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  1. Dip your toe in the water Forex trading has never been easier. Now there are more and more top Forex brokers offering great deals, a strong educational infrastructure, and to attract business. This is great for you as a potential Forex trader, as long as you know some important things about Forex trading. One of the important points that you will face soon and that can be a cause of confusion for many people is the spread in Forex. In simple terms, this is the difference between the price at which you can buy a currency and the price at which you can sell it. This price difference allows the broker or other market makers to make a marginal profit on your trade. Do Forex Brokers Profit from Spread? The simple answer here is YES. To understand how this happens, we have to analyze the Forex trading market a little deeper: When placing a trade the currency you will see the presence of the two prices. This is the bid price and the asking price, or in simple terms, the price you have to pay to buy the currency, and the amount you will get to sell the currency. You will see little difference in this price. The price difference is not in many cases show a profit for your broker if they are market makers, although this is not always the case when you consider the following. Spread is usually very small, and it helps protect the market maker who facilitates trading, against any major change in the market between the order and the execution of your trades. Because almost all the top Forex brokers offer some form of free trade and free trade commission fees, deployment acts as a regional advantage only marginal for some. Spreading general type Maybe You See When Trading When you are trading Forex broker with one of the above, you may find two specific types of spreads most often. It is the deployment of fixed and variable spreads. Here is a brief overview of both, along with some pros and cons that some traders feel about each. Spreading fixed As suggested by the name, this type of spread offered by the broker and then remains constant for a specified period, usually in the long term. It certainly will not be changed during your trading day. Fixed spreads are usually offered on the most popular, the markets major currencies such as EUR / USD, USD / JPY, and many more are seen as a very stable market with only minor fluctuations and stable, consistent trading volume. Pro Fixed Spread Even in volatile markets, the spread will remain fixed. You can accurately predict and prepare for the fixed costs of trade. There is usually a lower capital requirement when dealing with fixed deployment. This makes it ideal for new traders. Fixed Spread Cons Although the cost of the spread will remain predictable and fixed, you may be exposed to skid. This is the price difference between when you order and when it is executed. Fixed spreads are usually higher than variable spread round to help provide protection against market changes. Variable deployment A variable spread again as the name suggests, is a reversal of the spread remains in the sense that it is changing and can move smoothly throughout the trading session depends on the volume and market volatility. The majority of the top Forex brokers will offer a variable spread mainly on market risk or less popular to see much change in the price. This includes minor currency pairs Forex, Forex trading, and commodities. Pro Distribution of variables With a variable spread, you are likely to experience slippage on your trades. The variable spreads can be a good guide to the current market liquidity and sentiment. More often than not, a variable spread is lower than a fixed spread and thus can provide a better deal. Variable Spreading Cons A little more unpredictable if you try to plan the right trading costs. It can change a lot in a short time depending on the market and your broker. Knowing and Understanding How to Manage the Spread This advice is especially true if you use a variable spread of your broker. There are several ways in which you can try to minimize the spread of your own for Forex trading. The first is to try and choose a broker that offers the best value in a spread based on what you know to be your own trading style and needs. If you are not sure about this then the right place to start is the Forex demo account. It is offered by the majority of brokers and equipped with a realistic simulation trading environment without risk. Since the market, and therefore the deployment, can change a lot based on the news, it is a very good idea to look at the economic calendar provided by your broker. It will let you know where the major economic event that came. From there, you can work to decide how you think the spread may be affected. Finally, one of the biggest key when it comes to deployment is volume. With that in mind then, chances are you'll find a lower deployment during the main trading session hours worldwide. This means that New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo. Outside these hours, you may see an increase in your spread. Which Forex Spread Type Should You Choose? It really depends on your trading style, though usually, if you are new to trading, a spread is recommended because it can give you an accurate closer to the cost of trade and capital requirements typically decreases. For an experienced trader, or certainly, if you are trading on margin, you might want to consider a variable spread to their better value for money, especially at high volume. Hope you find it useful. Thank You! Also, read : Now Trade Like A Pro Using FIX API Trading.
  2. A large number of traders have shown that there are profits to be made in Forex, but it needs to be able to thrive in what is a very volatile environment. Those with certain attributes – like inspiration and tenacity – tend to perform better, but more than anything, you need to develop the level of knowledge that comes with experience. And what most experienced Forex traders learn the best way to avoid losing money. Here are five steps to follow to help minimize your potential losses. Do your research Before you get into Forex trading, you need to understand a number of theoretical and practical ideas on the market. Learning terms, read the study and get to know the strategy. A power source such as TopasiaFX.com will quickly become your trading Bible because it contains the necessary ingredients in one place – you just need to make sure you read it. Put in the context Forex international politics have a huge impact on the Forex market, so you can not miss the news if you want to make the trade. Today, the key issues are the deteriorating relationship between the US and China and the growing influence of Russia, but on a local scale, in the UK, Brexit is the biggest event that may affect the Forex. Former Prime Minister Theresa May held a speech here in Grimsby earlier this year. This is the kind of event that could provide very important – pay attention to the facts, but also for once and you will be best placed to stay in profit. Test your ideas into practice The easiest way to get the experience necessary to thrive in Forex – without risking your capital! – is with a practice account. They are not just for beginner traders! Use a practice account to test new methods and strategies that can minimize your losses. You can then apply the most successful strategy in your live account – and just ignore those who fail! Always set a stop loss You need to think ahead in the forex. Before anything had a chance to go wrong, you have to set a stop loss on your account. Think of it as trading with the safety on, every time. Of course, you will be asked to take a risk when trading, but they may also be controlled risks. With a stop loss, it will not be possible to lose more than you are willing to be tested and safe play as often route to a big win on the track. Keep it simple There are a variety of strategies and techniques that can be used in the Forex. And the most online platform also offers technical analysis tools that may prove useful. But you have to use one at a time, no matter how tempting it may be to do otherwise. If you use two oscillators or two indicators of volatility at the same time, they will not be efficient because they would make another one redundant – and could give the opposite signal. Keep everything simple and use a practice account to test new strategies and tools. And always try to generate every prediction on your own and always remember don’t let your emotions carry you away. Eventually, if you can’t get a hold o your emotions then use robot or software trading. If you apply these five steps, you will significantly lower your chances of large-scale losses and will be well on the way to turn a considerable profit.
