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  1. BEAT is a blockchain technologu which collects and stores your heakth and fitness data and allows us to share it with potential sports sponsors, talent scouts, doctors, researchers, insurance companies & many others. You might worried that our health data is shared, which is actually not. It will share only pecific data points which we the users allow. Users can download NoExcuse and earn BEAT toekns by working out in the Gym. This will take care of your health while earning BEAT toekns Advantages 1. Unique idea not seen elsewhere. 2. Suppor
  2. StarCoins.ws - Crypto MMORPG The battle for supremacy in space has begun Sign up, choose your race and you get one planet. Here you have Resources used for: - Exploring (to get rewards in crypto coins) / this section is most for autofaucets lovers . - Build more resources buildings. - Get a battleship from shipyard and compete in DarkSystem and battle zone with others (for now with npc, but when will be more users will be 1v1). You can also find a Jobs and Offerswall section where you can earn extra In Merchant section you can trade fast y
  3. Teraza is a Cloud Mining website which offers BTC cloud mining facility. Teraza will give you 150 GH/s mining power worth of BTC 0.0005 to test out the website. Minimum deposit for Teraza is BTC 0.001. Teraza only allowes you to pay via BTC & it is similar to Cloud Mining site "HashPerium" 1. Free 150 GH/s mining power worth BTC 0.0005. 2. Live website statistics. 3. Low investment comparred to popular Clou Mining websites. 4. No expensive mining hardware, maintenance cost or hidden fee. 5. No minimum withdrawal as per they say. Register Here
  4. PrimeHash is a cloud mining website which offers mining power for BitCoin mining. Site offers 190 GH/s on signup to test their website. If you want more mining power you can purchase it for BTC 0.0015 for 1000 GH/s (Costing BTC 0.0000015 per GHs) Site also gives the ability to exchange the earning to GHs for fastr earning 1. 190 GH/s Free mining power on free registration. 2. Low cost mining power (BTC 0.0000015 per GH/s) 3. No costy mining machines, maitenance cost or any hidden fees. 4. Ability to exchange earnings into mining power. Register Here
  5. Oxtans is a Cloud Mining website which offer to mine Bitcoin, LiteCoin & Ethereum. Minimum Withdrawal is BTC 0.0005, LTC 0.05 & ETH 0.06. Site Supports Multiple Payment options For Both Deposits & Withdrawals. The Only Bad Thing is in Some Ways It Looks Like a Fly away Companies. 1. Free 100 GH/s Mining Power To Test The Web Site 2. Lower Withdrawal Limits. You Can Withdraw in 100 Days Without Any Investment. 3. Multiple Payment Options For Deposits & Withdrawals (LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitCoin, Payeer & Perfect Money) 4. Referreal Program To Increase GH/s & M
  6. PointsPrizes is a websites you get points for; Completing Offers. Participating In Survey Playing Games Watching Videos Voting On Daily Poll After accumulating 2000 Points, you will be able to request the payout. The site also offers coupon codes time to time via their FaceBook, Twitter & other social media pages which will give you 20 - 100 points for free. I will list some of those codes which will give you 480 points in total. Click Here To Register
  7. Faucet, Offerwalls, Games-That-Pay-You We pay in Coins pegged to the dollar (10,000:1), so your earnings remain consistent. (Coins worth more than 1 satoshi with BTC below $10K) Win 50-100,000 Coins every hour—every prize is winnable We pay a bonus for every prime number you roll Loyalty bonus pays 1% per day of consecutive logins (max 100%) High-paying offerwalls, and we constantly monitor to be on top Fun video games that pay you Withdrawal options: Direct to your wallet (BTC or Doge), or to FaucetHub in BTC
  8. Game mechanics Generalized game mechanics FireCoins is an investment, gambling, online game. The players’ task is to keep the fire burning by betting. Each bet will return a greater value to the player, if by this time the fire does not go out. The ROI parameter determines the return percentage. The fire has a timer. When the timer reaches zero the fire goes out and all bets cancel. Each bet increases the burning time by a certain value. Participants receive income from each bet. The larger total bet player made the greater his income. With each bet fire
  9. BitRooms is a differemt type of Faucet site which has the option to earn through Faucet claims and ability to boost your earnings through deposit. You can claim from your faucet and invest the faucet winnings in investment rooms. These rooms have different profit ratios. You can invest in any or all of the rooms to see how your income grows. 1. Minimal investment = 0.00001 Bitcoin. 2. Minimal withdrawal = 0.0001 Bitcoin. 3. Faucet Claims. 4. Ability To Invest Faucet Claims In Investment Rooms. 5. Ability To Withdraw To BTC Address & FireCoin.org Website.
  10. CryptoWarfare - Dystopian Crypto MMORPG browser game Bitcoin (BTC) vs New Bitcoin (NBT), which will prevail? CryptoWarfare Registration CryptoWarfare is a Dystopian Cyberpunk Bitcoin RPG with lots of fun gameplay and story missions. The story takes place in a dark setting in the year 2046 when Bitcoin is banned by a new government called the Clinton World Order. Do you have what it takes to bring them down and revive Bitcoin? 5 Player classes Choose to play as a Miner, Trader, Hacker, Crime Boss or Official 71 Unique Missions Each class has unique story missions to
  11. Non Reloadable VCC I can provide VCC to verify Paypal, MoneyBookers, eBay & FaceBook accounts Prices are below Paypal / eBay / FaceBook - 10$ MoneyBookers / AlertPay - 15$ You can pay me via Paypal, LibertyReserve, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Credit Card or Western Union I will provide the expuse for paypal & enroll for MB within 2 days This card will not expire in 24 hours if not use like other vcc ReLoadable VCC Do You Need a VCC for long time to shop or do what ever thing you need? Then just order a ReLoadable VCC From Me 10$ Loaded VCC - 25$ 50$ Loaded VCC - 75$ 100$ Loa
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