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  1. getcryptotab.com keep your income in your BTC wallet and it will be getting worth more in USD because Bitcoin exchange rate is constantly rising. The profit you make today will rise a few times by the end of the year. Min withdrawal 0.0004btc. Payment proof:
  2. Earning bitcoins made easy with coins.ph all you need is to invite members to sign up and verify their account. Both will receive ₱50 that can be easily converted to BTC that you can transfer to your own existing bitcoin wallet address without any charges. Requirement: 1. Sign up from coins.ph 2. Follow verification steps and wait for approval before you get the reward 3. ID for verification (Passport preferable) *no verification means no reward* 4. ZERO INVESTMENT ***IDs accepted*** FOREIGNERS If you’re a foreigner, don’t worry! You can still create and maintain a Coins.ph account. Kindly note that per Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regulations, we may only accept your passport as an acceptable form of ID Verification. For those residing in the Philippines here's a list of accepted IDs (here) Once you signed up from the given link you will need to complete the verification process, if you don't want to verify then do not join since you will not be receiving the ₱50 reward (roughly $1.00 equivalent) Countries not allowed to join and not covered from their service: Vanuatu Guyana Bosnia Iran Iraq Myanmar (Burma) Laos Papua New Guinea Afghanistan Uganda Yemen North Korea Syria Ecuador Upon logging in to your account you need to verify your account by following the steps as shown. You can simply invite others to join and must also follow the steps in verifying their account so both of you get rewarded with ₱50 each. ID verification is needed to refrain cheaters making multiple accounts to get the rewards from coins.ph. Take note that ₱50 ($1.00) multiplied by number of invites who qualify to verify their account without any investment is a great profit just by signing up. Good luck! Happy earnings!
  3. Link for the site: https://coinfaucet.io The reason we mention who we are is because it's important for us to establish trust, and we are not some newbies in the forum or some online shady organization that have just started a faucet with an intention to cheat our members. We love paying our members and that's what we've been doing for so long, but we are aware of the high dynamism around Crypto currencies, which is why we started our own Ripple faucet. Why Ripple? Because it's very cheap to send transactions with Ripple and they are instantaneous. How does it work? The site itself pays - a minimum of - $0.0003 in value of XRP every hour, we have intentions of raising it at least during weekends or other times as promotions for our loyal members. The site makes money only from ads, we do not ask anyone to deposit money in the site and this is not possible neither (at least not at this stage). We are trying to maintain a balanced site without too many aggressive ads but on the same time ensure we have a few in order to cover the faucet costs. Do you really offer Instant Withdrawals? What's the minimum? Yes, that's right, and currently the minimum is 1 XRP (might change later on, for now it's 1 XRP). If you have any comments or any feedback please feel free to drop a line here. PS The official support for the site is via Twitter (link can easily be found in the site) but we're happy to assist here as well if necessary. https://www.rippleco...in-worth-to-buy
  4. Earncrypto.com Short video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeP9LgiP6A8&t=2s This is new GPT site for cryptocurrecy called EarnCrypto, on the front page it says you can earn more than you can earn in a faucet. Ways to Earn Bitcoin 1. Completing Surveys Complete sponsor surveys to get free Bitcoin. Some can be done everyday! 2. Play Games Download and play various mobile games to receive more free btc. 3. Referring Friends Everything is better with friends. Invite friends and earn everytime they earn!4. Watching Videos Watch videos to earn Bitcoin. Short ads that play in your browser or on your mobile phone. Referral system Paying 10% of all points your referrals earn. Cashout No fee if you withdraw 0.0022965 Don't use VPN, proxy etc or you get banned.Payment proof with dogecoins!
