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  1. The Gold market started to back from the moving average point and this refers to the bull signal favorable to the buyers indeed. So buyers must be alert there and should put an entry at 1301.81 and the target point is at 1306.09.
  2. In the GBPUSD market there is strong buy signal we are looking and all the signal was made according to the Alligator, moving average and trend line and so to the buyers the entry point is at 1.3929 and the target point is at 1.3966.
  3. I has bad experience at last week with hanseatic broker form german hanseatic brokerhouse.com. From before I has trade 3 month at first I has bonus $25 and get $290 from swipestox. I think this broker is good. I get started from $200 and trade again but I has bonus from swipestox account $475 at credit so my equity $675. I try to trade and up and down again you know at forex up into equity $1000 and down again into equity $300. But before trade at FOMC I has request withdraw but they say it cant because my balance less than my credit. I think this is term of condition for withdraw. But after FOMC i request withdraw again $974 but they blocked my account and disabled my MT4 account.
  4. Again the Gold market is going up and hopefully will touch the 161.8 point. So till the point buyers can make an entry and can gain a good amount of profit indeed. To the buyers the entry point is at 1339.75 and the closing point is at 1348.95.
  5. Forex is a business where it is available with advantages and disadvantages, and for traders if the desire in the profit is not an easy thing, but it is very important for traders to be better in managing better trading activities. Learning is required by traders in order to generate profits that match what is expected. There are many trading techniques in Forex trading that we actually choose according to our trading understanding. I think on order to me from all trading strategies scalping is mainly considered as a most usable and profitable trading policy that brings profit in a short time. But despite of a profitable trading policy scalping can use in a regulated trading broker FreshForex practically.
  6. Trading with a regulated forex broker is important if you want to have the least amount of risk when you are trading, and you want to keep your capital investment safe. The forex broker that the trader chooses can be an individual broker, an association of individuals or a brokerage company. Trading was new for me and beginning time was the battling time in each work. FreshForex is my second broker where I got each conceivable help to be a superior trader including the instructive materials, best help, subsidize wellbeing, quick executions, market news, logical analysis and so forth which did helped me to trade extremely well. They have no issues over slippage, re quote or any such thing while we generally complete the cash exchanges in a flash and have 24/5 bolster too.
  7. Currencies are essential to the vast majority around the globe, regardless of whether they realize it or not, on the grounds that currencies should be exchanged to lead foreign trade and business. The need to exchange currencies is the essential reason why the forex market is the biggest and most fluid money related market on the planet. Trading with FreshForex is very astonishing. I found the leverage as one of the greatest preferred standpoint for trading with my broker and appealing reward plot. They already raised their quality assurance standards to a higher level of performance. As a trader, I can assure that they are the best source of financial services worldwide. It is really great to see them living up to their promises and very honest with their services.
  8. Basically, we want a trading platform where we can trade comfortably with so many facilities and services. I am using FreshForex broker for their amazing trading platforms. They have MetaTrader5 trading platform which is designed for trading both derivatives and equities through a single trading account. They operate globally by providing best services through their several amazing online trading platforms. Their regulation and user-friendly trading platforms are the big reason why I trade with them and feel extremely relaxed with the work.
  9. A trader should take learn forex well and practice the more he can before starting the trading procedures. He should take time as much as he want to learn forex so that he can get a good amount of knowledge about it. Because if a trader did not practice well and do hurry for start his trading, he may have to face losses. Before start trading a trader must learn forex and need to find a good broker to work with. I trade with FreshForex. This broker is very good and supportive and reliable too.
  10. Forex is indeed a complex subject of earning and i think the more easy people talk about it the harder it gets. Forex market is a place where you can earn quite easily and you can lose all your money easily as well. Earning in Forex is quite challenging as the market is ever changing and most competitive as well. The most important thing in Forex is having patience and i can guarantee that if a person is patient enough to get success in Forex he can get success. I am trading with FreshForex broker who have been providing me all necessary facilities to improve my trading. I have never seen a broker who is so co-operative and helps a trader to get success in trading. They provided me free educational materials, analysis, rebates on my trading and swap free accounts. Moreover their spread is also very low and competitive. Loving the experience with FreshForex.
  11. FreshForex is indeed a great broker. They are indeed came in the market to be the very best. A client can feel their vision while trading with FreshForex. I am glad that i found the broker in my early trading career. I got No Deposit Bonus, Swap Free accounts and no commission on trading and deposit. I liked their educational videos and online learning platform. They are very supportive and any issues are solved very quickly. A true professional broker i have traded with in my 10 years of trading career.

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