  3. Do you want to bet the BRITISH pound will diminish after BREXIT? Then you will need to trade the pair USD / GBP. Containing every currency in the world, the Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with an average daily turnover of just under 4 billion USD. To access this market you will need an online Forex broker. In order to choose the right broker to trade with, you need to understand how they work and most importantly, how they can help you. Each broker is different and has its own quality and downfalls. Some brokers may place a stronger focus on customer support, or low cost, while others may offer more sophisticated tools and resources. Knowing your investment style, and the area where you want the broker you are in a strong would make it easier for you to narrow your search. Of course, there are also things you should be aware of when looking for your ideal broker, the industry has different rules, and different countries strictly enforce the law. Here are the deets… Few key points regarding a Forex Broker. Allows you to buy and sell foreign currency Opening an account with Forex trading has become easier over the years. Now, it is quite a simple and easy task, and generally only takes a few short steps to complete. A broker will offer significant leverage with your account, which varies in amount. Forex broker is traditionally made money on fees and commissions but this is now a thing of the past, paving the way for the industry more accessible. Many brokers offer education, research materials, and even the center to help guide you and prevent you from much every rookie, or even more advanced but an error prevented. Some brokers offer exceptional knowledge, research, and customer support to help you strategize, avoiding loss and grow into an expert trader. Forex market as we know it today is a relatively new industry with regulations that can also depend on where the broker is located. What is a Forex Broker? Forex brokers basically work as a middle-man between the trader and inter-bank, or a bank network, to allow you to buy and sell foreign currency. A Forex broker will take the price of the bank and offer the best price available. Forex Brokers can also be called a retail Forex broker, or currency trading broker. Once you have a broker, you can access the market to speculate on rising or falling prices in the hope of making your own great Soros win. Okay, so you probably do not have much money to put down (yet), but a big win nonetheless! institutions or large companies can also benefit from the service broker. Understanding Forex Broker Role In order to trade, you need access to the currency pair; Brokers do it by giving you access to the major currency pairs, including: EUR / USD GBP / USD USD / JPY USD / CHF Along with the other G10 currencies. You can then start buying and selling a currency pair. For example, buying British Pound with outside of the US Dollar will require the purchase of the GBP / USD. Once you have done this then you can try to make a profit by closing a partner when the exchange rate changed in your favor. Open Account Opening an account with Forex trading has become easier over the years. Now, it is quite a simple and easy task, and generally only takes a few short steps to complete. The whole process should only take a few days. Some Forex brokers will require you to have a minimum account, but fewer broker asks these requirements with the industry move towards zero cost. Increase Your Income With a leverage A broker will offer the maximum to your account, which varies in amount. This leverage can be anywhere from 10: 1 to 100: 1. For example, if you have $ 1,000, your broker can provide leverage 1:10, which means that you can make initial trading of currency pairs up to $ 10,000. Do not let it get to your head though. Traders often can forget the risks that come along with leverage. This can increase your profits but also can bring you down a terrible loss. Broker Commission & Fees: A Sea Change accessible Trade The brokerage industry traditionally made most of their income from commissions and fees, but we are now approaching a new era with many brokers reduce and eliminate costs in an effort to remain competitive. Not all brokers have reached the stage of zero charges again, so you’ll need to be aware of individual fees and commissions depending on the broker. Spread Deployment is one of the ways that the broker will get money. This is the difference between the bid and asks the price of a currency pair, or in other words, the price at which to buy and sell. Forex brokers analyze the market and then offer a price for the pair. These prices usually vary slightly from market prices. For example, if the asking price of the currency from 1.15558 to 1.15557, the spread is 0.0001, or 1 pip. A pip is a term used to express the number of brokerage fees. Deployment is one way to determine the brokerage commissions. However, some brokers offer variable spreads or fixed spreads, then take the difference between the spread and the spread of their own market. A Variable Spreading A broker will offer a variable spread to avoid possible losses or market risk. To do this, the broker added cost on top of the spread, which leaves room for market fluctuations in the spread. If your broker offers the potential of a variable spread then you should take these costs into consideration when trading. A Fixed Spread If a broker that offers fixed spreads then you will have a spread of pre-set no matter the currency pair. The idea is that the broker will be higher spread than the spread of the market, which will enable them to profit from the difference. The fixed price spread is easier to work with and better for consistency when buying and selling a currency pair. Some brokers also charge a fixed dollar commission per trade 100,000 units. For example, if you trade 100 units, you have to multiply it by 0.01 to get the price of the commission. With this, if you are trading on margin, then you may be subject to the interest rate for this as well. The final cost to be aware of is the cost of holding overnight. Some brokers charge this fee to hold positions overnight, this happens when the market is closed, which is not often. You do not need to pay the cost of futures trading though, because they already have the cost built into the spread. Besides if you choose a good and regulated Forex broker then you’ll also get several types of market indications, accurate signals, latest currency news, various trading guides, etc. So, make sure you CHOOSE the best one. The Bottom Line Brokers have many traders who offer whether you are just starting in the world of trading or if you are more advanced. Choosing the right broker will help you learn, grow, avoiding risky situations, and develop strategies along the way. Be sure to research where your broker and regulations they are responsible for before and be careful with your leverage; the possibility of winning big also brings with potential for large losses. There are many great brokers out there, just check our broker reviews to learn more and find the perfect one for you. Good Luck!
  4. Forex trading can be a complex process, especially when you're trying to make every trade independently based on your own research and speculation. Copy-trading also known as mirror trading, automated trading, or the social trading - have become very popular in recent years as the number of applications and online platforms have made the kind of semi-automatic Forex trading is simple enough for most people to try. Basically, as the name implies, you use the tool to automatically copy trades of other traders in real-time. If you've been thinking about getting into Forex copy trading then this is the best four platforms to do it: 1. eToro The eToro platform is by far the most frequently mentioned and widely reviewed. Most people consider it to be the best Forex trading platform. The applications and their website provide an abundance of user-friendly choice to follow and copy the trades of large investors and others in your network so that details all the features it would go beyond the scope of this ranking list. 2. Pepperstone Pepperstone usually a close second on most lists curated and this one will be for the same for site design and toolset commendable. If there is one competitor that can be compared with eToro in most cases, it will be Pepperstone. Despite having a relatively narrow selection of genuine options trading platform offering competitive prices, reliable systems, and one of the largest networks of third-party platforms. 3. Darwinex Darwinex which is not known specifically as a copy trading platform but as social trading features that allow you to copy trades very easily, so it is worth a mention. It is an interesting site to check out as it allows traders to buy and sell their strategies so that you can follow more than just trade itself. Owl logo is a platform, which is interesting because, in a way, Darwinex can be used as an additional educational tool; owl might hint academic value platform. 4. FXCM FXCM is another platform with a small selection of products that can be traded, but offering access to copy the trading tool that lets you follow high volume traders and professionals who use advanced algorithms and charting tools. This is another useful site to learn and pick up new techniques. Copy Trading Is the Easiest Way for Forex traders to swing the odds in favor they regardless of who you follow and how successful they've been so far, Forex is always a numbers game. However, a copy of the trade gives you a hack that lets you dramatically increase your chances as a Forex trader simply by choosing the right trader to emulate. While there is never a guarantee, and you should not overextend themselves financially on each individual trade, from time to time you can learn a lot just by following other traders, and that's where the real value copy trading lies .