  5. Main page: freebitco.in Code: // version 4.0 console.clear(); var begingbal = $('#balance').text(); var startbalance = 0; var autorounds = 200; // play 500 rounds only var handbrake = 0.00000008; // pause when stake reaches 1024 Satoshis //var stopAt= '?'; var round = 0; var gameLost=0; var gameWin=0; var higherbet=0; startbalance = $('#balance').text(); var startValue = '0.00000001', // Don't lower the decimal point more than 4x of current balance stopPercentage = 0.004, // In %. I wouldn't recommend going past 0.08 maxWait = 1000, // In milliseconds stopped = false, stopBefore = 1; // In minutes default 3 var oldbet= 0.00000001; var rewardpoints = document.getElementsByClassName("reward_table_box br_0_0_5_5 user_reward_points font_bold")[0].innerHTML; s = document.getElementById("user_lottery_tickets").innerHTML; s = s.replace(/(^\s*)|(\s*$)/gi,""); s = s.replace(/[ ]{2,}/gi," "); s = s.replace(/\n /,"\n"); document.getElementById("user_lottery_tickets").innerHTML = s; document.getElementById("advertise_link_li").innerHTML = '<a href="#" onclick="startGame()" class="advertise_link">START BOT</a>'; var $loButton = $('#double_your_btc_bet_lo_button'), $hiButton = $('#double_your_btc_bet_hi_button'); function higherBet(){ console.log('Highest bet: '+higherbet); } function beginingBal(){ console.log('BTC Starting Balance: '+begingbal); } function rewardsBal(){ console.log('%cReward Points Balance: ' +'%c'+rewardpoints+' points', 'color: #00000;', 'color: #ff9a36; font-weight: bold;'); } function lotteryBal(){ console.log('%cLottery Tickets Balance: ' +'%c'+ s+' tickets', 'color: #00000;', 'color: #005bb6; font-weight: bold;'); } function changeBet(bet){ startValue=bet; } function timeRemaining(){ timeR = $('title').text(); replText = timeR.replace("- FreeBitco.in - Win free bitcoins every hour!", ""); console.log('%cTime until free roll: ' +'%c'+replText, 'color: #00000; font-weight:bold;', 'color: #007a5c;font-weight:bold;'); } function realtime(time) { var sec_num =parseInt(time, 10) ; // don't forget the second param var hours = Math.floor(sec_num / 3600); var minutes = Math.floor((sec_num - (hours * 3600)) / 60); var seconds = sec_num - (hours * 3600) - (minutes * 60); if (hours!=0) {hours = hours+' Hours ';} else{hours = '';} if (minutes!=0) {minutes = minutes+' Minutes ';} else{minutes = '';} if (seconds < 10) {seconds = seconds;} var time = 'Time played = '+hours+minutes+seconds+' Seconds'; return time; } function roundnumb(){ console.clear(); if( round == autorounds) { stopGame() } else { round = round + 1; timeRemaining(); beginingBal(); rewardsBal(); lotteryBal(); console.log('Round #' + round + ' / ' + autorounds); } var newbalance= $('#balance').text() var profit = (Number(newbalance) - Number(startbalance)).toFixed(8) ; console.log('Profit:' + profit + ' Bitcoin') } function multiply(){ var current = $('#double_your_btc_stake').val(); var multiply = (current * 2).toFixed(8); $('#double_your_btc_stake').val(multiply); console.log('Bet = ' + multiply); if( higherbet < multiply ){ higherbet=multiply; } } function getRandomWait(){ var wait = Math.floor(Math.random() * maxWait ) + 100; //(Math.floor(Math.random() * 800) + 300) ; // avant 100 console.log('Waiting for ' + wait + 'ms before next bet.'); return wait ; } function startGame(limit){ document.getElementById("advertise_link_li").innerHTML = '<a href="#" onclick="stopGame()" class="advertise_link">STOP BOT</a>'; starttime=(new Date()).getTime(); startValue = prompt("Number of satoshi you want to bet?", '0.00000001'); MaximumValue = prompt("Auto Restart BOT when bet reaches? ", '0.00000008'); oldbet=startValue; handbrake=MaximumValue; round = 0; gameLost=0; gameWin=0; console.log('Game started!'); reset(); $loButton.trigger('click'); if(limit !== null) { autorounds=limit; } else { autorounds=-1; } } function startGame2(limit){ document.getElementById("advertise_link_li").innerHTML = '<a href="#" onclick="stopGame()" class="advertise_link">STOP BOT</a>'; starttime=(new Date()).getTime(); stopped = false; oldbet=startValue; handbrake=MaximumValue; round = 0; gameLost=0; gameWin=0; console.log('Game started!'); reset(); $loButton.trigger('click'); if(limit !