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  1. iammanisha

    what is rich card?
  2. iammanisha

    what is the use of google analytics?
  3. what do you mean by google knowledge graph?
  4. iammanisha

    what is domain extension?
  5. iammanisha

    is baidu browser is good for seo?
  6. why it is important to have fresh and unique content in website?
  7. iammanisha

    wideo, powtoon, viewbix,filmora are some video marketing tools and software.
  8. iammanisha

    google webmaster keyword planner google analytics google trend moz local listing score
  9. iammanisha

    bitcoin is a digital currency which is used for online payment.
  10. what is the value of one bitcoin in indian rupees?
  11. what are the best keyword research tools for finding traffic generating keywords?
  12. what is the benefit of keywords?
  13. How can i add an affiliate link into my website?
  14. iammanisha

    install latest version of magento then go to system-> configuration ->web ->search engine optimization in url option set " add store code for urls" to no. In "search engine optimization" Menu set "server url rewrites" to yes to remove index.php. Go to system ->config ->design->html head, change "default robots" setting to "index follow" in the default title and description boxes write the description and title you want. for learning more go to wamda .com
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