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  1. Do you know how to engage and retain app users? Which loyalty strategy is really useful? Take a look at these tips - More Revenue with Loyal Community
  2. TypeScript Language for the development of web application that extends capabilities of JavaScript language. It was developed by Microsoft company in 2012. Unlike CoffeeScript, TypeScript is backward compatible with JavaScript. It is compiled into JavaScript, and then TypeScript program can be used in any modern browser. As a CoffeeScript, TypeScript can be used together with Node.js platform. Main differences of TypeScript from JavaScript are the following: Static typing; Support of full-fledged classes; Support of modules connection. The main disadvantages of TypeScript are typical: a small community, as well as it takes more time for the development than when you use JavaScript. Which alternatives to JavaScript do you know?
  3. Education is no longer as tedious as most adults may remember it to be. Now you can study anytime and anywhere to your convenience. The education market has become not only a platform for new technological developments but also a significant niche for business. As for the main trends in education, they are the gamification of the educational process for young children, learning foreign language apps and products that are related to programming and digital education. Do you want to be a part of this? You can create your own app of any kind (there are dozens of them already, by the way) and make it popular bearing in mind three simple things. 1. Make sure you know your market: target audience and market segmentation 2. What technology will be useful to make your app stand out 3. How you will generate profit with the help of educational app Try to find answers to these questions before the educational app development. Here's our helping hand.
  4. Importance of cyber security for medium-sized companies The importance of cyber security in the modern world is hard to underestimate. These cyber security basics that we have prepared for you intended to secure your business from data losses. By following this core cyber security tips, you will significantly reduce all the risks connected with cyber attacks. Antivirus software is one of the most widespread cyber security tools that is able to protect your product from the majority of malware. Firewall cyber security technology intended to provide your product with an additional layer of defense. Firewalls prevent from unauthorized access to computers and networks. Data backup will help you to recover faster after a cyber attack. Especially if you have had some data losses. HTTPS encryption is one of the data security solutions that is used to protect such information as employees' notes, information about clients, financial statements etc. This type of encryption is widely used within the web. After a website receives SSL certificate, it will get the green https prefix in a search line. You can see that on our company's website as well. That means all the data transferred from a website to a server is encrypted. SSL certificate is one of the generally accepted data protection rules for any web resource. What do you think about cyber security?
  5. What are the Chatbot advantages for business? A lot of businessmen still dont understand in what way they can benefit and what they will get launching their own Chatbot. Let us explain list advantages, that the entrepreneurs and their customers get. Chatbots - benefits for business Customer care improvement. In 2016 Taco Bell fast food company developed a bot for their online service TacoBot. Its purpose is an automatization of the sales processes. TacoBot helps customers to make orders in a restaurant with the help of the application Slack. Customers, who dont want to hang on the line waiting for an operator or to search an answer in FAQ, using Chatbots you can get an answer immediately. You dont have to worry about the number of incoming calls. While the operator can perform two maximum three dialogues, Chatbot can process them all. And the most important is 24/7 availability. Which is especially important for the lead generation.
  6. How to make VR content and design it gracefully? We discussed capabilities of the virtual reality and imagined how it can be applied in virtual reality. But now there is the last and the most important question - how to design attractive VR content and what should you consider when you create it? Be ready to reveal the secret! Explore the equipment First, you must determine what do you create VR content for? Will it be created for desktop or mobile devices? If you are still at a crossroads, you'd better read reviews about it in order to make a decision what will be the most optimal option for your market. Study the software If you are not a skillful specialist in virtual reality app development, you will have to learn all the nuances of this sphere. VR content is usually developed on the basis of Unreal Engine or Unity game engines. These engines allow users to create VR games, applications and other animated 2D and 3D content. But it would be preferable if you find an experienced development company that will do this job to show you how the high-quality product looks like. But even if you don't know what software to choose for VR development, keep in mind that Unity VR development is leading the way today. What should you consider in the process of the VR content development? Give your users freedom of action. Users should have a possibility to make any actions in the virtual world, make their own decisions. They must wish to stay in the virtual world. Because the best VR experience can be achieved when users can control everything, move wherever they want, and do everything all alone. However, interactive virtual reality requires using of relevant technologies that can cost a penny. Keep it in mind when you create your startup!
