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  1. Hello. We'd like to announce the launch of a new proxy package. Fast and Furious package includes 1000 ports that rotate 3-4k thousand of high-speed proxies. 250 threads limit. Now attention! The minimum speed of each proxy starts at 3mb/s. The package is based on Mix World Proxy. We think the prices will pleasantly surprise you too: $ 75 a week, $ 260 a month. Until September 15, you can get a free 3-hour test of this package. Looking forward to see you on board. Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324
  2. Hello. You asked for it - we do it! After the last free giveaway, we received a huge amount positive feedback on similar promotions. And we decided to launch GiveAway again. Any member of our Telegram channel can participate. To do this, simply click the Participate button under the post in the channel Link to our channel: https://t.me/SocksHubOfficial (Beware of fakes) There will be two winners this time and each of them will receive 1 month of subscription to any package, except Exclusive, absolutely Free. The winner will be determined by random numbers on September 20, 2019. Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324
  3. Hello. I want to remind you, that right now GiveAway event is taking place in our Telegram Channel. Any channel member can participate. Winners are determined tomorrow at 17.00 UTC (5.00 pm UTC) 3 winners will receive absolutely any subscription (except Exclusive) for 2 weeks for FREE. To take part you need to do 2 simple steps: 1. Join our channel https://t.me/SocksHubOfficial 2. Click the button to participate in the post. Take a part before it's too late. We continue to work tirelessly on the development of our service. At the moment we are actively working on expanding the list of packages provided. We are happy to hear any wishes and suggestions. Help us make the best service for you! Our supports are always in touch for feedback, or you can send suggestions to the PM on the forum. Thanks Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324
  4. Hey everyone! Summer is in full swing and many are enjoying their holidays. But let's not be jealous of them. After all, they lose the opportunity to participate in the Give Away Event from SocksHub. We decided to please the tireless workers and make them little surprise. We Give Away 3 subscriptions for 2 weeks to absolutely ANY package (except Exclusive) absolutely FREE. Anyone can take part in, no matter if you our costumer or not. To do this, you need to perform a couple of simple actions: 1. Subscribe to our Telegram https://t.me/SocksHubOfficial 2. Click the button to participate in the contest post. Winner will be determined by the method of random numbers July 30. Do not miss the opportunity! Subscribe! Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324
  5. Hello. We noticed that recently our USA tariff has been very popular. Currently connection to it was through the transit server which located in Europe. But many of you works on American or Canadian servers. Therefore, we decided to open an alternative "transit" through a server located in Canada. This will increase the speed and quality of work for all those who have their working machines in the North American continent. This option is available absolutely free of charge, and if you have a desire to change the standard transit to an alternative one, just write to our support and we will gladly do it for you. Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324
  6. Hello everyone We glad to anounce final spring discounts. Till end of May you can purchase any GEO pack with 15% discount. We offer such EU countires as: Germany France Italy Spain Chaina Japan Australia England Netherlands Looking forward to see you on board. Also we want to remind you that our supports and representer available ONLY through this contacts Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 and our Telegram group: https://t.me/SocksHubOfficial Any other contacts who tries to look as us - scammers and fake. Pay attention to IDs with whom you speak You always can ask for messenger verification through our website. to make sure you are speaks with us. Thanks you
  7. Hello everyone. With every day summer is closer and closer to us. And thats mean that vacations time is coming! We decide to help you little bit to prepare yours "Vacation Fund" Till end of April we gives away 20% discount for every Mix packages that we have. EU Mix - 120$/ week (440 month) US Mix - 120$/ week (440 month) World Mix - 80$/week(280 month) To get discount use promocode SPRING20OFF Have a good day!
  8. Hello everyone About couple month ago we updated our platform and released referal system which you asked a lot. Now everyone have a chance to earn money with our service. Percent from purchase of clients who was invited by you automatically goes to your balance. You can use that money to purchase/extension of subs or send them directly to your wallet. We makes pay out in many most popular payments systems. If you would like to go hard and help us promote - shoot a text to our supports, and we will provide you with full marketing kit. Also here is a hidden chance to get a cashback starting from 10% and up 😃 We continue on upgrading our service and lately worked hard on improvment for Rotation After Request package We changed a bit rotation system so now it is more stable, and added more online to pool, and now its about 60k of proxies. And all that have old price from 15$ per month. Sure, you will like it. Thank you. Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324
  9. Hello Everyone Since we released our new platform, more than 4000 peoples join beta testing. Part of them already start to be our clients and partners. With your help we fixed several critical bugs and heard a lot of comments. So we have future plans and know things that we can improve to make your work more comfortable. Good point that we see your positive feedback about result of our work, and that’s what make us think “That we are on a right rout”. For that we want to say you big "Thank you!" and give you little rewards. Everyone who had subscriptions on the moment of 1st of March - have increased membership type in loyalty system. So now all of you who helped us would have 10% discount lifetime. Today we would like to tell you little bit more about that Membership type, and what its give for you: We have 4 types of accounts, each of them gives different discounts and referral percents: Tester - Discount 0%, Referrals 10% Member - Discount 10%, Referrals 10% Expert - Discount 15%, Referrals 20% SH Special - Discount 30%, Referrals 20% About how you can get Membership Type Increase - ask our supports and they would gladly tell you that. Always at your service. Bonus: We decide to open our official Telegram Channel where you would be able to learn about Latest news, Special Offers, and package's discount. All who would join our Telegram Channel till end of March would get Membership type increase. https://t.me/SocksHubOfficial It One and Only channel, that we own. Beware of scammers. Good luck with your projects, and enjoy your day. Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 QQ: 2323218446
