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  1. Traders have to visualize themselves performing perfectly first. Visualization techniques are used by elite athletes and traders alike. For example, an Olympic shooter might visualize herself firing each shot with surgical precision. If they follow this step, even an inexperienced trader can trade with confidence. My broker AAFX has set out to spearhead the evolution of online Forex trading in over 65 countries, helping this asset-class to become more accessible to the traders.
  2. Bear volatile market types can be identified by the large candles trading outside of the Bollinger band. Similar to the bull volatile market type, the bear volatile is a difficult market type for entries. But if traders do find themselves in one, as they often will, then keep their stops tight to guard against the reversal. My broker AAFX technology unifies dark pools and is designed to deliver unparalleled depth of market to the retail Forex trader.
  3. My preference is for a swing trading or positional approach to the market. Utilizing longer term trends, key support and resistances as well as moving averages. It's the style of interpreting the markets that I have built up over five years. It's what I feel familiar with and what works for me. I am trading with AAFX and it gives me absolute commitment to customer satisfaction and execution policy.
  4. Though, traders shouldn’t forget that positions held for longer than a business day attract financing charges which can add up. That’s one reason why day trading is popular in Forex markets. In going home flat every night, traders don't incur those financing charges or have to worry about overnight exposure and price movements. Beside Forex I can trade government bonds at AAFX with low margin requirements while capitalizing on the security and stability of government treasuries.
  5. Trading instruments usually retrace the previous day’s trades. The most popular retracement is the Fibonacci retracement indicator which is a chart tool used to determine the support and resistance levels of an instrument. Though many brokers do not allow placing stop and limit orders close to market prices, but my broker AAFX allows me to do just that at my vip account. So stop and limit levels for vip account users are zero.
  6. Inflation reduces the value of a currency and the rate of inflation should be reasonable since it occurs in every country. Economic events affecting trade trends involve supply and demand in global trade. I use both fundamental and technical analysis in Forex market. I am trading with AAFX. It provides me with high end trading instruments, such as over 60 currency pairs, crude oil and a wide range of stock indices. I can choose whatever I like to trade.
  7. The spot Forex market is unique among the world financial markets in that it's open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Trading hours may vary with daylight savings time. There are lots of opportunities to trade in Forex market. I am trading with AAFX. They are providing fixed accounts and ecn accounts for beginners who want to trade commission free and for more experienced traders who want professional advantage.
  8. Swap in Forex is the interest rate earned or paid for holding a currency pair overnight. Each Forex trade is an act of buying and selling of two currencies. Each currency has an interest rate associated with it. When holding the pair overnight, the difference between the two interest rates is paid or received by the trader. My broker AAFX provides me swap free account with multiple features on their account.
  9. Risk management techniques should be an integral part of Forex trading strategy. Traders have to use stop losses, especially in the beginning when it is more difficult to practice strict discipline. Proper place of stop loss is the key to success in Forex market. I am trading with AAFX which give me fast execution speed and they execute my stop loss at my desirable price.
  10. The margin in Forex is the deposit needed with the broker to open a trade with a greater value. The percent margin depends on the leverage the trader uses. Trader can place a margin range from 0.2%–100% the value of the full trade. I am trading with AAFX. I am trading on an mt4 with no re-quotes, no rejections with flexible leverage ranging from 1:1 – to 2000:1.
  11. Forex trading is essentially the act of buying one currency and selling another within the same transaction, with the main intent of speculation. Currencies fluctuate in value, they both rise appreciate and fall depreciate against each other because of economical and geopolitical factors that affect their country of origin. I am trading with a broker called AAFX. They are giving me best trading environment along with best trading tools.
  12. You will definitely not achieve good results if you think of Forex as an easy way to earn some money. Trading is a serious tough work and requires permanent learning. Remember this basic statement, which must be learnt by any new trader. I am trading for 3 years along with my broker AAFX. They are giving me perfect trading environment which is very essential for any kind of trader in Forex market.
  13. There are two types of broker in Forex market. They are dealing desk and no dealing desk. I am trading with a non dealing desk broker called AAFX. It has established itself as a major player in the online financial field, with a proven track record of positive customer satisfaction. Their key responsibility to offer top notch services to all their traders. I can trade in peace, knowing I am in good hands.
  14. Trading Forex with real money isn’t a game. You were extremely profitable on the demo account and if you stick to your guns and trade the same strategy you will come back. In fact, if you’re trading with a positive risk to reward ratio you’ll be back at breakeven on your next trade and in profit on the one after that. My broker AAFX is offering competitive pricing from 0.0 pips, top-tier liquidity providers, lightning fast execution etc.
  15. Forex market analysis is very important to success. It comes in two distinct forms; technical and fundamental analysis. The efficacy of both technical and fundamental analysis is also disputed by what is referred to as the efficient market hypothesis, which states that market prices are essentially unpredictable. I am trading with AAFX. It has gathered together a team of knowledgeable specialists to provide any assistance new, or experienced traders require to advice on issues concerning trading platform configuration.