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  1. FreshForex is also very popular among the whole European Union and recently – the world – too, because it has succeeded to prove its finest reputation and reliability. Mainly, the trustworthy nature behind fresh forex website comes from the main broker`s regulation – strict program that is provided by Russian national financial regulator CRFIN. In all the way they are good and reliable forex broker.
  2. I've been waiting for almost two months, only to get a reply from the LiteForex. Liteforex cancel my withdrawal 95$ and deleted my balance about 50$. My withdraw canceled, and my balance deleted by LiteForex. I have several times spoken to costmer service, I've sent an email more than 25 times, but they only reply once, and the answer is not very satisfactory. Such a scam broker I got. Be alert traders of them.
  3. I decided to open an account at ThinkMarkets and deposited a whopping €25K. After two days of trading they came up with an email that they would void 10 of my most profitable trades, with a total of €43,521.96, because I would have breached their terms and conditions for trading on non-market prices. Since then I've been emailing with them back and forth about getting my money back, until they came with their final response in which they concluded the same. They say I've been trading on price latency and internet connectivity delays. I didn't even know that this was possible.
  4. If we want to get maximal result in forex first of all we the traders have to make sure the credible broker which is very supportive to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly, by the way now I am with FreshForex which for all time make sure a wide range of trading technologies. And they don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging.
  5. I count FreshForex as a top forex broker among other top level brokers in this huge industry. I am doing trading with them since 1 years and I do not have any issues with the facilities or services. This is so much for me to get their support whenever I want. They regularly announce many promotional offers so I could get earn more money from my expectation. I started with their no deposit bonus and was able to earn profits from it. I also decided to deposit money from my pocket to expand my trading capacity. There is no issue so far, every thing is smooth, especially the execution of trades. No intervention whatsoever.
  6. When looking for a broker there are many things that you have to check, according to my trading experience first of all I will be looking for in a broker, if they are regulated or not. Then I will see their deposit and withdrawal system how it works. Because real regulated trading broker doesn’t cheat their clients at all. That’s why I have chosen FreshForex in my trading career which is regulated with real Execution Trading platform and until the end of time guarantee their clients funds with certainly. And they always make sure easy withdrawal system without long time process and low transaction cost. So, my transaction trading life is very much secure and comfortable. I've been trading with fresh forex since 2012. From that time a lot of companies went bankrupt, but this one is still successfully working. And the service is great!
  7. Without having a reliable support from a credible trading broker that’s not possible at all to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly in spite of most powerful analyzing trade knowledge, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly. Now I am great comfortable with FreshForex which is real ECN Execution and always ensures security of funds at any kinds of investments with a wide range of trading technologies. So, I feel secure at all times when trading practically. The trading conditions are brilliant, low spreads and very interesting webinars. The customer support is good. I can get my money as fast as it possible. I like their bonuses and I have personal manager. So, it's a great broker.
  8. I can trade forex 24 hours a day, five days a week. I am dealing with FreshForex. I choose this broker because their provided trading platform which is meta trader 4 suited my trading style. I can trade with all major currencies. They providing various account types, but I choose for me the cent account which match my trading conditions. I can withdraw my money whenever I want, there is no restrictions. Traders benefit from Forex quotes in a real-time mode, a selection of the best offers and the assurance that their trades will be executed within seconds at the best available market price. The MT4 trading platform is one of the best in the industry and is available to all traders.
  9. The Bollinger Bands in the AUDNZD chart is becoming squeezed and it means that the market currently having the possibility to go up and creating an environment to the buyers. To the buyers the entry point is at 1.1016 and the target point is at 1.1108.
  10. According to the MACD there is strong sell signal to the bearish traders. The analysis done by alligator and trend line are providing us the opportunity of sell. So to the sellers the entry point is at 0.7810 and the closing point is at 0.7757.
  11. There is no entry point in the GBPCAD chart. The market view is expressing that the GBPCAD market will come down for some pips. So buyers need to wait for some pips to cope with the signal indeed. To the buyers the entry point will be at 1.6938 and the target point will be at 1.7128.
  12. There is strong buy in the chart of EURAUD. According to the analysis done by MACD, Moving average and trend line we have captured the range and act up to this we have assumed the signal indeed. To the buyers the entry point might be at 1.5381 and the target point is at 1.5655.
  13. FreshForex is a typical Forex broker that has been on the market for more than 10 years. With more than a decade of rich experience, this platform has been considered to be equally suitable for both – beginners in the field and more advanced traders, who need more options and features to choose from and to enjoy. FreshForex is owned by a reputable and well-known company that has been also part of the financial services world for many years – Ristal Capital.
  14. As far as ECNs, I have accounts with MBT (which isn't a true ECN), and I have an account with COESfx, not particular fond of trading either of them because the tools lag so far behind. Honestly, I keep these accounts for the sole purpose of exploiting broker price divergences. I also find the pricing to be much more responsive, and the charts I can generate with them (through APIs) are magnificently quick, but trying to trade them is a chore, in all honesty.
  15. I just want to add in my problem with InterbankFX. I was a small trader, started with $2k. I had grown my account to over $6k in a few short months. I was in some trades when, BAM, InterbankFX pulled me out of them. WHY? They say my account had hit "THEIR" stoploss. My account was down over 50%. I lost $3k! Not alot of money but still 50%! 2 months worth of trading to get it all back! The problem in all of this you ask? My account had been down well over 50% many many times.