  10. Hello everyone. We want to announce big news about our service. We start SocksHUB v.2.0 Open Beta. Glad to tell you about full rebranding and redesign of our service. One of the main features - we finally release client control panel. No you can go through free registration and get acces to your personal account. Here is a list of some features: 1. Adding money to balance through panel. 2. Control of you current subscription. Switch pools, add time, threads, IP for auth, put on pause. Do whatever you want in auto mode. 3. Statistic of threads and traffic usage 4. Purchase of new packages right in panel 5. Loyalty system. According to your SocksHub account type you will get bigger discount and bigger percentage for referal system 6. REFERAL SYSTEM . Now you able not only work with our service, but also earn money. All funds will be tranfered to your account balance, or directly to your wallet. At the moment system works in Beta test mode. We continue to work on optimization and bug searching. But you already can register and we invite you to take part in testing. Untill end of February all users will get uprise of account type (Increase of Discount) and 3 hours of free testing. Looking forward to see you on board. www.sockshub.net Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 QQ: 2323218446
  11. Hi all! We hope you enjoyed past holidays with you beloved and family. But those days are over, and now is a time to jump back to work! We want remind that SocksHub works 24/7 and have fastest support respond time on the market. Unfortunately we had bad news as well. For past month and half activity of scammers, who using our reputation and name, have increased. Mainly they are using Skype and Telegram to cheat people. So, we want ask you to check usernames with additional attention. You can speak with real SocksHub supports only via contacts below. Also, you always can request additional verification via online-support on our website. Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 QQ: 2323218446 Thank you, and stay save!
  12. Dear friends! We want to wish everyone a happy new year! In 2019, we want you to have a lack of a headache, with setting up and using software, high profit,perfect tracing to socks and fewer problems in the work of your projects. We also remind you that until the end of December a special offer is valid - if you extend for two months or more You get a 30% discount and free pauses during holidays! Enjoy your Holidays! Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 QQ: 2323218446
  13. Hello everyone. We have a great news for you. Over the year, we collected your feedback, and the most sensitive issue was the number of threads. Most of you felt uncomfortable paying for 500 threads, when only 1 - 200 actually used. We have solved this problem very radically: we have created a new proxy rotation system. How it works: 1) you get a static list of IP ports (1 to 5 IP ports) 2) You connect to the ports, and the proxy connects to you 3) After the reconnection, a new SOCKS is provided. (even if one IP port has 2 parallel connections, these connections will have different output proxies), i.e. every time you connect, you get a new proxy. This package supports up to 200 threads.It has a better price and a fairly convenient rotation system, which will allow many users to get a good pool of proxies with their budget. The pool contains about 35 - 40 thousand proxies. In the near future, we are planning to launch several more similar pools. The price is available in the main post of this topic. You can also contact our support and get a free 3 hours test.
  14. Hi everyone. Havent posted anything for a while. That was caused by our hard work on expending variations of available packages. Currently we made several GEO packages, that might help you in your projects. Russia 1000 ports, 6000+ socks, 500 threads. 120$/wk, 400$/month. China 7000 ports, 20.000+ socks, 500 threads, 200$/wk, 700$/month Germany 180 ports, 500+ socks, 50 threads, 35$/wk, 120$/month Spain 500 ports, 1200+ socks, 100 threads, 60$/wk, 200$/month France 200 ports, 550+ socks 50 threads, 35$/wk, 120$/month Canada 200 ports, 500+ socks, 70 threads, 40$/wk, 140$/month England 80 ports, 200+ socks, 40 threads, 30$/wk, 100$/month Italy 400 ports, 1200+ socks, 100 threads, 60$/wk, 200$/month AU 100 ports, 250+ socks, 50 threads, 30$/wk, 100$/month USA 1000 ports, 2-4000 socks, 500 threads, 150$/wk, 550$/month Canada 200 ports, 500+ socks, 60 threads, 40$/wk 140$/month Taiwan 1000 ports, 3000+ socks, 150 threads, 60$/wk, 200$/month We sure, some of you will find them pretty usefull for current projects. Its a cool tool for "target" requests. To get a free test or 24 hour test use this contacts: Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 Enjoy your day!
  15. Hello everyone. As you possibly noticed, we haven't posted any news for a while. Why? Answer is pretty simple. We working hard on creation of a panel. To make you interactions with our socks more comfortable. You will be able to control you subscriptions, make pauses, change pools...Also we have few more surprices which, for sure, all of you would love. Also for last year we are notice that for many people 1 hour, or even 3 hours of free testing is not enought. So we decide to make additional 24 hour test on paid basis. IMPORTANT: it is not 1 day package. It is just 24 hour test. Will be given only 1 time to one hands. We bet it will make easier for you to understand everything about rotations and list systems which make us different from other players on proxy market. To get a test( doesn't matter if it free for 1 hour, or 24 hours test for money) contact our supports via those contact: Skype: live:SocksHub.net Jabber: support@sockshub.net Telegram: @SocksHub Icq: 711758324 Thank you. Have a great day!
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