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  1. This looks like the time for traders to bet against Tesla (TSLA) shares in the short term as the market reacts to reports that Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) deliveries are going to be delayed with news stories about escalating production costs, production line issues and lay-offs throwing doubt on the company’s ability to turn a significant profit on its new model. The chart above shows that after steep rise of 68% throughout the year the share price is showing signs of volatility. Barclays were among the first to advise their clients to short Tesla with their analyst Brian Johnson suggesting a $210 price target – well below the $340 consensus on Wall Street. Barclays feel Tesla’s November 19 announcement about truck production will be decisive in swaying investor confidence in the company. Tesla are projecting production targets of several million per year in the near future as well as significant progress in other business opportunities like battery storage. On the back of these projections some analysts have been uber-bullish about Tesla with Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas – who is widely followed on Wall Street – raising his 12-month price target from $317 to $379. Jonas is basing his outlook on a long-term perspective. Traditional manufacturers, like General Motors, have revealed plans to roll out their own EVs raising fears about Tesla’s ability to handle competition. For more detail : Buckle up the Tesla ride is going to be bumpy
  2. Exceptional Benefits and Minimal Requirements of Demo Trading Account As Forex trading has become popular, a lot of people are gaining the practice for trading by opening a demo trading account. Forex market offers individuals all the resources required to help them acquire experience for online Forex trade. For this reason, it has allowed a large number of official financial partners to help their clients begin with a free demo account for Forex trade. By using the facility of this account, you can become a professional trader and investor by updating with market trends all the time. For more detail : Demo Trading Account
  3. Any trader looking to make money on the markets needs to invest time researching before taking a position. If you do a search on cryptocurrencies it won’t be long before you’ll see an article that compares their merits against gold. Should you invest your hard-earned money in gold or cryptocurrencies? They ask, and variations on that theme. The number of these articles implies that they are somehow in competition with each other. But it’s a phoney war, as they both have a different role to play in the world of finance and in your portfolio. One of the reasons gold has stood the test of time is the stability it offers against the unpredictability of currencies and the sudden collapses that have taken place throughout history that can wipe out fortunes in an instant. Gold is the perfect way to hedge against risk, impervious to natural, financial or political disasters. Cryptocurrencies also offer a viable alternative to traditional currencies because they are decentralised, meaning no central authority can take it away from you. But they differ in tangibility. Gold has been around forever and relied upon for centuries. Cryptocurrencies have no history, they are so new people are still waking up to them and their possibilities. For more detail : Cryptocurrencies and gold: You need to take a position
  4. The most successful traders view forex trading as a game of possibilities. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. In fact, there are occasions in every trader’s career when a losing streak can seem to go on forever. Losses happen, but what sets successful traders apart is the way they deal with the ups and downs of the markets! If you are at the point in your trading career where you just feel like quitting, take heart … All successful traders went through what you are feeling, but overcame their doubts to become seasoned traders. They still lose some trades, but they understand that losses go with the territory and all that matters at the end of the day is that your profits far outweigh any losses you make. Trade Dynamics First impressions can be deceiving, so while some trades may seem appealing or vice versa, they may not be in reality. “What seems too high and risky to the majority generally goes higher and what seems low and cheap generall m O’Neil The Importance of Being Realistic Always remember that the chance of predicting a winning trade is not 100%. Don’t get emotional – it’s part of trading. You win some, you lose some! “In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” Peter Lynch For more detail : Wise Trading Words from Pro Traders
  5. Order Flow Trading is a profitable form of trading. It provides professional and retail traders with information based benefits, and it offers the complicated step-by-step analysis of Order Flow in the form of charts that can be interpreted in a simple way. People have been puzzled about what Order Flow Trading(OFT) actually is. OFT takes into account other forms of trading. The aim is to attempt to predict the prices of the stocks through pending orders of other traders. In anticipation of prices it is important to ensure that potential traders have large orders; the traders should be active market participants who have pending orders. Scary facts about Order Flow Trading Trade mentors have been advising the traders to trade what they see instead of trading what they think. The market does not actually move according to your thoughts and it should not. Picking levels is a risky way to exercise your trading, and has been banned by professional traders. However, Order Flow Trading cannot be implemented without picking levels, and this is the reason why OFT has been frightening for many traders. Traders who were mentally picking up levels, and simultaneously observing the price charts discovered that the levels had been all blown away. However, things can vary by using tight stop losses and especially if you consider picking levels carefully. Consider picking levels with caution and use tight stop losses. The Methods of Functioning of Order Flow Trading Picking up levels is actually a complicated matter. OFT needs proper analysis power which most of the traders miss. With the help of proper training, technology and proper support you can learn how to pick levels to continue with OFT. There are methods of Order Flow Trading Form more detail : An Introduction to Order Flow Trading
  6. The North Korean crisis has been preoccupying the minds of investors for a few months now. Back in April, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered missiles to be fired over neighbouring Japan. The ensuing market instability prompted varied reactions from investors. The risk averse headed for the safe haven markets, while others tried to capitalise on market volatility. Today, the picture for investors has changed significantly. As you read this (September 18) world stocks are at an all-time high. Investors have regained their appetite for trading in risky assets. Currency trading appears unaffected by events on the Korean Peninsula. MARKETS BREATHE SIGH OF RELIEF The markets have breathed a collective sigh of relief and for traders, with the risk of a nuclear war averted, North Korea has drifted to the back of their minds – for the time being. The note of caution is sounded because it’s far from being a settled issue, and major powers are already drawn in. On Sunday (September 17) US President Donald Trump appeared to mock Kim Jong-un. “I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night,” the US president wrote. “Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!” Despite the rhetoric employed by Trump and the US administration that “fire and fury” would be the US reaction to Kim Jong-un’s continued missile firing, their preference, so far, has been to see economic sanctions imposed on North Korea. SANCTIONS SO FAR The United Nations Security Council passed sanctions against North Korea. In turn, Kim Jong-un responded by firing another intermediate-range ballistic missile that flew over Japan and a promise that more tests were on the way. These sanctions seem to be taking effect on the country, hence the reference to “Long gas lines”, if not Kim Jong-un himself. A notable side effect to the crisis has been its effect on US/China relations which saw US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin threaten a trade war with China if it didn’t uphold its sanctions against North Korea. The markets would react with far more volatility if this were to transpire, and you can be sure investors will be paying special attention to US/China relations as the North Korean crisis unfolds. ASIAN MARKETS SOARING But, for now, it seems investors have become desensitised to the North Korean issue. As long as Kim Jong-un holds back from declaring all-out war and US/China trade relations remain intact, the market seems to have decided that trading shouldn’t be affected. Stock markets in Asia are at their highest level in a decade (Monday, September 18) and this positivity is mirrored in markets around the world. However, if fears about war increase again, look out for its effect on the value of the USD. Historically, the USD’s value plummets when there is trouble on the Korean Peninsula. Going back to 2010, when tensions were provoked by South Korea, the value of the USD dropped significantly against other major currencies. Both the US and North Korea show no intention of backing down, so an escalation is still possible. In the short term, this would most likely see the value of USD increase, as it’s a war North Korea can’t win. But war in the region would inevitably see South Korea and Japan being sucked in and result in collateral damage to those nations. They are both trading partners with the US and this could end up having a negative effect on the value of the USD.
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