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  1. Forex is a risky business. With good knowledge and right approach one can earn some really good profit here. People can rely on forex trading to meet different financial goals if they understand different risks associated with currency trading and know how to deal with them in an efficient manner. Before starting trading here it is recommended to gain sufficient knowledge from all possible sources.
  2. I agree, security is the main concern of forex traders. Often traders do not check how secure trading platform they are using is and just look for bonus offered by the brokers. This should not be the case and security should be priority while selecting your broker.
  3. Yes you have stated very correct points here. If a trader know how to analyze and interpret forex market then he can make good profit by trading in any currency pairs. Along with this traders should always use indicators which are reliable and are in existence from long time. Use of new indicators should be avoided.
  4. To trade in market traders need to pay extra cost in the form of brokerage cost. Therefore it is very important to carefully choose broker. A good broker is one which can offer you with good brokerage services at minimum cost.
  5. Scalping is short term forex trading strategy. Traders plan more number of trades and earn small profit from every price movements. This is a very risky strategy therefore always have a strict exit strategy ready while using it and new or less experienced traders should not prefer it.
  6. Traders must go for trading platform which they are comfortable to use with. Ease of use helps traders to execute their trade plans in an efficient manner.
  7. The main reason why traders prefer to trade in forex is that it offers them some really good returns which is not possible with other financial markets. Another benefit of trading in currency pairs is that this market is open 24 hours a day.
  8. Yes truly said. With improper knowledge a trader can not become a successful forex trader. Having good knowledge about market is must. Traders can learn from forums, articles, blogs about forex.
  9. Yes this is true. An investor should first identify to which category of investor he belongs to before making a choice of stocks. Also different investors has different goals which they want to accomplish from market and depending upon these goals it can be decided in which stocks they should invest their hard earned money.
  10. Financial instrument which a trader use for trading purpose depends on his risky bearing capability and goals which he wants to accomplish from market. Those who have good risk bearing capability often prefer to trade in currency pairs. As forex offers some high returns which is not possible with other financial markets.
  11. Forex is a risky business and it is totally a game of mind. Traders must learn about market and the trend which it is following at present. Traders should have a good understanding of the trading strategy they are using and should be confident in using it.
  12. To become perfect at anything consistent practice is must. Traders need to practice trading in order to earn attractive returns for themselves. Forex trading is a risky business and therefore traders should never get involved in any wrong trading practices.
  13. Demo trading account helps in practicing trading. Traders can learn about trading and identify their mistakes using their demo account . It is good to practice before risking your capital in market.
  14. There are several reasons because of which forex traders fails. Some of them are as follows: 1) Relying too much on leverage. 2) Trading beyond risk bearing capability. 3) Not planning trades wisely. 4) Following wrong trading practices.
  15. There are several reasons because of which traders tends to loss money in market. Some of them are discussed below : 1) No proper knowledge about market. 2) Not identifying risk bearing capability before you trade. 3) Not having sufficient money management skills. 4) Using improper trading practices.