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  1. There is no doubt about the fact that forex market is the largest currency market in the world. Forex market is providing numerous opportunities for trading. Both the institutional investors and retail traders all can engage in successful trading they are knowledgeable and expert about the forex trading. That’s why I am always in a thirst of learning more and more about forex trading and my broker AAFX is helping me in this learning process.
  2. Broker selection is one of the most important facts to become successful in trading at this moment as we have almost thousands types of brokers in this market. And most important factor is most of them are either scam or fraud. That’s why a trader has to find his with proper inspection and wisdom. I picked AAFX for my trading. This broker is regulated and ensures our trading account. I got 1 pip fixed spread rate from this broker.
  3. Sometimes traders lose hope and faith on themselves on the face of high competition and significant losses. I will say it can be some unfortunate events and it can be happened in everyone’s life. There are many tournaments where Shachin Tendulkar also made no score. So have faith in our skills and capabilities and don’t lose hope. I am working with a good trading platform AAFX and it motivates me always to do better and better.
  4. If you really want to trade on online trading platform I can suggest you to join forex market rather than stock exchange. I am not neglecting the importance of stock exchange but forex market is more popular and profitable. I used trade in stock exchange now I am trading in forex market with AAFX broker. Forex market has great advantages. If you can manage to find a good regulated broker for your trading you can sure earn more than stock exchange.
  5. At first please don’t take my words in personal way. It is not a place of essay writing. It’s a forex forum; we traders discuss their experience, review about brokers, trading strategies, etc. If you are asking some suggestion about forex market then we all will help you. Like I am working with a regulated platform AAFX since 2016 and it is providing me low and fixed 1 pip spread, high leverage of 1:2000, good bonus, etc.
  6. As it very common that in day to day life we become depressed. Some bad moments come in the life. I am a trader in the forex market. Even in some hard moments of forex trading and in the face of losses I felt depressed. In that moment, AAFX provided me a mental support and guidelines so that as a trader I can overcome this face of hardship. And it is also providing free trend analysis, training and systematic guidelines to all customers.
  7. As a beginner scalping might look profitable but if you really want to make great profit then long term trading is incomparable. Scalping trading makes us very few pips where long term trading can make you more than 50 or even 100 pips in one trade. I am not against scalping but I find long term trading more prolific. My broker AAFX allows scalping and I trade scalping when I don’t find any specific long tern trade set up. It gives me 1 pip fixed spread rate.
  8. In today digitization era, perhaps our morning starts with the news around the world. And now we don’t have to read newspaper. The first thing that I do usually when I am in online is I am reading financial newspapers online so that as a forex trader can update myself with the major changes in the economy and currencies’ value in the global economy. I also communicate regularly with my broker AAFX so that we can take major decisions about our trading.
  9. Binary options or sometimes named as digital options offer opportunities to earn money from the prediction of price movement in the currency value. The more you are close to your prediction, the better chances that you will earn money. However, it is not safe to use binary options if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about price movements. that why I am preferring forex trading with my broker AAFX as it is providing me low and fixed 1 pip spread, high leverage of 1:2000, 24/7 trading facilities to make trading smooth.
  10. Generally in a binary option trading, trader will have to make prediction about the price of currency pairs. If the prediction is wrong, he has to bear losses. And fortunately if the prediction is right, then he will enjoy the profit. That’s why we prefer forex trading instead of binary trading. I am working with a regulated broker AAFX for my trading in forex market as it is providing me low and fixed 1 pip spread, high leverage of 1:2000, etc.
  11. Spread is the difference between the ask price and bid price of a currency pair. For scalper the lower spread, the better because scalping is a short term strategy focuses on short time investment horizon and trader wants to earn moderate profit at each trade. To earn moderate profit it is necessary to have low spread as it will incur lower costs to trader. As a scalper I am working with AAFX as it is providing me low and fixed 1 pip spread.
  12. One of the greatest advantages of forex market is that due to its virtual nature we can engage in business from anywhere around the global. This global 24 hour currency market offers us numerous opportunities to trade from home or office, day or night, whenever we want. I am working from my home after all my classes are completed at night. I am working with a regulated broker AAFX since it is providing me low and fixed 1 pip spread, high leverage of 1:2000.
  13. Who is my best companion in forex market? I will definitely say my broker AAFX. Because I believe in this volatile market we traders must require some sorts of systematic guidelines, knowledge, and support from an experienced body. So we can more effectively working with a broker than working by ourselves. After discussing with my trader friends, I have selected AAFX because it is providing me low and fixed spread, high leverage, and usable bonus.
  14. It is true that now a days, government of many countries are in debt position especially who are in deficit position. And now a days; global debt pyramid and leverage are taking high position in the world economy. As pro trader in the forex market I have seen traders, investors, banks of different countries to trade here using debt. But still I don’t face any problems in trade execution as I am working with an experienced regulated broker AAFX.
  15. Trading requires in the forex market a good deal of knowledge, proper skills and training. I am working with a regulated platform AAFX and I believe how many trading tools you are basically using are not that important. What is important is how you are using your money with proper skills and techniques and by crafting an appropriate strategy. For example, I am as a mid -level trader always prefer scalping, EA trading etc.