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  1. 5 important to have fresh and unique content in website 1.Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing 2.Google Loves Frequent Updates 3.More Content, More Keywords 4.Fresh Content Increases Your Authority Potential 5.Keep Your Audience Informed and Updated
  2. An example of a domain extension which is an Internet category is .com for commercial, .org for organization, .gov for government, .edu for all educational institutions, .mil for military or .net for a network. An example of a domain extension which is a country code is .us, .uk or .de.
  3. How Startups can Monetize Their Social Media Audience #1 – Offer valuable content to attract customers #2 – Offer promotions and deals #3 – Make your audience feel special #4 – Sign up for affiliate accounts #5 – Take advantage of the “live feed” feature
  4. 10 tips for designing a better healthcare website 1 – A website can be an education tool 2 – Social media should not be under-estimated 3 – Digital marketing has power 4 – Clarity, hierarchy and simplicity build trust 5 – Quality content is key 6 – Decide on the purpose of your website 7 – Don’t make users think 8 – Don’t bury your CTAs, and remember to track them 9 – Test, measure and re-design often 10 – Integrate your website into marketing efforts
  5. 6 Benefits of Keyword Analysis 1. Engaged Audience 2. Increase conversion 3. Eye Trends 4. Prioritize Your Time 5. Find New Markets 6. Higher Organic Search Ranking

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