  7. Which JavaScript libraries you'd prefer? Most popular JavaScript libraries: React.js D3.js library Three.js Socket.IO Moment.js Chart.js
  8. How to create pandora, steps to think through If you are, just like me, a huge fan of Pandora and think about radio app development, you need to think over the next issues, which may cause difficulties. That’s why I recommend you to take a minute and make a plan to solve them. Critical issues in radio app development Licence Creating a Pandora clone it can become a real problem if you haven’t thought about it. Remember our giants Spotify and Pandora, even they find it rather expensive to stream music all over the world. So, the first what you need to contemplate about is where your application will be available. Then investigate how much you’ll have to pay for the music licence and will your app income cover such expenditures. Then reconsider, maybe there is a point to change the region? Anyway, never start development before you have solved a licence issue! Streaming The other topical question is developing music apps like Pandora is where you will stream the music from, what database you will use and where you are going to store this vast amount of data. Instead of buying tonnes of hardware, it is more sensible to use a cloud to host your server and all data. What is also is needed to be taken into account is the technology you want to use to implement a streaming feature. You can use WEBRTC technology like we did in our social dating app for dogs owners YouMustLoveDogs to implement video conference feature. Or you can stream with RTMP protocol, like we did in our video streaming app Iboga, that streams vids to your Facebook friends. The options are numerous. The choice depends on the streaming speed you want to achieve, devices you want your app to be compatible with, the territory your app will work at and many other factors. Anyway, the technology you choose for your radio like Pandora dictates the architecture you’ll need to build. Design The mobile design matters in every project. Yet, you shouldn’t miss a fact that music apps have always been a little bit different and its outlook matters a lot. Without a professional designer or a team such, your app will look out-of-date and primitive. If you need some inspiration check our Dribbble or Behance. Cleveroad radio app design Monetization strategy Monetization strategy has to be also considered before the development stage. There are lots of options even if your app will be free. If we look back to Pandora and Spotify monetization way, we can find the benefits and drawbacks in each. Pandora’s Premium account doesn’t have many outstanding features. The functionality is basically the same and to be honest I don’t understand why I should pay money for it. At the same time, free account is crammed with ads and it annoys pretty often. Spotify’s doesn’t have much ads, and a Premium account has lots of fun features, yet the price for it is high. Recommendation engine It's not only the most important issue, actually it's the icing on a cake. It will determine the mode how your app will figure out what song to offer to a listener. There are two variants how your system would do recommendations to users: collaborative filtering algorithm and content-based algorithm. Collaborative filtering algorithm uses rating history of all users. Such algorithm will offer you the most popular song in one or another genre. Content-based algorithm suggests songs similar to those which listener liked. As you remember, Pandora Radio app uses 400 criteria of each song, which were determined by people. It’s obvious that now we have more technologies to perform the task much faster and without manual work. The easiest and the most effective way to create radio app like Pandora with such a system, is to use neural network libraries, which you can use for free as they are open source. What are the necessary Pandora app features? The next step when you develop an app like Pandora radio would be a functionality set, which you want to see in your product. Our advice is to start with a Minimum Viable Product. An MVP product is easier to build and it has more chances to sustain on the market. Moreover, it will save your time, money and help persuade investors that your business idea is awesome. Considering how to make a music app like Pandora don’t forget to include the minimal set of functionality, like registration feature. You have to decide how your users will log in, via email, phone number or social media. A user should have an ability to create a playlist (in Pandora Radio app they are called radios). A search engine is a must in your app. Even if the engine won’t find the exact song or band, like in Pandora but it is needed to find a category of songs which the app will offer to a user. Social sharing nowadays is a feature that has to be in any app. The feature encourages a person to share their preferences with friends and it works as free advertisement and brings more publicity to your application. Likes/dislikes are needed to detect songs that a user would appreciate. This is how the system interacts with a user and analyses druthers of a listener. Music streaming feature. In-app-purchase is an optional feature for in case you want a user to buy songs via the app. Look also How To Make a Music App Like Pandora, Step-by-Step Guide With Detailed Estimation
  9. How to include a voice assistant in an app There are three ways to make your app understand verbal language and keep up a conversation. The first method The first method involves integrating existing voice technologies into your application by means of special APIs and other development tools. The second method The second method allows you to build an intelligent assistant with the help of open source services and APIs. The third method The third method stands for the development of a voice assistant from scratch with its further integration into your application. Each method is worthy of attention. Note that the big names like Apple or Google reluctantly offer their beloved creations to the third-party developers. On the other hand, using open source tools may not meet your expectations. Also, developing apps like Siri on your own may become an impossible task. To clarify all the benefits and risks you are going to encounter, let's consider each approach in details. Common ways to integrate your app with a virtual assistant The best virtual assistants and their integration in an app Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are the world-known names. Of course, there are many more mobile assistant apps on the shelves of app stores. You can check out a comprehensive list here. However, we are going to focus on the three technologies mentioned above because, according to the MindMeld research, they are preferred by the majority of users. Siri If you ever studied Siri, you certainly noticed that it was unavailable for most of the third-party applications. With iOS 10 release, the situation has changed a lot. At WWDC 2016, it was announced that Siri can be integrated with the apps that work in the following areas: Audio and video calls Messaging and contacts Payments via Siri Photos search Workout Car booking To enable the integration, Apple's introduced a special SiriSDK that consists of two frameworks. The first one covers the range of tasks to be supported in your app, and the second one advises on a custom visual representation when one of the tasks is performed. Each of the app types above defines a certain range of tasks which are called intents. The term refers to the users' intentions and, as a result, to the particular scenarios of their behavior.
