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  1. SEO + socila network marketing is the formula of success. If you've got a specific company that should be located in a certain place, you could use newspapers and notice-board ads.
  2. Actually yes. Usually virus-infected links look like this.
  3. And what happened? I don't read the bitcoin news so I'm not in the know.
  4. I've already somewhat adapted to forex, first on a demo, then on a real. Meaning I already have got my first result. Which is profit withdrawal from trading on forex.
  5. And you didn't lose anything. This whole topic happened because of a big hype in the us.
  6. Unbelievable. In one year the price of bitcoin has grown from 600 dollars to 4300. And how is that possible?))
  7. Strange broker, anyway, you should trade where the broker doesn't interfere. I hope that's how it'll be here, based on your reviews, you're happy with the broker.
  8. I have trading experience, but only on options, now I want to try trading on forex. and since my broker is less suitable for trading, it's good that I left it ontime, then I decided to search for a binary options broker too . It turned out there are brokers who have both at the same time. For example, forexoptimum.com, so I decided that I don't need that.
  9. So your proof is the registartion link? Are you even serious?)
  10. Forex. That's why I registered, I saw many advantages.
  11. I've heard of this game but haven't played it myself. And never really saw any point in this game.
  12. I don't quite understand the question either. I'll answer to how I understood it. In terms of which brokers I've chosen - it doesn't matter, so far I've discarded them. Why? Because forex optimum seemed like a better candidate. For example it's got options. The goal - to trade on forex and buy binary options. You can start trading on a cent account even if you don't like it - I won't lose a lot of money.
  13. It probably depends on the region. Here every other person walked in the street with a phone looking for pokemons. It's not a joke, I seriously met some guys I know who wouldn't leave home before:)
  14. It's not necessarily an ad. I needed some advice once so I posted a link to the site with the stuff I wanted to buy. I was immediately banned. I later expleined everything and they unbanned me.