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  1. I read your blog page, yet, the most effective advertising on Facebook is paid advertising and not for Facebook pages (WTF? you wish to pay to advertise Facebook?) -- but to your off-Facebook website where you are gathering leads. If you know how, it is possible to get leads even for 0.3 - 0.9 cents. I have got 1,300 leads within 23 hours for US $73, and then I stopped, as otherwise I would go over budget, and have too many people then I wanted (people to employ).
  2. There is no rule to it, as if the longer article is a talk about something that people wish to click and buy, then that may become boring. We have been testing longer articles and shorter articles. Longer articles may be for those who wish to know more and research. Yet there is plethora of people who will skip the long stuff, in favor of faster access to the service or product they wish and want. In general, if the article is about details, necessary to offer to public, then write longer article, and not for sake of handling bounces, rather for sake of informing your visitors with quality.
  3. All advertising has a purpose and purpose is to sell. Leads and sales statistic is most important one and may be 100% accurate. When you know the techniques to increase the leads, and techniques to connect to those leads and later deliver product or services to them, you know your business. You are under control. The visitor and bounce statistic is sub-statistic and as such always inaccurate and you cannot have it under control. In my opinion, websites selling online shall look into bounces/visitors/views just with the least priority, and put focus on leads, subscribers, members and sales -- the statistics once can really track, be sure of them. Any technique that is used to advertise a website and which is not directly influencing leads, subscribers, members, sales is not a good technique. It shall be adapted to increase such countable statistic. The old manner of thinking "the more visitors, the more sales" is not as usable today. We need to connect to potential clients, and that is done by collecting leads, not by counting the visitors in web server statistics. Let us say you spend 10 minutes every day to review the visitor's statistics, and you did not get not even 1 single lead, with the name and email address. Ask yourself would be simple easier to walk down the street and ask somebody to sign up, face to face? Maybe you could get 10-50 leads by simply walking down the street and distributing your business cards, or asking people to complete 3 questions, and on the end to assess their name and email address, for drawing a prize or other similar ethical bribe? Then those people become your first leads, they even know you face to face. If you don't collect at least few leads per day, by any means possible, something is wrong with all those advertising methods you are using and doing.
  4. I agree that works and documents published most important.
  5. Good day. My name is Jean Louis, I am European, doing business in African countries. We are opening new gold mines for our clients, with main product being gold bullion, and create wealth generation plans. I am very practical, and like to research new world markets, finding differences in prices in one economy zone and connecting to the other zone. This way we are discovering new markets, with high demand and quicker returns. We engage in international trade transactions that may bring even 100% profit on top of the return of investment. Laboratory instruments, boats, trucks, machinery, chemicals, those are samples of trading goods. All the promotion is connected to Internet, SEO, usage of mailing lists, programming, and I am helpful to people when they need it. I have programmed my own mailing software and website revision system, invoicing and so much more, in order to manage our business. Greetings from Tanzania and Uganda. Jean Louis P.S. Here is one gold nugget found