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  1. Importance of cyber security for medium-sized companies The importance of cyber security in the modern world is hard to underestimate. These cyber security basics that we have prepared for you intended to secure your business from data losses. By following this core cyber security tips, you will significantly reduce all the risks connected with cyber attacks. Antivirus software is one of the most widespread cyber security tools that is able to protect your product from the majority of malware. Firewall cyber security technology intended to provide your product with an additional layer of defense. Firewalls prevent from unauthorized access to computers and networks. Data backup will help you to recover faster after a cyber attack. Especially if you have had some data losses. HTTPS encryption is one of the data security solutions that is used to protect such information as employees' notes, information about clients, financial statements etc. This type of encryption is widely used within the web. After a website receives SSL certificate, it will get the green https prefix in a search line. You can see that on our company's website as well. That means all the data transferred from a website to a server is encrypted. SSL certificate is one of the generally accepted data protection rules for any web resource. What do you think about cyber security?
  2. How to manage your funds correctly? The answer to this question is not so simple. Financial literacy is rather important ability that everybody should have, especially when one is planning to engage in the financial business. And today you can acquire this literacy using special online tools developed by various IT companies. They are able to assist you in good investments or selection of required financial broker. These tools can be called with one word - FinTech. Financial Technology is not a narrowly focused term. FinTech trends imply many various online resources that help people work with their finances starting from special apps to websites. Let's move further and learn more deeply what is FinTech and what is it developed for. What is FinTech? Technological projects in the financial services area are considered to be one of the most perspective and in-demand direction for start-ups. We will offer you some options below to create your start-ups in the financial area. There are two product types developed on the basis of FinTech. The first one provides financial services with fintech apps, so it uses B2B model. This type has been existing for a long time in the market. The second type, which is actively developing these days, is oriented on end-user. Based on B2C model, it was developed for solving a very ambitious task - to compete with the common providers of financial services in attempts to cover as large as possible market share. Specialization range of FinTech projects varies from online and mobile apps to trading area, currency exchange area, and personal finances management area. Are you using FinTech in your business?
  3. Cleveroad

    Cleveroad is an outsourcing full-cycle development company. We are able to take care of any project, starting from its estimation up to the 360 degree testing, launching, marketing strategy and 24/7 support. We also provide the best quality services in the following IT spheres: Design Mobile and web development QA expertise Cloud computing and data safety 3D, VR solutions If your goal is to create a cutting edge-software, our high-skilled developers are at your disposal.
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