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  1. The best way to trade in Forex market is first learning then earn. Without acquiring good trading knowledge, you cannot trade profitably. But most of the new traders are not willing to learn and as a result they fail to reach the goal. TP Global FX is the best broker in my sense and they help me to learn properly. They have best academic facility that helps the new or pro traders to complete their learning.
  2. Demo account is the practical learning session given by the Forex brokers. And I really appreciate this. In my trading life I also used the demo account to learn trading. TP Global FX is the best broker to use the demo account which I get. For six months I practice on their demo account where they arrange all types of real trading tools to offer their clients. Then I start real trading with their standard account.
  3. I select TP Global FX the trustworthy broker I ever seen. To make good profit in early period they give me higher leverage that is 1:500. In this market few brokers give their client high leverage. Besides of this I also have risk management policies from this reliable broker that help me to control or reduce my trading loss. That’s how I can balance on my trading. In Forex trading by using the leverage a trader can make money without investing money as it is kind a loan from the broker. To making money it is very useful trading tool. But a trader should use it as per his trading risk taking capability. I always prefer the higher leverage that always brings profit in a short time easily.
  4. By using the higher trading leverage in Forex market traders are earning good amount of money easily. From all trading tools in this largest decentralized market leverage is best to earn good money rapidly but the high leverage contains high risk. I prefer the high trading leverage that is why I choose TP Global FX trading broker for my trading. They allow the higher trading leverage that is 1:500. Now I am earning huge money.
  5. Breakout trading is one of the most profitable trading strategies in the forex market. It is a long-term trading strategy. Traders aim for high profit in this kind of trading strategy. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is one of the best trading indicators for this kind of trading strategy. The trader often aims for a 1:3 or 1:5 risk-reward ratio. I also use trailing SL for breakouts which my broker TP Global FX executes perfectly.
  6. The indicator is essential in terms of technical analysis in the forex market. There are lots of indicators in the market. But, moving average is my favorite indictor and most used indicator in the market. Moving averages are usually to identify the trend direction or to find support and resistance levels. However, my broker TP Global FX provide me all kinds of necessary tools and indicators for the market.
  7. All traders are human. So, the mistake is common in trading. Especially new traders make more mistakes in the market. Such as, trade without a proper plan, don’t follow risk and money management strategy, depend solely on technical or fundamental analysis, never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, and many more. I learned all of that from my broker TP Global FX.
  8. Forex is an online trading market. It became more popular after the COVID-19 lockdown. People are looking for earning sources online. Forex is the best option they get. It is also easy to start. It opens 24hour a day and 5 days a week. So, traders can trade anytime they want. Traders just need a broker and little capital to start. I recommend a regulated broker called TP Global FX as I am trading with them for 2 years.
  9. Traders need a platform to analyze and trade in the online market which brokers offer to their traders. MT4 and MT5 are the most popular trading platform in the world. Most brokers offer the platform. My broker TP Global FX also offers both platforms. MT4 trading platform is best for forex trading and the MT5 platform is best for other trading products than forex.
  10. There are so many brokers in the forex market. Some are good and some are fake. Every trader wants to choose the best broker from the market. But it is not an easy job. The brokers who give low spreads, high leverage, 24 hours customer service, easy withdraw process, versatile trading techniques are generally known as good brokers. I am currently trading with TP Global FX. I choose them because they have all that qualities which made them good broker. Their trading techniques are so easy. This broker is always with me like a shadow.
  11. To become a successful trader, a new trader needs to learn basics of forex market. Trading is not an easy task, we all know that. When I started my trading career, I had no knowledge about forex. I learn the basics by creating a demo account of TP Global FX. They are really good for new trader. Their techniques and trading policy is very easy. My advice to the new traders is if they want to become a successful trader they need to know all the techniques of trading and a demo account can help them on that.
  12. Many people wants to learn forex trading. But to know about forex is not an easy thing. If anyone wants to learn about forex, TP Global FX will be the best option for him. In there, he can learn about spreads, leverage, withdrawn process, trading techniques, Scalping and many more things. I learn forex from them. It is quite easy to learn for the new traders.
  13. According to me, forex trading is profitable enough to be a worthy career choice for those who wants to earn money sitting at home. There are so many people who earn lots of money through forex market. It needs to know some basic techniques and a good broker. Techniques help you to decide where to invest and how much. On the other side good broker suggest or advice you what is good for you to make profit. I use TP Global FX as my broker. they help me to make decision about my trading.
  14. Education is must for forex trading. without any knowledge it is very risky to invest in forex market. besides traders have faced a lot obstacles during trade. trader can get education by opening a demo account, where he can trade without any risk. I am also using a demo account of TP Global FX to know about the forex market. It helps me to gain knowledge about forex.
  15. Scam exists in every sector. Forex is an online-based trading market. So, scams exit significantly in the forex market. Most of the time unregulated brokers involve in scam activities in the forex market. They steal trader’s money, manipulate traders' trade, and many more. So, it is wise to trade with a regulated broker. That’s why I am trading TP Global FX which is a regulated and licensed broker in the market.

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