  5. Without a doubt, Forex trading is vastly popular these days. At present, a HUGE number of people are getting involved in Forex trading. Due to the popularity of Forex, there are a lot of Forex service providers. And several stats shows that a large number of them are Forex signal providers. So, many Forex newbies will have some questions regarding what are Forex signals or signals providers? Therefore, let’s dive right in. What are Forex signals? Forex Signals are a recommendation that can be made by a human analyst, software or trading robots. A trading signal contains key information for entering the concrete trading on the currency pair, with a specified price and time. Forex Signal Types- Signal type is determined by the specific function may have, and how it generally operates. Technically there are two types of FX signals which are permanently available in the Forex market. Here are the DEETS… Manual Forex signals Automated Forex signals If I describe the first kind, we all know that when using this type of signal, the trader must sit in front of the computer for a long period of time, searching for a signal to make a final decision on whether to buy or sell a particular currency. As you can see, the decisions made by the trade here are all based on the interpretation of the trader, and that potentially can be a time-consuming process. The use of these Forex daily signals has an interdependent connection with manual trading. Also, A human trader is able to assess the foreign exchange market in a way that the program can not — they can see when they move by the unexpected and awkward, and therefore able to pull out of the trade. A trader has certain skills and experience, and not just limited to code and programmed settings such as automated systems so that they can get a sense of whether a particular transaction would be profitable or not. Now Let’s move to other types of Forex trading signals. The important thing about the automated FX signal is that only software is used here to generate market predictions. The human psychological stress involved in this process actually incurred. As a result, the software will automatically interpret the action to choose: to buy or sell currencies concrete. Trading in this way can be very accurate, as long as the program has been completed in an appropriate manner, and with a professional. Forex trading robots can process more data than the human FX traders. This means that you can personally manage several currency pairs at a time, and you’ll also be able to monitor all the charts you want 24/7, and without missing any significant signal. However, the most successful tool of the signal is often achieved by utilizing a hybrid of the two species, which is actually what most Forex experts do. As for the purchase, both manual and automated Forex trading signals can be obtained online. If you intend to buy, check first that which providers offer you a free trial signal. A legitimate business will allow you to verify the information first, and make sure it is good quality before buying it. To ensure that the trader has to get information that will benefit him in the end, they only have to work with a company that is willing to give before, the results were evaluated. In addition, companies that validate their information is easier to believe, not the company that refused to give traders a free trial and access to audited results. A definite policy on Forex signals. The main signal system and It’s Characteristics In the manual Forex signals system, the signals are usually generated by a human analyst sitting in front of a computer. Therefore, analysts spend time looking for certain signals and interpret them. In the automatic FX signals system, currency trading signals produced by the Forex robot using specific software and then consequently interpret it. I wanted to outline the types of services provided under the FX signal system. First, there is a signal coming from one of the operators, either through personal analysis or analysis paid automatically through algorithms. Next is a paid signal, which is derived from various sources or systems. And the last option, which I have mentioned above, and which often supply the best Forex trading signals, trading software is managed by a Forex robot. Whatever you choose should be a choice of your own, and have to meet your own individual needs. I should also mention the features offered by the service providers’ signals — you’ll find it if you apply Forex trading signals. Its characteristics are as follows: Forex account management FX signal analysis assistance and availability of supporting graphs for subsequent interpretation Educational and training resources A Forex signal system trial period — either free or at a reduced price Extra interaction between the provider and the client through special forums and comments The availability of trading history Approximate loss figures on entry, exit, and the stop for different traders on the currency pairs Unfortunately, there are some people in the market who provide false and unreliable online Forex signals, which can cause you to lose money, so be careful not to let anybody fool you, and make sure you do plenty of research first, before making a purchase. Conclusion As I approach the end of the conversations there is something else that should be described. FX signal requires at least a basic knowledge of Forex trading. There are many signal providers offering several opportunities, but they are useless if you can not fully understand what you are trading. This Forex signal is an overview of what you need to know to get the best understanding of the tool signals. When you implement a manual or automatic signal, you must pay attention to all these advantages and disadvantages accordingly. The signal does not provide a 100% profit, but still, use wisely a high possibility that the actual benefit.
  6. When it comes to investing, most people look to make a number of targets and then spend it on things that do not yield results, such as holidays or property. Naturally, these awards are nice, but only a small percentage seems to realize that the investment is a passive income opportunity to close - and see it grow over time. If that sounds appealing, Forex trading can be for you. Although the long-established market, Forex requires a piece of comprehensive financial knowledge and a deep understanding of how trading works. If you're just getting started, here are four tips that can significantly improve your chances of making a breakthrough in Forex. 1. Create an investment plan and stick to it. Before you actually make your first trade, it is recommended that you take the time to think and make the action for yourself. First of all, you'll need to set the amount of money you want to initially invest, then you can make a trading cap for every purchase of more in each trade. By starting small and with a clear plan in mind, and the numbers were written, it will be easier for you to avoid absorbed into the vortex of emotions with each currency pair you are trading on the line. You'll know exactly what your spending limit and what you can not go over, so help you keep away from unnecessary risks and inner turmoil. 2. Know your risk tolerance and calculation Before you jump into Forex trading, you need to honestly assess what is your tolerance for risk. The appeal of making profits suddenly are naturally high, which is why most people do not take the time to consider how the risk of losing the money would affect them. Forex trading is a journey that will face the risk in every nook and money loss definitely a constant possibility. Before every trading opportunity you seize, you'll need to calculate your potential losses, in terms of both the percentage and the amount of the actual currency. In fact, it is often recommended that you focus on the money you will actually lose, not in percentage, since the latter hold emotional value and it's a little more conducive to take blind risks. If you're not sure where you stand, Forex trading websites like TopAsiaFX can help you clarify the needs and strategies you can build. 3. Keep your emotions under control This is probably the best gift you can offer yourself when you go to trade. Before digging Forex trading, you need to realize that it is a process that is much like an emotional rollercoaster, where anger, fear, greed, and euphoria can all go hand in hand, sometimes even within the same day. Secret in Forex trading is to not get involved with emotions and keep a clear mind as often as possible. You will need to look at every trading opportunity objectively and decide if it really is the right investment for your strategy. For this purpose, the emotions may represent the biggest obstacle in Forex trading, stop you from making a reasonable decision that is intended to best serve your financial interests. If you can't get a hold on your emotions after trying a lot then you should take trading software to make the decisions. In other words, you should use automated trading. 4. Choose your broker wisely Having a broker can make or break your Forex trading game - this is why it is so important to do extensive research before you settle on one. First and foremost, you'll need to understand what kind of investor you are, and what the goals and expectations you have when it comes to Forex trading. As soon as you get clarity on this, you will need to consider three aspects when it comes to choosing your broker: the level of security they provide, regulation and their transaction commissions. Having said this, when making an investment budget for yourself, you also have to set aside the amount you want to spend on transaction costs. Neglecting to do this will only set you up for the increase in frustration down the line. All in all, Forex trading could eventually become a beautiful and thrilling journey to embark on, as long as you establish some ground rules for yourself from scratch. The arrangement with the clear intention and action plan will only improve your chances of becoming a Forex trader successful, who control their emotions, have the financial management skills needed to make the right decisions and know yourself well enough to understand what the needs of their trade are, In the end, the mindset of the keys that will make you successful in Forex trading is not getting rich overnight, but to really get consistent profits, while registering losses to a minimum.
  7. At present, we live in the era of technology. Technology has absolutely changed our way of life as well as our thinking. Now we are doing the things that were nearly impossible a decade ago. Online trading has increased in recent times because of advanced technology. Just like normal trading, automated trading involves creating, buying and selling orders. This command is computer generated and transferred automatically to the center of the market or trading center. The command generated by a computer program that is part of an algorithm. There are several factors to consider when trading online. If you can utilize it in the proper way then it’s definitely a BOOM for all the online traders. And especially now it’s the best moment for using automated trading platforms or trading robots whatever you might call them. Because now technology is at it’s highest peak. Besides, there are also several factors that you need to give attention like what are the things that you should do or you shouldn’t do in Automated trading. Therefore, I’ve collected a few information on this aspect regarding my point of view. Here are the DEETS…. DO’S in Automated Trading Make premarket preparation — Every successful trader must make checks to keep market trends before making a sale or purchase order. The market may change from time to time and the trader must check the right order before making or buying them. The liquidity ratio and very significant volatility during trading. Keep updating your computer’s software as well. You also need to check out the Forex exchange rates to ensure the right amount to trade with. Before you start trading on comparing the 5 best Forex robot you can venture into the market. 2. Make a good game plan for the upcoming season — As a trader, you must have a good strategy. This strategy will involve looking at risks that may arise in the market. Be careful about the risks involved and minimize them. Take opportunities in the marketplace and maximize them. This is called a market survey. Many online traders fail during trading because they do not survey the market correctly. You must be a breakdown of the technical potential in and out of the command to increase your success in the trading period. 3. Make sure you make the evaluation of post-market performance — Knowing how you’ve done in the market will help you make good decisions in the future. Taking inventory evaluation after a certain trading period is crucial for the success of any trader. Every trader should make sure that they evaluate their potential in the market and ensure that they grow. 4. Trade what you can lose — In any trade, people are advised to trade what they are prepared to lose. Online trading is like trading Forex and you have to learn the trends, the trick to being successful. Starting from small is very important because it will give you time to learn. $ 10 could be a good start. DON’TS on Automated Trading Avoid Emotional Trading — Same as Forex trading, trading Crypto doesn’t need emotion. If you have realized that you can not make a profit trading period just let go. If you continue trading with emotion, you will end up losing all the money you have. The best thing to do is to stop trading. 2. Do not lose respect for money — Sometimes traders found themselves out of respect for the dollar while trading. This will make the traders to get more losses. Just like I said before, it is important that you start small, trade with money that you are prepared to lose but it is not respectful to lose money. When traders forget the real value of the dollar, they may take unnecessary risks that can cause harm. 3. Do not be contented — The Human mind is packaged in a very funny way. It will be used for things and make money or lose money in the market is no exception. Avoid getting used to trading to extend where losing your money is not a problem for you. In the end, if you have set up your mind that you’ll use automated trading then you should know that there are certain risks that you’ll have to face in your automated trading career. So, always keep that in mind and make the proper use of technology. If you do that then I think you’ll get promising results. GOOD LUCK!