== null) { autorounds=limit; } else { autorounds=-1; } } function stopGame(){ document.getElementById("advertise_link_li").innerHTML = '<a href="#" onclick="startGame()" class="advertise_link">START BOT</a>'; console.log('Game will stop soon! Let me finish.'); stopped = true; startValue=oldbet; handbrake=MaximumValue; } var sound = document.createElement('audio'); sound.id = 'handbrakealert'; sound.src = 'https://www.mediacollege.com/downloads/sound-effects/star-trek/tos/tos-computer-05.wav'; sound.preload = 'auto'; document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(sound); function reset(){ if( round % 100 === 0 && round !=0) { startValue=(startValue * 1.000).toFixed(8); //New bet after 100 round console.log('Round ' + round + ': bet change for ' + startValue); } $('#double_your_btc_stake').val(startValue); } // quick and dirty hack if you have very little bitcoins like 0.0000001 function deexponentize(number){ return number * 1000000; } function iHaveEnoughMoni(){ var balance = deexponentize(parseFloat($('#balance').text())); var current = deexponentize($('#double_your_btc_stake').val()); return ((balance *2)/ 100) * (current*2) > stopPercentage/100; } function stopBeforeRedirect(){ var minutes = parseInt($('title').text()); if( minutes < stopBefore ) { console.log('Approaching redirect! Stop the game so we don\'t get redirected while loosing.'); stopGame(); return true; } return false; } function stopMaxStake(){ var maxstake1 = $('#double_your_btc_stake').val(); if( maxstake1 == handbrake ) { stopped = true; document.getElementById('handbrakealert').play(); console.log('Handbrake triggered! Please Wait'); var counter = 5; var resBOTCountdown = setInterval(function(){ console.log('Highest Stake at '+ handbrake +' reached'); console.log(counter); counter-- if (counter === -1) { clearInterval(resBOTCountdown); console.clear(); console.log("Restarting BOT"); console.log("Wait 5 more seconds so it wont double start"); } }, 1000); setTimeout(startGame2, 6000); return true; } return false; } // Unbind old shit $('#double_your_btc_bet_lose').unbind(); $('#double_your_btc_bet_win').unbind(); // Loser $('#double_your_btc_bet_lose').bind("DOMSubtreeModified",function(event){ if( $(event.currentTarget).is(':contains("lose")') ) { gameLost = gameLost + 1; roundnumb(); console.log('%cWin: ' + gameWin + ' %cLost: ' + gameLost, 'color: #007a5c', 'color: #FF0000'); endtime=(new Date()).getTime(); var time=Math.floor((endtime-starttime )/1000); if( stopBeforeRedirect() ) { return; } if( stopMaxStake() ) { return; } else higherBet(); console.log(realtime(time)); console.log('You LOST!'); multiply(); setTimeout(function(){ $loButton.trigger('click'); }, getRandomWait()); //$loButton.trigger('click'); } } ); // Winner $('#double_your_btc_bet_win').bind("DOMSubtreeModified",function(event){ if( $(event.currentTarget).is(':contains("win")') ) { gameWin = gameWin + 1; roundnumb(); console.log('%cWin: ' + gameWin + ' %cLost: ' + gameLost, 'color: #007a5c', 'color: #FF0000'); endtime=(new Date()).getTime(); var time=Math.floor((endtime-starttime )/1000); console.log(realtime(time)); higherBet(); if( iHaveEnoughMoni() ) { console.log('You WON!'); reset(); if( stopped ) { stopped = false; return false; } } else { console.log('You WON! '); } setTimeout(function(){ $loButton.trigger('click'); }, getRandomWait()); } } );// JavaScript Document 3) Click on Multiple BTC as shown 4) Click on Start Bot (as shown) a pop up will ask you what you'd like to bet, it defaults at .00000001 honestly I would leave it there or use .00000005 as the highest bet. Your BTC will grow slower but it is much much safer this way. 5) A second pop up will ask you the maximum amount you want to bet, so set this to a low number, that way your betting will reset when you hit that number. (this works most of the time)6) After that, watch your BTC grow!Here's an example of my balance after starting with just .0005 -Remember, this bot will auto-pause when your countdown timer reaches 3 minutes before the free roll.-You need to claim your free roll before restarting the bot by going back through these steps.Here is the free rolling bot:https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7upbo1gn4buvov/myfreebitcoin.iim?dl=01) need to install imacros to firefox/chrome, then copy and paste the iim file to imacros folder in documents. 2) go and order captchas in deatchbycaptcha (you can try another captcha breaker as well) , then replace the login details to and save: http://snag.gy/fyvWY.jpg3) Final step, open the main page [free btc] and run the bot, takes some time.Then earn as much as possible and play the lottery. Good luck!