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  1. The Gold market started to back from the moving average point and this refers to the bull signal favorable to the buyers indeed. So buyers must be alert there and should put an entry at 1301.81 and the target point is at 1306.09.
  2. The NZDUSD market created a range and the market is currently at 0.6910 and under the Moving average. But according to the strong support line and parabolic sar there is strong buy sign al available so bull traders should take entry at 0.6916 and the target point is at 0.6971.
  3. According to the RSI and Bollinger bands there is strong buy signal in the NZD/JPY chart because the market is taking it’s place currently at the nadir of Bollinger bands and so to thye buyers the entry point is at 75.70 and the target point is at 76.58.
  4. The EURCAD market we are looking at the Moving average point and the market has come down for many pips and there is great scope to the market to get back to bull sight. To the buyers the entry point is at 1.5118 and the closing point is at 1.5303.
  5. The EURNZD market is at the nadir of Bollinger bands and it means that a buy signal is coming to the buyers indeed. 1.6828 is a strong support point so buyers should put an entry at 1.6846 and the target point is at 1.6939.
  6. I have been working at Freshforex full-time (More than 5 years). They have a very fast deposit and withdrawal methods. and an efficient customer care service. So far, I cannot complain, very good spreads. Very fast reaction on environment changes. Employee faced. Satisfied everything from execution to withdrawal of funds. I advise everyone.
  7. Two months ago I started to trade with instaforex. I thought, that this company is a good broker. I made some profit, but i can't withdraw money. I am very angry by reason of this. Support service is constantly asking me to wait for some more time. So I have to wait until they solve my problem. But it seems they are fraudulent one. And I am their one of the victim who lost his money.
  8. I have invested on line some 7 weeks ago using my credit card on fxleader.com. I have realized that using my c/c would nit be a good idea, I have requested after 2 weeks to withdraw the initial deposit of £5000, they call back the next day requesting to open a line verification account to verify who I was and they say to open this line I need to have an extra deposit of £1000 and I did again stupidly. Further they have sent the documents to be signed off the sum I wanted to withdraw and since then they never replay, never approve withdraw, never answer my emails etc.
  9. Picking a broker is to a great degree especially troublesome errand now day by day. Most of the brokers in retail market put are developed financially and generally associated with trap. In any case, through a fair judge I found FreshForex broker which is free from trap and outfit broad assortment of deposit bonus with the most decreased commission to the traders. Other than I have moreover high security of financing, high utilize and low trading spread.
  10. In actuality, I am trading with FreshForex, be that as it may I can't imagine any broker offering me cash for trading!! I have worked with various associations, however never have I seen such tremendous no deposit bonus ever in my life! It's essentially astonishing! My respect just creates for this association, I have been to a great degree happy with them, however it's basically enhancing and better well ordered and the present extension is stopping leverage lessened for end of the week. It's basically stunning and something that genuinely pushes me in pleasing zone as trader! They have cl
  11. Exactly when a client makes a demand, FreshForex first checks the record for satisfactory edge. The ask for is at that point composed against refers to from liquidity providers. A hedge organize is then sent to the liquidity provider for execution. Finally, the client's demand is filled and open/close positions are invigorated. While executing a demand with the broker I go up against no inconvenience and that is the reason I can leave a demand in the lucky place. They have such countless offer that is the inspiration driving why I obliged them to exchange with. For instance, no costs for de
  12. To a Forex trader education concerning Forex is required. Since in case of Forex experience and learning are required. In any case, a strategy can't remain to give profit continually. A portion of the time differentiate condition holds tight market so traders ought to be versatile in taking decision. To be versatile a trader needs much data. I for the most part finish off my gigantic of learning through the Forex educational portion of FreshForex on their site. They won more than 30 worldwide respects. Their guideline mission is to offer the best trading condition for traders, who really ne
  13. This is essential while picking a forex firm. You require minute execution of your solicitations and the price you see and snap is the price that you should get. Do whatever it takes not to settle with a firm that requotes you when you tap on a price or a firm that considers price slippage. This is essential when trading for little advantages. FreshForex offer the speediest execution, thusly, you never miss your advantages. They got justified respect for Best Trading Experience 2016 as showed by FXDailyInfo for decision nature of gave organizations. Exchange usefully with confine skimming s
  14. In the GBPUSD market there is strong buy signal we are looking and all the signal was made according to the Alligator, moving average and trend line and so to the buyers the entry point is at 1.3929 and the target point is at 1.3966.