  8. Forex trading is a learning experience. How do you tell a lot about the psychology of your trading? Do you trade emotionally, if you over trade when you see a favorable offer, or if you strategize a lot before the trade? But most importantly, how you train and monitor these things? That is why it is very important to make psychologically trade journals. This is the go-to weapon for the trading situation is important because it will contain your behavioral tendencies. It makes you realize the pattern of trade that you do not have to follow. Do not know where you'll be one of those things. But that's when your psychological trading journal will be useful. When you know your trading patterns, it helps you to stay away from people who may incur losses. So, here are some tips to maximize your trading journal: 1) BALANCING POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE It is easy to write about your mistakes so you do not make them anymore. But you also have to write about the positives. For example, if strategy A and B fails, you can write in your journal. In addition, you also have to write about strategies C and D work. Many Forex trading site describes the different errors that traders usually do. Forex Academy is one website that not only shows the error but also tells a different way you can fix it. So, your journal should have two parts. The one with the negatives, which contain trading mistakes you should avoid, and secondly, the positive that talks about some of your successful trading strategies. This will help you to work on the negative and turn it into a positive future. 2) ALWAYS HAVE THE PURPOSE OF TRADING Just follow your friends or fellow traders are now the way forward in Forex trading. You should always have a goal-oriented approach. For example, if you make a few mistakes on the first trading day, you should aim not to repeat them the next day or next week. Similarly, if you have a satisfactory ROI on your first trade, you should look to follow that strategy and get more in the second attempt. However, make sure that you assess the condition of the market while trading. If you are successful the first day, it does not mean the market will remain like that forever. So, keep an eye on the constantly changing market conditions. 3) ALWAYS HAVE AN OPEN MIND As already mentioned, there is so much to learn from a professional Forex trading even would say that they do not have full knowledge of the market. Keeping an open mind is the best way to maximize your trading journal. Learning does not have to be limited to correcting your mistakes. There are many new techniques you'll find you start to trade. Do not avoid off this strategy because you trade successfully without assistance. Forex trading can be tough at first, but if you have a journal, hard days will be the pillars of success you soon. Also read: The Best Automated Trading Software of 2020
  9. This Modern world is a gift from technology. With the help of the technologies now people are doing the IMPOSSIBLES. Technology has changed our way of life. At present, there are many different strategies for managing the investment portfolio. But did you know you can automate trading in order to become more profitable than ever? Algorithmic trading stocks automatically place orders based on the price and other conditions. You also may know it by automated trading or robot trading. Automated trading or robot trading is the future of the online trading industry. Before You use ROBOT TRADING, Keep This In mind that you have to research a lot about this platform because it's just a technology. As a result, it can cause mechanical errors. So, you have to choose the best auto trading platform. And also you will have to gain a vast amount of knowledge regarding it. Specifically you've to know -- - The Basics - History of Algorithmic Trading - How It Works - Pros and Cons Therefore, without any further discussion, let's dive right in. Algorithmic Trading: The Basics An algorithm is a procedure where one solves the problem, usually math. Usually, they require the following steps for solving said problem. Also, usually involving repetition. Similarly, algorithmic trading, also called algo-trading, is a computer program trading by following certain steps in a particular order. In short, stock trading through computer automation. Above all, seeks the highest possible returns on trade in the most efficient manner. Also referred to as automated trading or black-box trading, algorithmic trading market using several variables in the algorithm. These variables include price, time, and volume. Algorithmic Trading History The algorithm trading entered the world U.S.financial with a computerized trading system in the 1970s. The New York Stock Exchange took the biggest step in 1976 when it introduced the Order Turnaround (DOT) designated system that send orders to the right of traders to specialist data on the trading floor. In the last decade, automated trading accounts for over 60% of all trades. In 2014, author Michael Lewis describes algorithmic and high-frequency trading with his flash Boys. He explains rear electronic trading infrastructure and talking to traders and business owners who use them. While he noted that the computerized technology can trade even faster than any human. How it works In algorithmic trading, traders take advantage of the computer program to the requirements set to trade. For example, to buy 100 shares when the specified number of shares moved below a predetermined price. Similarly, it could sell 100 shares when it moves above a certain price threshold. The program then monitors the stock price. After fulfilling these criteria, the computer automatically acts in accordance with pre-programmed to buy or sell orders. With algorithmic trading, the trader does not need to manually make a trade. Pros and Cons Algorithmic trading can be a powerful trading tool. As a result, the modern financial world to use it for several reasons. First, it allows to impose trade on the speed and accuracy is much higher than trading manually created. Trades happen almost instantaneously, lower price fluctuation changes between the trader decisions and actual trades. There is also a lower chance of human error rather than as a human trader makes a trade. Meanwhile, automated trading often has lower costs with no human traders involved. But this method is not without its downfalls trading. For one, while the automated algorithmic trading systems can streamline trade, making them more accurate and efficient, there is also the possibility that the system could fail. This can cause investors to lose potential investment opportunities. Having a trading human monitors often wise counsel. It can ensure the trade occurs as specified. The trading method does not account for the emotional aspect of trading. While this may initially seem like a good thing. After all, who does not make a trade only on the basis of emotional experience or anecdote only to have the tank? But algorithms can only take you so far, and in some cases, what works, in theory, may not translate well to the market for various reasons. Think of market volatility, inherent risks, and the like. Using Algorithmic Trading The current financial market using algorithmic trading applications. It is often paired with high-frequency trading, which makes a large number of trades at high speeds in a variety of market sectors. Artificial intelligence has created a deep learning algorithms that look for more profitable trading. As a result of traders and programmers who work on the algorithm become more profitable on their own. institutional investors and brokers greater use Algo trading, but so mutual funds, pensions, and another large-scale investment vehicle. However, hedge funds asking for amateur programmers to write algorithms, pay them a commission for code that is very profitable. High-speed internet and fast, inexpensive computers have made trading algo a favorite among day traders. The Bottom line Ideally, algorithmic trading can achieve both results and the speed of trade traffickers can not. For that reason, it is a cornerstone of the modern financial world. However, this method is not without its downsides, of over-automation for the failure to take into account the real market conditions. In the end, if you want to use an automated trading platforms then you'll also have to make up your mind about losing all your capital. But if you use the rules and regulations and choose the best and trusted automated trading platform then you'll get the results.
