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  1. Demo account must be maximized as well as possible because it will make us know how to trade. We can get trading experience to make us be able to be better trader. You also can use demo account in FXB trading.
  2. It's risky, and that's why we need to minimize the risk. We must have good trading skills. Demo account can be maximized to learn about forex trading. With FXB Trading, i also try to improve my trading skills. And when trading, I also try to maximize forex analysis to find the right moment to make order
  3. Right, we must try to improve our trading skills if we want to earn more profit in forex. Demo account can be maximized to get more experience in forex trading. And I also use demo account in FXB trading because it helps me to understand about market movement.
  4. Forex trading is not about earn money but also we need to able to manage fund, control emotion. We can earn money if we can understand how to trade in forex. with FXB Trading, I try to maximize my trading account for trading.
  5. Demo account is good to start trading, especially for beginner. We can learn from basics of forex trading. Many broker provide demo account for their client, including in FXB Trading. We can open demo account to start trading in forex
  6. Demo account is free risk, we do not need to make deposit to start trading. But although demo account is free, we need to be careful when use it for trading. With FXB Trading, I also try to maximize demo account to improve my trading skills
  7. I see forex trading a business which has risk but I enjoy it. Although I still get loss I try to enjoy it so i can feel comfortable when trading. with FXB trading, I try to improve my trading skills to get profit in forex trading.
  8. I try to trade in forex because forex trading can be done 24/5. It has flexible time. I wanna get additional income and look for job for it. then I knew about forex trading. I tried to learn it first. My friend also help me to understand about forex trading, including for choosing broker. and now, i wanna try to focus on my trading with FXB Trading
  9. EUR/JPY: Ichimoku clouds Let's look at the four-hour chart. Tenkan-sen line is below Kijun-sen, both lines are directed downwards. Confirmative line Chikou Span is below the price chart, current cloud is descending. The instrument is trading below Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen lines; the Bearish trend is still strong. One of the previous minimums of Chikou Span line is expected to be a support level (131.90). The closest resistance level is Tenkan-sen line (132.30).
  10. Keeping track of how economic and political indicators can impact the markets is key to trading success. That's why we also need to consider fundamental analysis. And with FXB Trading, I also try to maximizemarket news, fundamental analysis which has been provided
  11. Learning using demo account will make us be able to trade without any risk. We will get trading experience and of course, we will be more ready when we use real account for trading. Demo account is the perfect environment to improve your trading skills and test new strategies before investing your own money. I use demo account in FXB trading too, to get more experience and understand market movement
  12. Demo account has own advantages. As a trader we just have to maximize it as well as possible. For beginner trader, demo account is very helpful to start trading without having to make deposit. Even, I also still use demo account in FXB Trading
  13. FXB Trading Team is always looking for ways to give the best trading experience. There is a boost than by earning a generous, withdrawable 6% CashBack p.a.*, simply for trading as you normally trade!
  14. Forex is an acronym for Foreign Exchange Markets. Forex is also represented by the symbol FX which is a familiar term among investors, bankers and stock brokers across the world. The Foreign Exchange Market or currency market is a global, decentralized market for trading of currencies. We can learn about forex by learning from some articles.
  15. Yes, it's important. We can get service for trading in a broker. And there are many brokers in forex trading now. Every broker has own service. FXB Trading goes above and beyond to give you and all our traders the trading tools, services and conditions you need to succeed.