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  1. Link Juice is very popular term used in SEO. Link juice flows through inbound links. Link juice can be refereed to the value, relevance, authority that a given link transmits to another page it is linking to.
  2. Google spider is a algorithm provided by Google to crawl your webpages.
  3. Best Off Page SEO Techniques are: Guest posting Microblogging Infographics Submission Blog Submission Video Submission PPT & PDF Submission Forum posting Web 2.0 Submission Social Media sharing
  4. Personal Branding, Content Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Social Media Marketing Email marketing Maintain a blog with unique and relevant content.
  5. Increase page rank of your website Increase huge amount of traffic of your website and blog. Cost effectiveness Brand awareness Increase site usability.
  6. Reverse SEO is the process of removing websites other than your own from the first page of Google. Reverse SEO is trying to decrease the website's ranking on search engine ranking page. It is Black Hat SEO technique.
  7. Domain Authority is the measure of the power of a domain and is one of many search engine ranking factors Domain Authority is a metric that can be used to understand how Google's Algorithms rank you based on your authority or credibility on the web.
  8. SEO Tools are: Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster Tools Copyscape, SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Alexa ranking.
  9. Keyword streaming is a process of analysing relevant keywords & choose the best keyword for your website in order to get better organic traffic. Adding suffix and prefix to any particular keyword and making it long tail keyword to get better ranking on SERP.
  10. Best SEO Tools are Google Analytics Google Keyword Planner Google Webmaster Tool Small SEO Tools Open Site Explorer SEMrush
  11. CTR stands for Click Through Rate. CTR is the ratio of the users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view page. The purpose of CTR is to measure the number of impressions on a online ads. Basically CTR is used to measure the success of online advertisement.
  12. Latest SEO Tools are: Google Pagespeed Insights Moz Local Listing Score Keywordtool.io Google Keyword Planner Google Webmaster Google Analytics Open site explorer Google trends
  13. Web design is the art of creating different types of web pages. Website Design is the process of creating websites. Web design defines the structure of a Web Page promotion which involves different types of work for building or creating a website using different tools of the software which help is creating a website. Web Development is also called as website development. This process includes web design, web content development, web programming, and database management. Web development includes different types of web content creation.
  14. Best Bookmarking sites are del.cio.us, pinterest, scoop, diigo, reddit, stumbleupon, fanpop
  15. Basic SEO Tips are: 1. Find the relevant keyword, 2. Speed up website, 3. Competitor Analysis, 4. Create Unique & shareable content, 5. Optimize your Title & Meta Tags, 6. Image optimization, 7. Link building