  10. At present, Forex or foreign exchange market is the largest online trading market. Now, people are getting vastly attracted to the Forex market and choosing it as a passive profession. It's human NATURE to be attracted to the best. In many ways, it is easy to see the attraction of the Forex market and currency trading for beginners. After all, an estimated $ 5.3 trillion traded on foreign exchanges every day, while the currency is a derivative that allows traders to profit even in market depreciation. Before Your join Forex trading, KEEP This In Mind… The nature of Forex trading on margin means that there is the potential to lose a lot more than your initial deposit, while market volatility also creates a significant price shift in a relatively short space. By adhering to the dos and don'ts of Forex trading, however, you can start as a Forex trader while optimizing long-term chances of success. So, let's dive right in- Here are the deets… Do Understanding the Importance of Determinism The peaks and troughs of Forex trading can have a significant impact on traders, who may remain at the mercy of decisions emotive without experience or curiosity determinism. The latter allows you to understand the underlying laws governing the changes in the Forex market and make more rational decisions, particularly in relation to long-term trading. Do Follow a Trading Plan If you are going to succeed as a Forex trader, you must have a clear plan and strategy that allows you to thrive in real-time market conditions. And that's something you should DEFINITELY be doing. Many of these can be formulated as you continue to learn about the Forex market, while the use of a demo account through trading platforms like FP Markets allows you to apply this practically in a simulated environment and risk-free. Do Manage Your Expectations We touched earlier on the subject of emotive trading, which can also have an impact on you as an investor expectation. More specifically, the results of a large and successful trade can create an unrealistic perception of the market, and it is important to remember the loss that failed and command both are part and parcel of any trading experience. This is why you should always risk management measures such as stop-loss to protect your capital in the worst-case scenario. Do not listen to rumors Make no mistake; the Forex market is one of the most-watched and studied in the world, and in the era of social media it is not uncommon for a variety of rumors out during the trading day. You should try not to listen too closely to speculation that because it is much better to use news sources reliable and verified information wherever possible. Do not be greedy While greed may be a small factor in your decision to trade currencies, you do not have to let it be your master. The reason for this is simple; the excess of greed can weaken your patience and cause you to become an undisciplined investor who makes decisions based on the return potential than the survival of the trade. Don't take revenge on trading The term 'revenge trading' refers to the emotional reaction to the loss, as you can see for this chase and recover your lost capital. While it's natural to want to close you're lost as much capital as possible, it is always important to remain in the 'now' trade and execute orders based on the merit of each. And always remember do not rely on some unfaithful or unqualified sources for analysis and signal sort of things. Always try to use the accurate Forex trading signals because they'll help you gain profits. In the end, Forex trading has some certain risks but if you follow the right steps and regulation then one day you may succeed in Forex. And I really hope these steps which I've highlighted in this article will be benefited to many newbies and if you've any topic in mind that you want me to cover for you then please let me know.
  11. If you try to be a successful trader in the Forex, you should get something clues correctly. There are many major things you want to pay attention to. So, today I’ll share with you some important tips that you will need along your way. These tips will guide you to sharpen your trading skills together with an eye on the most frequent weaknesses. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s dive right in. Knowledge is power Maybe it was normal that the starters brought in the early stages when they hit the road but you should always take precautions to educate yourself. If you do not, you may end up losing your investment. Therefore, it means that you must be very attentive to the educational resources that your broker has given you in the video and document formats. Additionally, you can ask your broker to give you a demo account so you can practice trading on it. Reliable Forex Broker A broker that offers clear terms of trade and the various encyclopedic assets is ideal for Forex broker. You should ensure that your broker offers to trade in certain instruments area. He or she must provide a demo account where you can practice some trading skills before you go to market life. Years of experience and a well-establishment in the industry are the things that can help you to determine a reliable broker for you. Evaluate Fundamental When you are done with selecting a Forex broker, you should see if your capital designation for Forex exchange is not above or inadequate and decide your risk resilience. 100% sure about the results you are looking for, and to achieve that you have to have an overall strategy in place. Be Wise While Choosing-Account Type Your broker may offer different types of accounts to ensure that one of them will meet your needs. It may seem like a simple process, however, choose the type of account that synchronizes with the experience and expectations. The lower the risk, the higher the likelihood, therefore, it is wise to choose lower leverage. And if you want to choose Forex robot or software trading platforms then you should research a lot about the platforms. I think the FIX API trading platform will be best for you. Your working day is Similarly Important A few Forex exchange people to improve their standard salary by pointing out a few hours of work weekly. Meanwhile, others win alive by dedicating a lot of time and effort, perhaps at the full-time premise to get "compensation". However, you have to be sensible and acknowledge that it was an example of "you only get what you put in" and given that it is likely to have a favorable opportunity, you can not expect to win on the "go". You can get off to a fast start with Forex trading if you keep insights and tips in your mind. In the event that you are pursuing a master's, you will be able to verify the results were great and anticipate the possibility to withdraw payment from your trading practice. Finally, there are also few facts like study the market, making analysis etc. In order to become a successful trader, you have to work hard. So, GOOD LUCK!
  12. At present automation has changed our lifestyle. Now we are getting more and more depended on technology day by day. It has changed the way of business/investing. Now we got several types of robots or tech to do our work for us even online trading. In 2008, SEBI allowed automated trading in India. Since then, the number of companies that use algorithmic trading has increased, with current estimates put the figure at 50% of the total volume. This figure is still low when compared to developed countries like the US where trading volume more than that in India, 70-80% of trades done through algorithmic trading. This makes a career in algorithmic trading in India all the more interesting, where the concept is still relatively new in comparison with developed countries. Let’s try to understand 5 essential facts about algorithmic trading in India. Prerequisites Before You Start Algorithmic Trading Both stock exchanges, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) have different prerequisites before you can get the approval to start algorithmic trading. Technically, a person can become a member of the trade and direct trade through the exchange by meeting certain criteria. The members of the exchange (s) can apply for direct approval by the exchange. On the other hand, non-members can apply for approval through their broker. Approval is a multi-step process the right to participate with the relevant algorithmic trading strategy in a trading environment pretend, get it approved by the auditor to give a demonstration to exchange for the approval of the strategy. One should note that any change in the algorithm must go through an approval process before it can be implemented the exchange. The Role Of Co-Location In The Market It is known that the first to react to the news can use it to their advantage. In the race to be the fastest to respond, most of the high-frequency trading (HFT) firms rent space in a rack server on the same network right on the spot exchange itself. This is referred to as the ‘co-location’. The advantage of co-location of reduced latency, which is the time your system needs to respond to any trigger, as the company can respond quickly when compared with those who house their servers away from the exchange. This idea, your data has to travel less distance, resulting in a faster response. Co-location is generally required only for HFT strategies such as arbitrage, market making, etc. that require a high level of technology and infrastructure spending and therefore used mainly by institutions and proprietary trading houses. Interestingly, India has one of the co-location charges the lowest among peer exchanges worldwide. From the perspective of a retailer or individual, Co-location has led to a more efficient market because of a decrease in bid-ask spreads, as market makers can respond more quickly to new updates and is able to offer much more stringent price. One study by Aite Group a few years ago in the US has pegged the savings to retailers/individuals at nearly $ 250 per year! Type Of Algorithmic Strategies Contrary to popular opinion, not all algorithms designed for high-frequency trading. There are various algorithms other than arbitrage and market-making algorithms designed by institutional investors and retail traders to trade in the market using the algorithm. Some popular algorithms including: Momentum / Trend Following – The algorithm is trying to find the company’s stock price trends by using technical indicators and / or quantitatively different to analyze the available information. Once these are identified, the trader can place a trade depending on the perceived profitability of the strategy. Statistical Arbitrage – One example is a statistical arbitrage trading partner where we see the ratio/spread between a stock price, co-integrated. If the value of spread beyond the expected range, then you buy a stock that has gone down and sell stocks that have outperformed in the hope that the spread will return to normal levels. Statistical arbitrage can work with a hundred or more of the shares in the portfolio are classified according to a number of factors and can be fully automated from the perspective of both analysis and execution. Machine Learning Algorithm Based – In simple terms, the use of historical data and feeding this market for machine learning algorithms that they have been designed. the data is divided into data training data and testing. Machine learning algorithms to learn patterns and features of the training data and trains itself to take a decision as to identify, classify or predict new data or results. algorithms continue to learn from the positive/negative, to improve accuracy and performance. Order-To-Trade Ratios Help Monitor The Market The ratio of order-to-trade is the ratio of the number of orders sent to the exchange, with the number of orders that can be traded. A ratio of 2: 1 would indicate that only half of the total orders received are traded and the rest remain pending or to be canceled/rejected. The significance of this ratio is the fact that the exchange punishes a company with a high frame rate trade as one might weigh on the exchange infrastructure by sending commands that are not expected, or worse, not intended for trading. Indian exchanges enforce penalties on companies that have a ratio of order-to-trade high for orders that prices outside the trading price range mentioned. Development Of Strategies And Research Tools With the advent of online research tools, many traders are increasingly looking out for online resources and backtesting platform in an effort to enhance the trading models and strategies. The latest automated trading platform like SGT Markets been granted access to market data vendors, and also a platform to build and evaluate their algorithmic trading strategies using statistical and computational power. They also use several types of Forex trading signals in order to become more successful because these days every trader uses Forex signals. In the end, algo trading has brought a new era to online trading. Though it’s not 100% dependable but if you stay vigilant then you can profit consistently from this technology.
