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  1. How to find a task manager on a Mac OS?
  2. How to write a cent symbol on a Mac keyboard?
  3. SunnyMay

    Where can I find a good locksmith who will quickly come to me and fix the door lock?
  4. I read all the news about Left 4 Dead 3 on this portal https://bestgamingthings.com/the-game-we-cant-wait-to-play-left-4-dead-3/ . You can watch the trailer for the game, read what upgrades the developer wants to make and read the description of the new part of this game. It helps to wait for the release of this game.
  5. SunnyMay

    This is a pretty interesting question because for nintendo switch there are many good games. For example, in this article https://bestgamingthings.com/the-best-nintendo-switch-games-2019/ there is a description of the top 10 games for every taste. You can choose what is more interesting to you.
  6. SunnyMay

    I know that if your house needs minor repairs, it's best to do it before the sale. The sliding door between the rooms began to jam on the day when buyers were supposed to come to see the house. The buyer might not like this, so I found a way to quickly solve this problem. I turned to one company, theyrepaired the door an hour before the arrival of the buyer. Here is their site https://24hr-sliding-door-repair.com/ , if you're interested. Any broken items will adversely affect the buyer's decision.
  7. SunnyMay

    I believe that steam cleaning is an ideal solution for cleaning tiles. It seems to me that this is the easiest and safest way to clean anything, you only need to choose the right detergents and the mode for steam cleaning. If you are worried that moisture and heat can damage your tile, I advise you to read an article on this portal https://bestcleaneradviser.com about how steam cleaning affects the tile and the grout. I was surprised that steam cleaning doesn't harm the tiles, but the article convinced me of this, so I started using this method of cleaning for the bathroom (I got rid of mold in the seams of the tiles) and cleaning the kitchen floor began to take much less time.
  8. SunnyMay

    This is a common problem in California - kitchens without overhead lighting. This was due to such ceilings or something like that. But for so much time, people came up with a solution to this problem, for example, here bestlightguide.com I found an article on how to light a room with no overhead lighting. This is really a very good and detailed article, I think this information will be useful to you.
  9. SunnyMay

    I don't like to pay for the brand. There are a lot of cool clothes not from world designers, which are in several times cheaper, but have excellent quality and look good on people. In order to choose really good clothes you need to pay attention to the material from which it's made, the style and how it will look on your figure. There are things that are perfect for everyone, such as shirts, jeans and jackets. About jeans, you can read more about them here https://stylejeanswear.com/what-is-cowboy-cut-jeans/ . This is really useful information. I believe that there is no point in paying more expensive just for the fact that there will be a well-known name on the tag of your trousers.
  10. SunnyMay

    I recently read that if you close a program on a Mac OS, then it may still be in the task manager for a long time. How to close programs on macbook?
  11. How to convert files to MP3 on MacBook?
  12. SunnyMay

    I know that heavy blankets are very good for winter, but in summer such blankets will be too hot. I can not fall asleep without a blanket, so for the summer I choose the lightest blanket, which is well breathable. For me, falling asleep when it's hot is much more difficult than falling asleep when it's cool in the room. I found this article https://comfortersetreviews.com/best-lightweight-comforter/ , which describes well the advantages and disadvantages of some models of light blankets. I think that such a blanket is just necessary to have in the summer. It seems to me that if you surround yourself with things that are comfortable for sleeping (bedding made from natural fabrics, a good mattress, a comfortable blanket and a pillow), then you will have a better rest and you will not have problems with sleep.
  13. SunnyMay

    I rarely play slots, I prefer roulette, but I know that there are more than 400 games in my favorite online casino. I usually use this portal https://australianfreeslots.com/ to choose a good casino. I like that I can find information about different casinos in one place, I can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each casino, which I can read about on the site. It helps to choose a really good casino with a user-friendly interface, with quick payouts. When I choose an online casino, it's important for me to know which payment systems I can use, because I don’t like to deposit money from my credit card. It's also important for me that the casino has a good reputation, because I want my money to be paid for me. I also like it when new slots are added to the casino, because I don’t like to play the same slots all the time.
  14. SunnyMay

    My partner and I usually write a gift list; everyone chooses what he wants to give to another. We have been together for more than 6 years and during this time we realized that we don’t need surprises in expensive gifts. We have a family budget for a long time, so some big purchases have been planned for a long time. My partner and I believe that it's better to spend more money on a trip to another country than on a diamond ring. Soon we have an anniversary, so I choose a new blanket for the summer, this is one of the items on his wish list. I try to choose the best blanket for the summer, so I read a lot of reviews on the Internet, for example, here https://comfortersetreviews.com/best-comforter-for-summer/ . My partner will probably give me a smokehouse because I have been dreaming of it for a long time. It seems to me that such gifts are much nicer and more useful than expensive surprises that a partner might not like.
  15. SunnyMay

    If you want to lose weight, then you need to change your diet and add physical activity into your life. This can be anything - cycling, boxing or rock climbing. I prefer a fitness class. I really like my workouts, although I used to hate sports. I like what we do in the class and I enjoy spending 3 evenings a week in my fitness group. I also take care of my health, I don't eat junk food, I take vitamins and necessary supplements, I also drink the right amount of water, I found a lot of useful information on the portal waterbladderbag about fitness drinks that add energy, but not calories. You shouldn't want to lose weight faster, you should want to make yourself healthier and then you will succeed!
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