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  1. Your funds are secure FXB Trading has applied every possible safeguard to ensure that your funds are safe with us. Segregated accounts When you trade with FXB Trading, your funds are held in segregated accounts and will always be kept completely separate from company funds. Capital adequacy FXB Trading is a member of the Financial Commission, an external dispute resolution organisation, which ensures that your funds are insured up to 20,000 USD. Risk management Managing risk is the key element and we have implemented stringent risk management and capital adequacy
  2. Successful foreign currency trading In order to successfully implement a foreign currency trading strategy, you must be able to assess trends so that you can determine whether it’s a good idea to trade or not. When choosing the currency pairs to trade in, you should take time to read the historical information as well as evaluate pricing charts so that you can follow trends in forex exchange rates. How to determine and use forex exchange rates Many forex traders prefer not to carry out a lot of research. This is where forex software is useful as it only requires past data to e
  3. How do I buy cryptocurrency with FXB Trading ? Buying cryptocurrency with FXB is very easy. Simply follow the steps below:
  4. Technical and fundamental analysis Successful investors usually take an analytical approach when they invest in volatile markets such as the stock or foreign exchange market. For investment in the financial markets, two common strategies are used. These are known as technical and fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is a long-term investment strategy whereas technical analysis focuses on the short-term. In order to minimize risk, investors use technical and fundamental analysis techniques to assist them in making profitable investments. The two main analysis techniques are
  5. Historical Volatility Historical volatility reflects the past price movements of an underlying asset. Generally, this is calculated by determining the average deviation from the average price of a financial instrument in the given time period. Historical volatility is important because it helps to predict future price movements and estimate or calculate risk.
  6. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE Professional Bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading platform Buy cryptocurrencies with 20+ deposit options Improved liquidity Cold storage, theft and loss protection Excellent customer service
  7. The global debt problem There is a widespread global debt problem which was inevitable after paper money had been introduced. Almost every country in the world is in debt. Global debt Debt is a fascinating concept as governments need money in order to run countries. It’s an obvious fact that running a country costs a lot of money. Governments obtain money from the people they govern. Governments are not profitable entities, nor do they own profitable businesses or any other ways of earning money. This money is assigned as taxes, and it is the obligation of the citizen of a country
  8. Akun Cent (Micro) What is a Cent(Micro) Trading Account? A Cent Account has been designed for beginners that want to develop their knowledge, strategies and skills in a real trading environment. Cent accounts deal with only cents. Regardless of how much money is deposited, the balance will always be shown in cents. If you deposit 5 dollars, your account will have a balance of 500 cents. OPEN AN ACCOUNT Why Open a Cent Account? Fast and efficient access to the markets and live trading with a minimum deposit of $5. Ideal for beginners as it offers the opportunity to become fa
  9. Advantages of forex trading Forex refers to Foreign exchange markets. Forex is also represented by the symbol FX which is a familiar term among investors, bankers and stockbrokers across the world. The Foreign Exchange market is a global, decentralized market for the trading of currencies. Forex trading involves buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange market in order to make a profit. The principal participants in the forex market are major international banks. Financial centres around the world offer buyers and sellers a convenient platform for trading in currencies.
  10. Avoid the pitfalls of forex trading robots Forex trading robots have become a popular tool in the personal forex market. They’re often attractively priced and marketed as ‘Expert Advisors’ that can operate on the best trading platforms. However, an increasing number of traders are not happy with the purchase of their automated forex trading program. Sold on profits Anybody with a product to sell will focus on the product’s most attractive features to get you to buy it. That is especially true about automated trading products. Often, they’re presented as offering the path to financia
  11. Money Manager Benefits Our Money Managers enjoy so many great benefits and FXB Trading is a market leader when it comes to ultra competitive pricing, providing access to a deep pool of liquidity that ensures large orders are filled at the requested price and, most importantly, giving you the ability to fully customize your markups and fees, account leverage, and so on. Set your own trading conditions based on your trading preferences and philosophy. Calculate commissions and performance fees automatically. Enjoy easy withdrawals and deposits. Trade a full suite of tradable asset
  12. An introduction to order flow trading Order flow trading is a profitable form of trading. It provides professional and retail traders with information based benefits. Also, it offers step-by-step analysis of order flow in the form of charts that can be interpreted in a simple way. Order flow trading takes into account other forms of trading. The aim is to predict the prices of stocks through pending orders of other traders. In anticipation of prices, it is important to ensure that potential traders have large orders. The traders should be active market participants who have pending
  13. TRADING ACADEMY Earn While You Learn Master in-depth technical and fundamental analysis Receive trading insights from experts High probability dynamic trading signals
  14. TRADING ACADEMY Earn While You Learn Master in-depth technical and fundamental analysis Receive trading insights from experts High probability dynamic trading signals
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