  13. The value of different currencies around the world depend on political events, economic and global social and fluctuates regularly. This allows traders engaged fluctuations in foreign exchange or Forex to earn money by basing the sale or purchase of currency on speculation the future value of a particular currency. Today the Forex market is worth more than $ 6 trillion and the largest financial market in the world. The global Forex market is important for the sustainability of international trade relations, import and export, and the global economic framework and provides a livelihood for thousands of Forex traders around the world. Read on to learn more about - - Forex trading strategy - The benefits of Forex trading - 5 best strategies for 19-20 First of all, what is Forex trading? Forex trading is the basis for all international transactions and exceeded the volume of futures or stock market trading. The purpose of Forex trading is to exchange one currency for another in the faith that the value of the currency received will increase in the future. What are the different Forex trading strategies? Forex traders use many strategies and methods of analysis to determine the best time to buy and sell currencies. Here are the most important strategies involved in Forex trading. Fundamental Analysis: Fundamental analysis looks at the integral indicator of the economy to understand if the currency is likely to be undervalued or overvalued in the future. This method can be a little daunting because it involves a lot of data elements of a country's economy. This method also analyzes currency inflows and outflows in addition to economic news releases in the country. Technical Analysis: Many traders favor this strategy as it gives a decent insight into the predictive value of the currency. It involves reviewing past behavior and recently to predict the value of the currency in the future. Technical analysis involves a long list checklist for detecting small fluctuations in currency trends. It provides merchants with a visual and scientific basis to determine when to buy and sell currencies. Trade Trends: This method involves identifying a trend of increase or decrease in the price movement of the currency. Using these trends to determine the best time to buy and sell currencies based on the strength of a trend. This method involves a variety of factors such as the moving average, the value of the currency now and the relative strength indicator to calculate trends. Swing Trading: This strategy looks to set up shop during the 'swing' trading-day period. This period is when the market registers the maximum activity. This strategy reduces the false price movements observed during the lean period. Breakout Trade: Trade Breakout identifies the entry point of various trades before trading. If the price of the currency broke out of its range, traders can assume that the trend will continue. Similarly, if the price falls below the range, traders will know better than to sell the currency. Why do you have to learn Forex trading? Here are the main reasons that should convince you to invest the time and money to pursue a course in Forex trading. It can serve as an additional income: Trading in foreign exchange can help you supplement your income from a steady job, which can ease your financial situation. However, it is important to note that it takes to build skills and intuition in the subject. It is less dependent on the labor market: It serves as a perfect source of income because they do not get a lot of the work rate or downsizing in the companies affected. You can choose the timing of your work: Unlike the stock market which is open for only six hours a day, the Forex market is open 24 hours for 5 days a week trading. This gives you the flexibility to choose your work schedule. It involves lower transaction costs: Due to less number of intermediaries in the business, Forex trading has significantly less transaction costs unlike other types of trading. This will reduce your expenses and increase your profit margins. You can work anywhere: You can access the Forex market from every part of the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection to work. These days, it is even possible to trade when you travel with the help of a smartphone. While all of the strategies involved in Forex trading, it takes time and technical expertise to know which one will be used at certain times. Pursuing a short course on Forex trading can help you become an experienced trader or you can use some help from the expert traders such as using their signals. They are both professional and experienced as a result, they can provide you with the best Forex signals. It'll DEFINITELY improve your trading skills.
  14. First of all, what is the auto-trading software? Auto-trading software is traded software automatically: traders set the parameters, but then does not intervene in the operation of the program. These programs are also known, for obvious reasons, like a “robot.” First, the software collects market data from feeds that are as “real-time” as a regulator of the market will allow. Then, analyze this data to create a signal (an indicator of market trends), which triggers the selection and execution of trades. This happens almost instantly and with total accuracy, within pre-set parameters: when the honest intent of this software, the trader wishes to do. Effective Trading Systems If you are familiar with the stock market trading or Forex trading, you will be familiar with the trading systems available in the Option Robot. They are long-established and tested well in the markets, as well as in binary options trading. The challenge lies in applying the system – unless you use the Option Robot. This is because the team at Option Robot gives you the tools to take advantage of three of the most popular trading system that is being used. By using one or some combination of these systems, you can control your exposure to risk, and manage your investments. Classic Trading Systems It is a popular choice among many traders because of its simplicity and because it is a safe way to manage risk. Of course, there are risks involved, as there is with any type of trading or investment activities. Risk mitigation is key, and that’s what the classic trading system. It works by maintaining a constant value of each trade, unlike other systems that differ depending on whether the value of trade between the previous trading wins or loses. When you use the classic trading system, all your trades are stored at a constant value. Martingale system This is a high-risk strategy and high-reward. It is based on the principle that as long as you use a reasonable method to choose which trades to make, one of them will eventually become a winner. Nothing happens with the system when you put a winning trade – you place your next trade is the same value. If you lose a trade, however, the amount invested in the next trade is two-fold. If trade were also lost, the next trade is doubled again. This continues until you hit a winning trade and recover some of the losses that you make. Why is a high risk strategy? Because there is no way to predict how long a losing streak as possible. Each merchant passes the losing streaks, and if you find one that is long, you will need a great balance to not go bankrupt. Fibonacci Trading System Fibonacci trading system based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. It’s quite complicated mathematical and trade rules, but they were able to understand the concept and apply it effectively can use it to produce good results. Like the Martingale system, there is a basic value for every trade. If you win the trade, the next trade is placed on the base value. The trading system kicks every time you have a losing trade. Basically, it follows the Fibonacci sequence of numbers: if the next number in the sequence is five, for example, the amount invested in the next trade is five times the value of your basic trading. This ensures recouped losses and help you make a profit but carry risks similar to the Martingale system, that is, if you go on a long losing streak you can easily run out of money. Option Robot Features The demo account One of the best features of an Option Robot for those who are new to the platform is the fact that it offers a demo account. This is a fully functional account that has full access to the trading platform, and all the tools and features available. You can monitor the assets, try trading systems and trading places. The big difference between the full account and a demo