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  1. Not just for app users, GDPR compliance is bringing new regulations for mobile app developers & owners. Now, app developers will have to start working on these regulations to meet GDPR requirements. Here are the major highlights of GDPR: GDPR for Mobile App Owners
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  7. Check out some of the Best Mobile App Development Tools and Trends in 2018 1 On-Demand Apps 2 IoT and Wearable Apps 3 Cloud-Based Apps Development 4 Accelerated Mobile Pages 5 Android Instant Apps 6 Mobile Payments 7 AR/VR App Development 8 Enterprise Apps and BYOD 9 Application Security 10 Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Here is an informative blog with all the details for Mobile App Development Tools: Top 10 Mobile App Development Tools And Trends In 2018
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  9. Here in this blog, we have listed out some most excellent WordPress push notifications plugins for mobile app and websites, to diminish your confusion. Check Out The List: 1) PushCrew: PushCrew is one of the best push notifications plugins that you can add to WordPress with a simple plugin. 2) ePush: ePush is a push notification service plugin for WordPress websites, blogs, and all sorts of the business websites. 3) OneSignal: OneSignal is a standalone and best push notification service that conveniently integrates with WordPress. 4) PushEngage: PushEngage is another standalone push notification service for both web and mobile push notifications. 5) PushAssist: PushAssist is another standalone push notification service that offers a dedicated WordPress plugin to simplify the setup process. For More Details Read Here: WordPress Push Notification Plugins for Web and Mobile
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