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  1. The GBPCAD market is currently following the uptrend and up to the moving average. It is a great opportunity to the buyers indeed. So they shouldn’t be stopped in trading. So to the buyers the entry point is at 1.7480 and the target point is at 1.7559.
  2. Based on the analysis done in the chart of GBPAUD by Alligator, trend line and moving average is strictly ensuring us of buy signal. So the signal is in favor of buyers. To the buyers the entry point is at 1.7604 and the closing point is at 1.7721.
  3. FreshForex is the best broker I've been with so far. Fast and easy withdrawals and deposits on accounts. best place for traders. They know how to organize comfortable and affordable conditions for your Forex trade online. To protect your deposit and make your currency trading safe, we obtained a license from the financial regulator KROUFR. I am having profitable trading with the support of my broker. And I highly recommend them to other traders.
  4. I have been trading with GDMFX. I submitted a withdrawal of $3,000, and a few days later I withdrew the rest of my money. After 7 business days I contacted support to tell me why they didn‘t send me money. They first told me that they had problems with the liquidity provider. A few days later they told me that they had problems with the payment portal and that I give them more time. And then I understand I got into trapped with a fraud broker. From that moment I am complaining about them and alert other traders.
  5. I have opened an account on Maxcfd. After that, they start chasing me like I have to pay any bills to them. They even called me. I was really fed up and told them not to call me again and closed my account. I don't want to deposit anything but, Maxcfd have no customer values and they called me again on and the first thing they said that if I deposit the $250/- today they will add $250 from their side as a BONUS. I said NO but in the end, they was able to convince me to deposit the $250 which I did. I never got the bonus into my account and I never did any trading. Full fraud broker, stay away from it.
  6. To a Forex trader broker is the best guideline. So he should select a right broker for him which will have much facilities and high regulation and high security level. FreshForex is an ECN broker I have selected which having a high regulation and high security level. They provide high leverage through which a trader can exceeds his initial capital. They also provide lowest spread to the traders.
  7. Everyone expects a trustworthy broker with a view to run trading well. Without having a reputed broker every trader passes his days with a great fear because if any problem is held then the broker use to responds at a late. So as a result of this traders need to face an uncertainty about trading, regulation and security of funding. With FreshForex I have the high security of funding as they use several reputed bank accounts and maintain adept fund manager indeed. It is the best broker I've been with so far. Fast and easy withdrawals and deposits on accounts. best place for traders. Also don't forget to mention the supportive and responsive chat support they have. The best firm to join without hesitation.
  8. Day traders love trading the news. Market news is very important factor for day traders. Keeping abreast of the daily news releases actually help them to plan their trades more effectively. I am using FreshForex broker to get market news properly. When trading news, you first have to know which releases are actually expected that week. It is the key for you to know which data is important if you are a day trader. I have something to say about my broker. I have traded with freshforex for sometimes now. I've a big trading experience with various brokers and I'm really weatherbeaten. Now I'm trading here and completely satisfied with the parameters of trading and processing.
  9. Meta Trader 5 is a multi-asset platform that allows trading forex, stocks, futures and CFDs. It also offers superior tools for comprehensive price analysis. I am getting this platform from my broker FreshForex. They offers various type of accounts that I can choose the account package which most suited to my expectations and knowledge level. They had full filled all my requirements to do forex trading profitably. They are the leading broker in forex market. I love this broker very much. Because, for instance, a withdrawal request takes less than 10 minutes on average. This broker provides educational section where beginners able to learn things about Forex market and learn some strategies to ear profits from their trade.
  10. Each trader needs to rely upon their brokers from numerous points of view. A broker is the defenseless key of forex trading where you are remaining with every one of your strategies and procedures, idiot proof plant however you can't prevail in your trade due to your broker does not support you. My broker is FreshForex and with them you can trade with various expert trading platforms, including meta trader4, meta trader5. They are giving an extensive variety of trading advances including security of assets at any investments with positively. There are a lot of free instruction materials, for example, intuitive video instructional exercises in their site which are exceptionally valuable. They permits all sort of trading strategies in forex trading. I get 1:1000 leverage and valuable reward on each deposit.
  11. In the H4 chart there is a great possibility to the GBP/CAD market to come down and offering an environment to the sellers. The signal is taken by parabolic sar, trend line and SMA analysis. So to the sellers the entry point will be at 1.7095 and the closing point is at 1.6923.
  12. The GBPAUD market is currently coming down and still there is no opportunity to the buyers to take an entry. According to the Alligator buyers should take an entry at 1.7229 and the closing point will be at 1.7332.
  13. The NZDCHF market had crossed the trend line point for few pips and now it is again following uptrend and has a penchant to cross trend line again in order to go at bull sight. So to the buyers the entry point is at 0.7021 and the target point is at 0.7091.
  14. GBPNZD market currently is at the beneath position of Alligator. Through alligator and trend line the market has buy signal indeed. So buyers should take an entry at 1.9078 and the cloing point will be held at 1.9446.
  15. The market of AUDJPY is right now going up and still there is no signal to the trader as the market is in a risky zone now. According to the Momentum the signal to the sellers is coming. To the sellers the entry point will be held at 89.45 and the target point will be at 86.70.