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  1. Broker is a medium for trader to trade in forex market. Forex is a market of exchanging currencies. For that most of the traders need a platform to perform in this trading business. Broker is the one who provides this facility to trader. So you need to know about forex broker so that we can pick a good broker. There are two types of broker in this market basically. One is dealing desk and another in non-dealing desk broker. I trade with market maker broker named AAFX. It ensure my every comfort I need for trading.
  2. I am not denying the fact that you can certainly make a lot of money from binary option. But it is very risky trading method. And you can not control it. Binary trading is one kind of gambling. It depends mostly on luck. You should put your investment on such business which is dependent on luck. That’s why I like to trader forex trading. For that I choose AAFX broker. In my opinion binary trader should shift their investment
  3. I like to trade in forex market because of some facilities that no other business provides to their clients. Leverage is one of them. A small investor like me can make more profit form this business using this power. Leverage gives us the power to handle more investment than what we invested in this market. I got 1:1000 leverage from AAFX. It makes my investment 1000 times bigger. Isn’t it a great advantage?
  4. Forex is a life changing business according to me. It changes my life goal. You can easily change your with forex trading. By doing forex trading you can earn a lot of money. But don’t take it very easily. Forex trading is not as simple as many people think of. You will need many research and education for that. Broker can also help you if you a right one for your trading. I have selected AAFX for my trading as this broker gives me 30% deposit bonus and many more facilities.
  5. For me bonuses are not that important for real trading. Yes it is always good to have more investment. Bonuses are like cherry on the top in our main investment. But most of the time trader could not use this because of broker rules and conditions. But when I invested in AAFX fixed account 3 years ago it gave me 30% deposit bonus and surprisingly those are usable. It boosted my investment a bit.
  6. Scalping is one of the famous trading strategies in forex. You can have very few profit margins from this trading method. Traders take orders in this trading technique for short while. I am not a scalper basically. I like to do day trading. But when I could not find any good set up I do scalping. Luckily my AAFX broker support scalping concepts. It has low spread rate. This is the reason I can make the most of it from scalping trading.
  7. You might have your own reason to trade with your broker. But can challenge you that my broker is better. I invested my money into AAFX’s fixed account. From this account I get 2 pip fixed spread on major pairs, which is remarkable. I use 1:1000 leverage in this account. This broker has very good execution system. Moreover you are news trader this broker is perfectly suitable for you as it has less amount of re quotes and slippage problem.
  8. I always believe success will come by hard work and discipline. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. I don’t believe in any magic or secret in forex trading. I like to trade manually and earn with my own trading skill. As a professional I refuse to take 500 pips in one day than 100 pips every day. I got my forex basic from my broker AAFX. This really makes my skill more improved.
  9. I used have re quotes with my previous broker when I tried news trading. This is very annoying and harmful for trading. When market is ranging very quickly you can face re quotes while taking order. But luckily I shifted my investment to AAFX. This is one of the finest according to execution system. This broker provides an upgraded MT4. It takes every order instantly. I never face slippage and re quotes in this platform for last one year.
  10. Spread is one kind of commission we have to give to our broker for every single trade we take in their platform. Spread always has a big impact in trading. The difference between ask and bid is mentioned as spread. I am a scalper. And for me spreads amount means a lot. I trade with AAFX. This is by far best broker for spread amount. This broker provides 2 pip fixed spread on major pairs.
  11. Professional trader is not that one who get thousands or millions in one trade, the one who keeps consistency in taking profit and maintain his winning ratio high at the end of the month is called professional trader. Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional. I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesn’t like to miss or lose. For this my broker AAFX helps me a lot by giving me rebate system.
  12. If you have to eat burger every morning for breakfast no matter how much you love burger you will feel boring. We always need variety and challenges in our life. It keeps our interest for living. Forex is such kind of business where you will never feel any kind of boredom. This is a market of unpredictability. Every day you will face a new kind of challenges here, for facing the challenge I use AAFX as my partner. This gives me 30% usable bonus on my every deposit.
  13. My broker name is AAFX trading. This is very exceptional broker. They always try to keep their promises what they committed to their trader. This is a regulated broker licensed by FCA. It has a very good reputation for its customer care service. And most comforting fact is their money transaction system is very lethal and almost never got into trouble for withdrawing money from this system. it got many other facilities like low spread, high leverage etc.
  14. I am full time trader who trade for livings. I have 5k investment in AAFX broker. Every day I start my trading with a target. Mostly I target 100 pips. But everyone knows that forex market is not certain business where you can always make profit. For that we have to maintain our lose limit. For that I make risk management. I am patient trader. I always try to trade less and earn more. I always try to ignore news trading and over trading
  15. The forex market is the market par excellence for fundamental analysis. Since currencies are the basic building blocks of all economic activity, all the developments in all the various sectors of an economy have implications for currency market trend. Before buying or selling any currency you should follow fundamental news and central bank statistics regarding that pair. This could help to take any order. I got every News and notice about any currency when updated from by broker helps me a lot.

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