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  1. sinelogixtech

    Goals are your chance to tell Google Analytics what is important to you for your website and are an essential step in measuring the success of your online efforts.
  2. sinelogixtech

    There are currently three different visual search processes being employed by major search companies: 1. Traditional image search that relies on textual queries. 2. Reverse image search that relies on structured data to determine similar characteristics. 3. Pixel-by-pixel image searches that enable “snap and search” by image or by parts of the image.
  3. sinelogixtech

    Best way to get good quality links are: -Forum Posting -Article Submission -High PR Directories Submission -Local Directories / Yellow Page Submission -PR Submission -Blogging -Social Bookmarking -Social Networking Profile Creation
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  5. sinelogixtech

    Link building Techniques are:- Article submission Blog submission Classified submission PPT sharing Bookmarking submission Directory submission Local Business listing Info-graphics submission Images sharing Video sharing
  6. sinelogixtech

    Online Marketing can be called a strategy or method of getting the name of the company out in public. It builds up the company reputation by increasing its ability to be found online.
  7. sinelogixtech

    Keep all these points in mind while choosing the right SEO service:- 1. Think about the scale that you’d like to take things to 2. Think about the price 3. Focus on content 4. Don't rush
  8. sinelogixtech

    Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device.
  9. sinelogixtech

    Local marketing—also referred to as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing—specifically targets the community around a physical store or restaurant. Promotional messages are directed to the local population, rather than the mass market
  10. sinelogixtech

    Pogo sticking when the searcher clicks on a link on a SERP, and then realize that it's not what they are looking for then click on back button.
  11. sinelogixtech

    Infographic submission is the most recent and most effective technique used for purpose of Search Engine Optimization through social media.
  12. sinelogixtech

    Google Reviews are an integrated feature within Google My Business and Google Maps. They allow customers to publicly post a review in Google about their experience with a business and its service and products.
  13. sinelogixtech

    Easy Tracking Easy to Manage Increases affiliate conversion Increased CTR