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  1. If you're a online marketer, lot of times you're here to make money. Like everyone else. How do you start making money online. Making money takes simple core essence. It starts with a desire, something that you really want. It's not like you see a Lamborghini and you want it. Everybody want's money. There is work involved and core essence desire and drive. There is no quitting. You can't just take a link and post it around social media. Join my business. You don't want to do a mom and pop garage sale. The your desire, vision, want and then you take your drive to get it. It may seem award at first little uncomfortable, but you'll get the hang of it. The main this is really seeing the thing what you really want. It comes form your heart. A deep desire, that will not quit and wont stop. You need to be so clear on what you want that you can describe it to the color of the socks. Success in your business will come form either desperation and inspiration. Either way you need a burning desire. You can become a trained professional marketer. Take a couple of hours a day starting out to work on your business, yourself and what you want. Nobody started with 10-12 hour days. It's starts part time. It's all about creativity. Figuring it out. It's about learning and figuring it out. You desire has to be bigger than anything else that will come your way. Don't flake out. Decide that you will going to do it, no matter what. And you will find your way. There is a lot of smarter people and more efficient now. The computers are more efficient. Before you slapped an ad on GOOGLE and made 4k a day. Not it's harder to become successful online. But it's supposed to be easy because of the resources, efficiency of the computers and the reach that you have online. There is a lot more people, and that have a need and will pay for it if you have the solution. Find your heart in your business and you will find the wealth.
  2. There is a lot of trainings and people that are trying to get rich on the internet. The difference between the ones that are rich and the ones that are trying to get rich is, the rich people have a deep desire for what they want. The people trying to get rich, just throw stuff around see if it sticks. If you really want to get rich in the internet in your business, you need a deep desire for it, a deep want, something that pulls you toward it. There is no quitting. It has to be something that you really want and desire. Meaning you will throw all other distractions out of your life for a couple of hours a day just to work on your dream and goals. Meaning there is no multi tasking. Or multi focusing. It doesn't work. People can multi task but can't multi focus. Try driving, texting. Focus on what you current want. Meaning take a couple of hours a day, without distraction, doing anything else, just on working on your business alone. That's what the rich do. Make it a habit daily to take time out of your day, couple hours, just to work on your business, without any distraction. You will star where you are, then you will build, learn, recruit, retail your product, and teach other to do the same. Network marketing has became harder, because of the efficiency of the computers, and people. There is more smarter people in the world now, and faster. Before starting you threw a ad up and you make $4,000 a day. Not it takes a lot more skill, to become rich on the internet. Why can't it be you. You read about the rich, making it happen, you see them on stage, see them in the videos. The key to their wealth is their heart. That's how bad they wanted it. You really have to want it bad enough. Look deep inside of you, in your heart, what you want. And you will find a way to be wealthy in your life.
  3. Starting your own business online, requires the same care as if you started a business for 80K in your local area. Don't just trow links around Facebook, social media, hoping it will stick. There is rules that you have to follow. Requires some time, effort. Start with the base foundation to grow your business. It's not like you'll take a pill and loose 30LBS in a night and put on muscle. Find your market that want's to make money online. People in Facebook Groups they don't want to buy from you, they want to sell you. You have to differentiate your self from everybody else. Do something different. Find the people that want what you have. Learn the skills. Market. Have a understanding of what you are doing. Have a precise goal. Don't just pick I want to make 30K per month and start throwing links around. If you were to go to the gym, loose 30LBS and put on muscle, what steps would you take. You would't just go in there and throw weights around. You need a plan, you need a strategy. Then execute it. First you have to find out what you want, evaluate how you can get there. It does take focus and calculated execution. Message me for more information on how you can become a master marketer in your nitch.
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