account, however, is that you use cash instead of your own money stuffed. Obviously, it means you do not get any benefit if trade win but, equally, you do not lose anything if the trading loss. It allows you to test the platform without risking your own money. For these reasons, the demo account which is popular with traders both new and more experienced who want to try out the features of the new trading platform before making a real investment. There is one thing you should be aware of when creating an account Robot demo of your choice: You must register with Option Robot and open an account with one of their affiliated brokers. You do not need to make a deposit, but some people are cautious even so about signing up with a broker. That said, considering there is no need to deposit money this requirement should not present too many restrictions. Customer service The first place you should look if you have any questions about Option Robot or your account is part of the FAQ. It is detailed and informative and has answers to many frequently asked questions. If you do not find the information you need, you only have one other option – to call the customer service team via email. This email address [email protected] Robot selection is not committed to the query response time, just say that you will get a reply soon. Tutorials and Learning Many of the leading trading binary options platforms offers a variety of tutorials and learning materials to help merchants familiarize themselves with the system, and to teach them about binary options trading types of educational materials including video tutorials, how-to guides, eBooks, and learning modules. Unfortunately, Option Robot has none of these things. Actually, Option Robot does not have to provide them. After all, it is the trading platform, not a broker, and it is the broker who usually provides training materials. In the real world, however, most of the trading platform is better not to invest in these materials to help their users. In Option Robot, you can check out the blog, though not always up-to-date. You can also read our FAQ section; However, you should turn to Google for answers to most of your learning questions. Advantages and Disadvantages of Option Robot Advantages A website built – binary options market trading include everything from cowboy operators to multinational corporations. As a result, you get a complete range of websites, from very good to very bad. Robot selection is very good at the end of the scale. To start, do not use stock images of smiling people who are pretending to be a successful user – dishonest tactics are never a good sign. In addition, the website is intuitive and easy to use, while also being well laid-out with an attractive design. Honesty – in a sense, this follows on from the last point. Honesty is an important element in the binary options trading platform is good, but that is all too rare. Usually, what you find is a platform that promises riches a few hundred (or even thousands) every day. That is, of course, is not true, and anyone who has been involved in binary options trading at any level will know this. Those platforms that use this marketing strategy continues to make promises, however, in an effort to lure new customers. Robot selection of the chorus, which is a welcome departure from the norm. Instead, it makes the focus on how traders can use their platform to successfully implement a trading system. Customization information – this feature is somewhat unusual for a binary options trading industry: not many platforms provide much information about how their systems can be adapted or adjusted. Option Robot, which makes it easier for you to implement strategies that have been developed. Internet and web-based – binary options trading platform that charge money just to access the software they ring alarm bells. They often do this because the software must be downloaded and installed locally on your computer. Most traders do not like any of these things, that is, not the fact they have to pay for the software as well as the fact they have to install anything on their computers. Robot free choice, plus it is web-based, so there is nothing to download and install. You need to use the internet access system and a device – phone or computer. One drawback to this is that you can not access the Option Robot if you’re offline. In that state, competitors such as Binary Option Robots, which can be accessed offline, will have the edge. However, most people always have an internet connection, so this should not be a big problem. High-quality brokerage – trade binary options successfully require a number of different elements. This includes a good trading platform and an effective strategy. Another important element, however, is a good broker. A broker that you can use with Option Robot all of the high quality and is recognized throughout the industry. Disadvantages Including weakness – before you invest time and money in it the best that you know a lot about binary options trading platform it probably is. Robot weakness Options are: It does not have a track record – Option Robot offers a number of innovative features, including an impressive signal that it generates. This has created a lot of interest in the binary options trading industry, and many people pay attention to what Option Robot doing. That said, short track record against its competitors in the market. This is simply because they have not been around for, but it remains a fact that the success of the claim could not be verified to detail and time-tested record together with other trading platforms. This is not always an indicator of poor quality, but it is something that you should consider. Only one asset available – the only asset that you can trade in Option Robot is a currency pair. He has decided to focus on one niche in an effort to become an expert trading platform for certain types of assets. This is a risky strategy, as most traders like having the option to choose the asset type and include a variety of different assets in their trading strategy include indices, stocks, and commodities and currency pairs. Maybe pay for Option Robot but be frustrated if you want to expand the range of assets that you trade. You must open a new brokerage account – as described above, the process of getting set up with Option Robot involves registering an account with the trading platform and one of the brokers they are approved. What if you already have some experience with binary options trading, however, and already have an account with one of the brokers offer? Unfortunately, you will not be able to use it. Instead, you must re-register with a broker and open a new account. This is a method of operation that only affects merchants with accounts (eg, those new to binary options trading will not be affected), but rarely popular. This lack of transparency – most binary options trading platforms provide clear information about who owns the system and develop a platform. None of this information is available in Option Robot. That means we do not know who they were, or where the platform came from. That would be a concern of many people. Conclusion Robot selection is not perfect by any means, and we have outlined a few areas where it could do better. It does not deal-breakers, though, and can be solved with In general, this is not an easy market for traders to operate. These difficulties are amplified if you are a new trader in the industry and try to find your way. The number of scams out there is confusing, even for the big players. Binary options brokers used to be the biggest risk for the trader, as witnessed by the number of complaints that flooded a website like ours, and for regulatory bodies around the world. Trying to navigate through a broker dodgy at times it was almost impossible. However, regulators stepped in and now a better picture. Of course, there are still brokers scams out there, but they are not common because they are in the past. The spotlights are often displayed on the broker by websites like this, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to operate. Which lead to other problems, however, as scammers simply shifted their focus from binary options broker for automated trading platform. Regulatory position in this market is far less clear. In fact, no single jurisdiction in the world that can be described as having adequate regulation. That leaves it to sites like us to investigate and analyze the platform has to offer, to explain to the merchant exactly what to expect from a particular provider, and what the potential risks.
