who are professionally involved in the management and expansion of business. If you have enough money, then you can hire professionals, who will open your office and organize work there. I believe that now you can easily open your business.
  10. First of all, when I turn on the laptop I check my mail. then I read the news (I made Google a selection of news), and then I start working.
  11. Any advice?
  12. Where you can buy inexpensive equipment for the oil and gas industry?