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  1. After a harsh week in which the EUR/USD was exposed to downward momentum, pushing it towards the 1.1688 support, and with the start of this week’s trading, the pair tried to rebound higher with gains to 1.1793 before settling around the 1.1775 level at the time of writing. However, TopAsiaFX has stated that attempts to rebound lacked strong momentum to stabilize above the 1.1800 resistance, and the efforts of the Euro are hindered by concerns about the strength of the second wave of the Corona pandemic and the measures of European countries to contain the outbreak of the deadly disease.
  2. We have all had to re-invent our approach to business in the wake of the crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic. But we have learned during the pandemic that crisis is not all-together bad. Crisis helps us think deeper, stretch our imagination, restructure our organizations, and discern the real needs of our business. But how do we, as business owners, crisis-proof our business? We may not be able to stop the crisis from coming, but our business can cope with it better when that crisis does arrive. Risk and crisis management are consistent features of Forex and currency trading. Her
  3. Foreign exchange brokers offer traders leverage on their accounts that allows them to enter into larger trades at no additional cost. A $10,000 size account with 50 times leverage implies a trader has access to $500,000 in buying power to do what they wish. It is best to read and understand a leverage guide to understand the pros and cons of trading with someone else’s capital. But it might be a necessary evil as the forex market is void of gigantic daily moves that are common in the stock market. Ironically, the foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the wo
  4. USD/CNH formed an inverted hammer candle on Tuesday, signaling an end of the bounce from the Oct. 9 low of 6.6787. The broader trend remains bearish, as evidenced by the trendline falling from May 27 and July 24 highs, the descending 5- and 10-week simple moving averages, and the weekly chart double top breakdown. As such, the pair could revisit recent lows below 6.68 and may extend the drop to 6.60 in the near-term. Fundamentals also favor continued declines in the currency pair as per TopAsiaFX. The People’s Bank of China recently said it wouldn’t employ aggressive monetary po
  5. S&P 500, Dollar, EURUSD, Gold Talking Points: A mere day after the S&P 500 earned a record high and the DXY Dollar Index broke to a multi-year low, both benchmarks put in for a reversal The FOMC minutes seemed to encourage the turn, but it didn’t exactly align to the timing of the about-face for markets Liquidity conditions remain my guiding light; but stimulus, trade war, FX intervention data and anticipation headlines will hold potential for volatility ahead RECORD HIGHS DON’T SEEM TO EARN WHAT THEY USED TO FOR THE S&P 500 Not a day after posting th
  6. FOREX trading can be profitable but it also involves taking risks. It's imperative that beginners understand this before starting out because miscalculating risks could cut their Forex trading career short. The Forex market is highly competitive with large institutions, hedge funds, and professional traders all battling it out to make a profit. This is why as a beginner you must learn to survive long enough to gain the necessary knowledge to become a profitable trader. It takes time to learn, create, and refine your Forex trading strategy into one that makes money and suits your
  7. Welcome to the new topic "6 Professional Trading Tips That is Rocking The 2020 FX Market. " Starting a new year with the goal of expanding your portfolio is always a good thing. It doesn't matter whether you are investing in company shares, stocks, CFDs, or Forex. There's always room to learn a few tricks on how you can build a portfolio with a variety of assets. The main reason many people engage in Forex trading is that foreign currencies are always on demand. The foreign exchange market is currently the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world. It's highly lu
  8. Hey, everyone. A new BLAST has arrived. So, welcome to today’s topic which is DEFINITELY gonna shed a light on few misconceptions that many people have concerning the Foreign exchange market. It is no doubt that Forex trading is at the highest peak of popularity. People are continuously choosing online trading as a decent and passive profession. But there are some people in our society who have gained several misconceptions about the FX market on their minds. But wait — there’s more. They also encourage other people to believe in their misconceptions regarding the FX market
  9. When the iPhone was first launched by the legendary Steve Jobs back in 2007, that can be known how much it would change the way we live? It really puts the Internet in our hands, without the need to be tied to a PC or laptop if we want to go online. As the popularity of smartphones grows, more and more applications are developed, allowing, even more, the use of the device. Then, in 2010, the arrival of the iPad means that the size of the larger screen is made even more likely. It's hardly a surprise that a decade after the original smartphone breakthrough, more and more people a
  10. Major currency pairs are actively traded in the Forex market, and they sometimes remained very active throughout the session. Both currency pairs react to events and their values to adjust when the news is released economically. In your capacity as Forex investors, you need to quickly access reports, news feeds, graphs and profiles, to make full use of the possibilities for you. When you use a Forex application on your phone, you will be able to take the opportunity presented after this news release. A Forex trading application is a web or a smartphone device that is used to monito
  11. Reportedly, over the years 70 percent of Britons who has been constantly broken due to financial issues. This has led to the level of individual higher debt that eventually gave birth to a nation that is increasingly stressed. Fortunately, There are ways to improve your financial situation. One way is to look for alternative revenue streams. If you can hold your expenses constant or reduce them, the extra income will help reduce your debt and your savings grow. One popular source of income in recent years has been the Forex trading. But what has made this choice so popular?
  12. Dip your toe in the water Forex trading has never been easier. Now there are more and more top Forex brokers offering great deals, a strong educational infrastructure, and to attract business. This is great for you as a potential Forex trader, as long as you know some important things about Forex trading. One of the important points that you will face soon and that can be a cause of confusion for many people is the spread in Forex. In simple terms, this is the difference between the price at which you can buy a currency and the price at which you can sell it. This price differ
  13. A large number of traders have shown that there are profits to be made in Forex, but it needs to be able to thrive in what is a very volatile environment. Those with certain attributes – like inspiration and tenacity – tend to perform better, but more than anything, you need to develop the level of knowledge that comes with experience. And what most experienced Forex traders learn the best way to avoid losing money. Here are five steps to follow to help minimize your potential losses. Do your research Before you get into Forex trading, you need to understand a number o
  14. Do you want to bet the BRITISH pound will diminish after BREXIT? Then you will need to trade the pair USD / GBP. Containing every currency in the world, the Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with an average daily turnover of just under 4 billion USD. To access this market you will need an online Forex broker. In order to choose the right broker to trade with, you need to understand how they work and most importantly, how they can help you. Each broker is different and has its own quality and downfalls. Some brokers may place a stronger focus on c
  15. Forex trading can be a complex process, especially when you're trying to make every trade independently based on your own research and speculation. Copy-trading also known as mirror trading, automated trading, or the social trading - have become very popular in recent years as the number of applications and online platforms have made the kind of semi-automatic Forex trading is simple enough for most people to try. Basically, as the name implies, you use the tool to automatically copy trades of other traders in real-time. If you've been thinking about getting into Forex copy trading t
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