  15. Have you ever wondered how you can automate your trading strategies and increase your trading profits? Various types of technical analysis are to look at the indicators for signal and business based on the signals. I believe that “Behavior that puts great traders above the rest,” you should be noting all transactions in your trading journal, and you gain more experience, you should be able to identify configurations that you make the most money. What if you can program a computer to automatically identify these configurations and enter trades automatically? What if you can free yourself from the tyranny of the charts? You got me. Haters will say it can not be done, but they are wrong. It can be done. The amount of available financial data is amazing. You can get the price directly from exchanges via their most cryptocurrency interface application program (API), and, as expected, it’s just a bunch of numbers. Unsurprisingly, computers are much, much, much better than humans do the math. If you can identify configurations that make you the most money, so a computer can. We are talking about technical analysis, fundamental analysis not, which is a whole other kettle of fish. A guy I keep hitting about Ed Seykota, had a pretty good race in the 70 and 80. He pioneered trading systems and accumulated earnings 250 000% over a 16 year period in its model account. And yes, it is the correct number of zeros. This kind of earnings are unknown today. With the advent of computerization of transactions, it has had very little competition. The gains were eroded, but you can always do an excellent performance of automated trading systems. Technical analysis is the study of maps. View AT price search patterns and use indicators to determine market conditions. A flag is just a mathematical function on the price and / or volume of an asset. And a model is just a price arrangement over. This means a technical trading strategy boils down to numerical analysis and mathematical problems. Computers are much faster and more accurate than humans in solving math problems, so why not tell your computer what the rules are and let it trade for you? What is an algorithm? The dictionary definition of “algorithm” is: “A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, in particular by a computer. “ This sounds very similar to a technical trading strategy. You find a setup that works for you (eg MACD fast line crosses the slow line from bottom to top), and you decide what you will do about it (for example, place an order on the purchasing market, with a stop loss below 1% in the last level of support, and closing the trade when MACD lines intersect again). Here is a simple example, and it is all digital. If you can identify the situations in which you need to open a position, where you have to close a position, you can tell a computer to do the same. It will be faster and more accurate (assuming you are told to do the right thing!). The advantage becomes clearer if we look at a more advanced example. Suppose you want to combine 5 indicators and analyze a basket of 7 different assets for commercial entrance. That’s a lot of information that the human mind to handle. You will be going back and forth between screens to research your indicator to light in green and tell you to enter the market. The possibility of making a mistake is amplified when your attention is divided into several markets. This is when a computer is shining. The ability of a computer to manage the assets and multiple indicators is much higher than that of all of us. Computers still have their limitations, but even a basic laptop PC may exceed any human being when it comes quickly and analysis of accurate data. I hear some of you saying, “Yes, but I can set alarms and signals to tell me when the market conditions are right! “ You can. And how do you think the work of alarms and signals? They are algorithms. It is a step removed from algorithmic trading because the alarms just have to tell you when the market is in a certain state, they do not handle orders or anything like that. This part depends on you. What is really the easiest part of the operation? Why not get an algorithm to do all this? It is cheaper than hiring an assistant. In addition to general trade automatically, there are some specific uses for automated trading, including: High-Frequency Trading (HFT) Arbitrage scalping reducing transaction costs HFT group execute large volume transactions with high speed, hence the name, “high frequency”. In 2008, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, there is great concern about the liquidity in the stock market. NYSE decided to do something about it in 2016. They introduced a new incentive for the market makers, attract groups to provide liquidity in the market by offering rebates averaging $ 0.0019 to trade at NYSE- and NYSE MKT-listed securities. It does not sound like a huge incentive, but if you make millions of trades every day, rebates start adding. How could the man possibly make millions of transactions a day? And millions of profitable trading it! They can not. Enter, automated trading systems. By introducing rebates, incentives NYSE HFTs use, entities that can make trading decisions in microseconds, and were rewarded for it. Some see it as unethical because HFTs have greater profit non-HFTs. They did, but that just means the rest of the market needs to adapt to the new players. Adapt or die. The market is constantly changing, this is just one of the changes. The world has become computerized, and there will always be people who stand in the way of progress, because what “progress” for others really hurt these people in the short term. So it is understandable that people would be annoyed by HFTs. But advances progress. Work that can be automated will be automated. We need to deal with the fact that. Do not worry, we’re going to dive into a discussion about automation and the future of humanity today. Let us return to automated trading. Another special use of the automated trading system is to arbitrate. Arbitration is the simultaneous buying and selling of the same assets in two different markets, the prices are out of sync. For example, now BTCUSD Kraken trading at 7281.50, and 7294.10 on Bitfinex. The difference is 12.60. If you can buy and sell BTC to the Kraken in Bitfinex, you can create a 12.60 per BTC, no questions asked. This is seen as a “risk-free” as you buy and sell the same assets since this price must be met eventually. I say “should” because this may not always be the case. This price difference may not last long, because there are other vendors out there watching the price, and hope to take advantage of the spread as well. So, you have to be quick. And what better way to trade faster than a computer program to do it! Arbitration bots that seem simple, but is becoming more complex. There are many different problems that you normally would not find in other types of trade, such as the speed of execution. This becomes a problem because of the difference in price will not last long before other arbitration capitalizes on the difference. So the fastest finger first. Some trade groups resort to “co-location”. This is where the trading company trading algorithms are hosted on servers in the same building as the exchange server so that they can be directly connected with fiber optic cables. When many trading companies doing this, data center providing fair conditions for all groups using exactly the same length of fiber optic cable to connect the server each trade group for the exchange server. It will come down to the level of detail, it’s how high competition in this space! Scalping is another application. This involves entering a trade and close them after a short time to make a profit from small price changes. If you watch the graph for any liquid assets, even 10 cryptocurrencies, you’ll see prices move constantly. Touts the advantages of this movement. In the same vein to HFTs, brokers make money on the scale. If you make $ 0.10 per trade, you need a lot of Helluva trade to make significant gains. But with algorithmic brokers, you can do it. scalping demands rapid decision-making, something that computers are better suited to than us humans. Work on the short term and create short-term trading is something that requires speed and precision of computers. Short time frame also helps to limit the risk exposure for brokers, as they are only exposed to market movements for a very short period of time. They do not have to worry about large swings in price because they are only in the market for a few minutes at a time. Smaller profit per trade is also much easier to get. It’s more likely that the market will move in the same direction 0.10 from 1.00 in the given time-frame. This makes it easier for brokers to make a profit on every trade. This move more often, so brokers can make money even when the market is relatively quiet. Some may look down on scalping as a lower form of trade, but at the end of the day, it is a way to make money in the market. Perhaps you are better suited for scalping from the technical or fundamental analysis? If so, that’s good. The aim of the game is to make money, not to be the smartest person in the market, or even the most skilled. The last type of automated trading that we will discuss here is the reduction of transaction costs. The algorithm used to split large orders in to smaller ones, and then insert them into the market from time to time to get the best price. large orders can move the market, so large institutional investors will use an automated system to cut their orders into bite-sized pieces that can be absorbed by the market without affecting the price too much, if at all. It is less exciting use of the algorithm in the trade, but it is necessary, and it’s another example of a much better job is done by a computer rather than a human. In the early days of Ed Seykota, he programmed trading algorithms into a punch card that is read by a computer! Luckily trading technology has come a long way since then. Now anyone with basic programming skills can set up a trading algorithm. If you have a trading system, whether based on the signal indicator, pure price action, or other technical analysis, you can write a short script to monitor the indicators that you choose and act on them. If you do not have programming skills, then contract out the work on platforms like oDesk. There are a few around the trading platform that allows you to write your own trading algorithms, and integrate it with their infrastructure. You do not have to worry about connecting to exchange API, how to calculate profit and loss, or even how to run the command. This system has solved all these problems so that you can work on a high-value aspect of your trading operations, the algorithm itself. Some of the platforms include: The catalyst (my preferred platform) HAASONLINE Gekko Trading View Quantopian (non-crypto) Quantopian does not support cryptocurrencies, but I think I’ll add it in because it was the most advanced of all these systems. Catalysts branched from the underlying technology Quantopian, but different because they focus exclusively on cryptocurrencies. This system I use now. Both are written in Python. I have not tried HAASONLINE, therefore, paid services, but I think I will add it to show what other kinds of solutions are available now. And Gekko is an alternative that is written in Javascript. I do not think it’s as polished as Catalyst, but it does give some good features. One thing Catalyst, Gekko, and Trading View have in common is backtesting. Both systems allow you to download the historical price data from exchanges, and test your algorithms over a period of time in the past. It’s good to develop algorithms and hone it. At Catalyst, depending on the pair you want to test against, you can trade from March 2015 until yesterday and every period between. You can backtest as many times as you like, without the risk of money, until you are satisfied with the results. Trading View has a very simple scripting language called Pine, which you can use even if you have no experience in programming. It’s very easy and can be your gateway into automated trading. Realize, too much can cause your backtesting to over-fit your strategy to historical data. It is the algorithm can work perfectly for the price action from Jun 2017 to December 2017, you get a 3000% (Woah!) But it just might work for a period of time. market conditions are constantly changing, so you can not rely on back-testing to give a perfect algorithm. A strategy I tried out now to hone my algorithm is to use a Monte Carlo simulator to generate a random price for the next year, then the hose in Catalyst, and run my algorithm to the data-set. In this way, I can test my algorithm on an unlimited number of possible future scenarios. So, what is your prespective on getting profitable with automated trading?
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