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  1. LinkedIn is adding a new feature to user profiles allowing people to list the professional services they offer to clients.This creates an opportunity for users to market their services outside of their business page and possibly connect with new prospects. The new services section in LinkedIn profiles will also be a helpful way for people to communicate exactly what it is they do for work.
  2. What are the steps for creating a content marketing persona?
  3. sinelogixtech

    A doctype defines which version of HTML/XHTML your document uses. You would want to use a doctype so that when you run your code through validators, the validators know which version of HTML/XHTML to check against.
  4. sinelogixtech

    The standard length of a text field is usually between 20-25 characters, but it can vary depending on the forms or the text field's purpose
  5. sinelogixtech

    Exact match domains are those domains which contain keywords that exactly match the search query. However, some of them only, have unique content and useful information as per required by the visitors. As per the Google update, sites which have domain similar to keywords used by users to search but do not provide relevant and valuable information will not be given SERP privilege and will be removed from top ranking.
  6. sinelogixtech

    In HTML and XHTML, an image map is a list of coordinates relating to a specific image, created in order to hyperlink areas of the image to different destinations
  7. sinelogixtech

    - Search engines provide some popular ways of finding information on the Internet. There is a wide variety of search engines and features. - Search engine ranks your webpages higher in their search results and benefits your online business.
  8. What is CDN and how it works ?
  9. How user Personas can improve your SEO strategy ?
  10. sinelogixtech

    The Google Penguin update targets websites and SEO's who used blackhat or spammy backlinks that are in violation of their guidelines to game Google's results and achieve higher rankings. It is one of 200 signals that Google uses to determine rankings.
  11. sinelogixtech

    You will do following various methods for Block spam,Block the refferer used by spambotBlock the IP address used by the spambotBlock the IP address range used by the spamboBlock the user agent used by the spamboUse the Google Analytics "Bot filtering" method
  12. What are the benefits of SSL in SEO ?
  13. What are the benefits of nofollow linking ?
  14. sinelogixtech

    "Hyphen" using in URLs building is a more effective method for separating words. Implementing it will also incrementing the readability for the human.
  15. sinelogixtech

    Keyword stemming is the process of removing all modifiers of a keyword including prefix, suffix, and pluralization until only the root of the word remains. For example, “consulting” and “consultant” would be stemmed to the same root, “consult.” This technique is useful for SEO keyword research because it helps to identify and group similar keywords.
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