  10. What is FinTech? Technological projects in the financial services area are considered to be one of the most perspective and in-demand direction for start-ups. We will offer you some options below to create your start-ups in the financial area. There are two product types developed on the basis of FinTech. The first one provides financial services with fintech apps, so it uses B2B model. This type has been existing for a long time in the market. The second type, which is actively developing these days, is oriented on end-user. Based on B2C model, it was developed for solving a very ambitious task - to compete with the common providers of financial services in attempts to cover as large as possible market share. Specialization range of FinTech projects varies from online and mobile apps to trading area, currency exchange area, and personal finances management area. How does the FinTech impact on the business and private clients? With the advent of new FinTech services, entrepreneurs changed conventional way of doing business. Usually, upon the foundation of the new company entrepreneurs go to the local bank or investor company to get money for the promotion of the new project. But today entrepreneurs have another way to introduce the fruit of their creativity to the world - using fintech business. Crowdsourcing, mobile payments, and other services allow entrepreneurs to get access to a large range of financial services. Today it becomes much easier and cheaper not only to get financing for the business foundation but also for its expansion. Crowdsourcing. This direction makes it possible for people with interesting ideas to draw financing quickly. Any person in the world can become an investor regardless of his or her location. Instead of common presentations for investors, you can spread the word on the Internet and it will accelerate funds involvement. One of the most popular FinTech business models. Funds transfer. It used to be a headache for all entrepreneurs of the previous generations since the process of money transferring was not quick. Furthermore, people had to spend more money on their monetary transactions due to high percents for transfer. That is why fintech startups also found their market niche. Now there is a service like TransferWise that represents an analog to bank transfer. It allows small companies and private clients to send money at a lower price.
  11. How to manage your funds correctly? The answer to this question is not so simple. Financial literacy is rather important ability that everybody should have, especially when one is planning to engage in the financial business. And today you can acquire this literacy using special online tools developed by various IT companies. They are able to assist you in good investments or selection of required financial broker. These tools can be called with one word - FinTech. Financial Technology is not a narrowly focused term. FinTech trends imply many various online resources that help people work with their finances starting from special apps to websites. Let's move further and learn more deeply what is FinTech and what is it developed for. What is FinTech? Technological projects in the financial services area are considered to be one of the most perspective and in-demand direction for start-ups. We will offer you some options below to create your start-ups in the financial area. There are two product types developed on the basis of FinTech. The first one provides financial services with fintech apps, so it uses B2B model. This type has been existing for a long time in the market. The second type, which is actively developing these days, is oriented on end-user. Based on B2C model, it was developed for solving a very ambitious task - to compete with the common providers of financial services in attempts to cover as large as possible market share. Specialization range of FinTech projects varies from online and mobile apps to trading area, currency exchange area, and personal finances management area. Are you using FinTech in your business?
  12. Cleveroad

    Cleveroad is an outsourcing full-cycle development company. We are able to take care of any project, starting from its estimation up to the 360 degree testing, launching, marketing strategy and 24/7 support. We also provide the best quality services in the following IT spheres: Design Mobile and web development QA expertise Cloud computing and data safety 3D, VR solutions If your goal is to create a cutting edge-software, our high-skilled developers are at your disposal.
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