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  1. sinelogixtech

    A funnel is useful when you are looking to track the pages your visitors land on as well as the path that visitors use to land into the page. These are defined as funnels, as you’re setting up a pathway to track if the visitors walked the same pathway. Funnels will restrict the amount of completed goals to only those who follow through the entire pathway.
  2. sinelogixtech

    An outbound link is a hyperlink that points at a targeted or external domain and is different from the links present on the Source domain. For example, if you provide links of other third-party web pages on your website, those would be external links to your site. Outbound links bear great importance in SEO as they provide your web pages with more quality and value for the search engine ranking. Google search engine counts outbound links as third-party votes which improve the ranking of your web page.
  3. sinelogixtech

    A “good” Quality Score in AdWords depends on what kind of keyword you're looking at. A good Quality Score for branded keywords is between 8 and 10. A good Quality Score for high-intent commercial keywords is 7 to 9. 7 is a good Quality Score for low-intent keywords.
  4. sinelogixtech

    The main difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is that traffic coming from SEO (organic) is free while traffic generated from PPC is not free (as the name implies you have to pay a cost per click).
  5. sinelogixtech

    <abbr> tag is used to represent an acronym or abbreviation of a longer word or phrase, such as www, HTML, HTTP, etc.
  6. Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of people who landed on a page and immediately left. Bounces are always one page sessions. Bounce Rate = Total Number of Bounces / Total Number of Visits Exit Rate: Exit rate is the percentage of people who left your site from that page. Exits may have viewed more than one page in a session. Exit Rate = Total Number of Exits / Total Number of Page Views
  7. What Is The Best Wordpress Plugin For Seo?
  8. sinelogixtech

    The same would be the case for a URL generating a lot of mobile clicks, but has a really low Mobile Friendly Click Rate. The Landing Pages addition will include data on search, display and video campaigns, but the Mobile Friendly Click Rate or MFCR is only available for search campaigns at this time.
  9. sinelogixtech

    The Google Sandbox refers to an alleged filter that prevents new websites from ranking in Google’s top results. Think of it like a probation period—even if you do everything right, your site won’t get decent rankings until it comes to an end.
  10. sinelogixtech

    The Disavow tool is part of Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) The main reason to disavow links is to protect the site from "bad" links that are harming the its reputation (and thus its rank on the Search Engine Results Page). Bad links can be created for many reasons - competitors can use them to try and move higher in the rankings, users might accidentally create them by talking about the store on an unsavory site, or Google's algorithms might change in a way that causes a formerly useful link to become a problem.
  11. sinelogixtech

    Panda is to improve the search in Google. The latest version has focused on quality content, proper design, proper speed, proper use of images and many more.
  12. sinelogixtech

    Cloaking is a technique used to deliver the content on a Web page to a search engine in a way that is different to what the user was looking for. The purpose of cloaking is to boost a website’s search engine rank on certain keywords. Cloaking takes a user to the other sites than what he or she expects by disguising those sites’ true content.
  13. What Are The Marketing Strategies To Generate Leads?
  14. What Are Some General Tips For Social Media Success?
  15. sinelogixtech

    LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are words that are commonly found together within a single topic and are semantically related to each other. Here is an LSI Keyword example - Let's say your article topic is "horticulture". Typically, you would find multiple related keywords like "agriculture", "crops", "botany" and "plants". As you write naturally about a certain topic that you have done enough research for, a certain number of common keyword phrases will be naturally found for that specific topic. These phrases are called LSI keywords and are semantically linked to each other based on the topic (or the seed keyword) and search engines expect to find them in every article on that topic. LSI keywords therefore help search engines figure out the main topic of your article. As another example, say your article topic is "cars". If your article had the words "clutch, "gas", "price", "mileage", "aftermarket", "used", then the search engines know that your article is about vehicles for transportation. However, if your article had words like "Disney", "animated", "characters", "McQueen" or "mater", the search engines would know that the article is about the Disney movie "Cars". Hence, having related keywords in your content is critical to sending the right signals about your topic to the search engines.
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