  15. The USDCHF market is strong from bearish we are looking because it’s been a long time market has been coming up but a trend line point is to be touched and along with this sellers will get the opportunity and to them the entry point is at 0.9947 and the target point is at 0.9874.
  16. The EURUSD market is currently strong from bull sight we are looking and it’s a good news to the bull traders. Optimistically the market will go to the moving average point indeed and so buyers need to put an entry at 1.2118 and the target point is at 1.2169.
  17. The Gold market at the trend line and Moving average and there is a possibility to the market to go up. Those who are retail buyers should be alert there in taking entry. So buyers should take an entry at 1323.11 and the target point is at 1325.45.
  18. The NZDUSD market is under the moving average as well as parabolic sar which strongly refers that there is bearish signal to the sellers indeed. So sellers should take an entry at 0.7049 and the target point is at 0.6988.
  19. Like having a decent style matters for your trading and like this being with great broker FreshForex with better conditions do make a difference a considerable measure for me. I truly cherished the administration of this broker as they are stick point exact with their conditions. Till now i have never confronted any issues with their administrations yet their record supervisors do call me for inquiring as to whether i have any. They are agreeable and an above and beyond from other exchanging broker with whom i have worked with before.
  20. Grand capital is stealing money from poor people of the world. I have worked with Grand Capital about six month and Grand capital stolen my 3000 usd. I want to request to management of broker association whom are looking after this kind of matter that please save all newbie trader from grand capital. Grand capital is a big thief of the world. Please help us and save poor people sole from grand capital.
  21. I has bad experience at last week with hanseatic broker form german hanseatic brokerhouse.com. From before I has trade 3 month at first I has bonus $25 and get $290 from swipestox. I think this broker is good. I get started from $200 and trade again but I has bonus from swipestox account $475 at credit so my equity $675. I try to trade and up and down again you know at forex up into equity $1000 and down again into equity $300. But before trade at FOMC I has request withdraw but they say it cant because my balance less than my credit. I think this is term of condition for withdraw. But after F
  22. It is always good to sign up with a legitimate broker, which keeps your funds safe and provides 24-hour support to the customers. But, there are also some factors which cannot be overlooked. Payout is another important factor. Fast deposits and timely withdrawals of funds is the key issues of mutually beneficial cooperation. When funding FreshForex account, you get the whole amount of deposit credited to your balance; no unexpected fees – only the full transparency of transactions with freshforex!
  23. Choosing a right broker is very important as it affects everything from trading to profitability to ultimate success or failure. If you choose a good broker then you can focus fully on making good trading. Identifying and sticking with good brokers like FreshForex is the key then. When I was a beginner I was defrauded by many but later I knew how to avoid them. I can trade profitably with narrow floating spreads starting from 0 points and flexible hedging system Smart Bridge Technology, which provides the best Non-Dealing Desk execution and accurate market quotes. Average withdrawal time is
  24. Broker plays an important role to a trader. That's why choosing a broker is a very important job to do. A trader has to be very careful while choosing a broker. You must check overall the broker you choose to work. The broker must have some qualities like fund safety, easy withdrawals, demo trading facilities, swap free accounts, unlimited amount of open position, instant IB commission, rebate etc. FreshForex received well-deserved award for Best Trading Experience 2016 according to FXDailyInfo for exquisite quality of provided services. And I trade with them. We offer over 135 financial ins
  25. Broker choosing is the toughest work for a trader. The success in forex trading 99% depend on broker selection. Because your business trading platform is your broker, who will manage your whole account. Broker is important because you are investing your money in to it. This work is tough because you do not know which one is perfect for your trading platform because there are already thousands of broker in the market. I select to trade with FreshForex. Because they provide, Fund trading account with $1000 or larger amount without commission for deposit. Verify personal information in the Clie
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