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  1. Hello Shafiek I would like to know if octafx is hiring. I write articles for the forex companies, manage the editing and posting of contributing articles, and manage their social media presence. Please let me know if there is a place for me. I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Looking for a writer for forex articles? Search no more! Writing is my area of specialization and I write content that captivates the attention of the readers and benefits the reader as well as your company. I have written on different subjects in different areas of expertise. I have lots of samples for you to review before we talk business. You are free to contact me with your questions. My email is [email protected] Thanks.
  3. I would advise any new trader to make this weighty decision wisely. It is imperative for beginners to work with FX brokers like Octafx who specialize in working with beginners. They offer demo accounts and no deposit bonuses. OctaFX knows that beginners will often need some fundamental market information to assist them in getting started, helpful customer service assistance to help them with account opening, simple to use trading software & trading companions they can call upon for guidance.
  4. Sadly, not all Forex brokers have your best interests at heart. Some may give you a false hope of making instantaneous and large profits. They might have you believe you that once you have them as your broker, the market would always move in your favour. But as we all know, the FX industry doesn't work like that. If you’re in the process of finding a reliable broker, choose octafx. They are regulated, transparent in their business dealing with their clients and they offer the lowest spread you could ever imagine.