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  1. 95% of all traders consistently lose money because they do not follow the basics rules of forex trading. They do not have any rule to follow. It means they are not disciplined. They do not follow any risk management rules properly. They open position by impulse. Even by using every indicator, being a technical or fundamental analyst, no one get success unless he or she has control over himself. Currently I'm trading with TP Global FX. It is an ECN broker having ultra low spreads starting from 0.0.01 pips. The minimum deposit of the broker is 50$.
  2. Trading is risky. That's why Managing risk is very important for maximizing profit. I risk 2% of my capital for each trade. Similarly, the most silly introduction to risk is 4%. It proposes I open most crazy of 2 trades. I figure everyone should keep up their hazard association rules. Without overseeing risk in trading entire arrangement achievement is farfetched. Choosing a good broker is also important. I am trading with TP Global FX that provides amazing trading facilities. It's a fully licensed and regulated broker with super fast execution.
  3. A good broker or reliable broker is the most important thing for a trader. Without a reliable broker, you can't earn profits from the forex market. A good broker helps a lot to earn maximum profits from the forex market. After much research, I found a reliable broker TP Global FX. They are very reliable. They never make disappointment to their client. I would easily suggest this broker if anyone looking for a reliable one. They are very supportive and helpful.
  4. Trade with high forex knowledge is very important. Without forex knowledge, you can't earn profits from the forex market. If you gain strong knowledge about forex then you can earn a lot of profits from the forex market. I always try to trade with my high forex knowledge. My broker TP Global FX helps me a lot. They never make disappointment to their client. I would easily suggest this broker if anyone looking for a reliable one.
  5. Forex trading can do anyone if they have proper knowledge about forex. Forex is the most famous and profitable business in the world. A reliable broker Is very important for a trader. A reliable broker always provides a hundred percent secure investment. If you choose a reliable broker then you will get a secure and easiest way to invest. I trade with TP Global FX. They are a very reliable broker. They never make disappointment to their client. They are one of the best brokers I have ever worked.
  6. Never trust a broker who have attractive facilities but don’t have trading license or regulation. Because Forex trading is profitable but the number of scam brokers are increasing in a high speed. Finding the right broker that’s why is very tough. But luckily, I got TP Global FX broker who is very famous for providing secured trading facilities. As a regulated and licensed broker, they have higher security of funds and investments in their platform.
  7. By using the higher trading leverage in Forex market traders are earning good amount of money easily. From all trading tools in this largest decentralized market leverage is best to earn good money rapidly but the high leverage contains high risk. I prefer the high trading leverage that is why I choose TP Global FX trading broker for my trading. They allow the higher trading leverage that is 1:500. Now I am earning huge money.
  8. Trading education is must for each and every Forex trader. If you are new then start learning at the demo account which is free from all cost and loss. Moreover, the demo account gives best knowledge about Forex market. At TP Global FX broker I have tried their demo trading account, where I have spent six months in learning trading practically. They give extra ordinary and exceptional learning courses for their beginners.
  9. The best way to trade in Forex market is first learning then earn. Without acquiring good trading knowledge, you cannot trade profitably. But most of the new traders are not willing to learn and as a result they fail to reach the goal. TP Global FX is the best broker in my sense and they help me to learn properly. They have best academic facility that helps the new or pro traders to complete their learning.
  10. Today Forex trading is the biggest economic market in whole around the world and people get various facilities from this market that has made this business much famous. From among business Forex trading is much profitable. My trading broker is TP Global FX that is very reliable broker. For their traders they give – daily trade news, events, data, economic calendar, market alert and alarm system, Dow Jones News and reports etc. in their platforms.
  11. Without TP Global FX broker I have never traded with any other brokers till the long journey in my trading. This is the best broker and offer complete package of trading facilities. By their good support now I have become a knowledgeable trader. They give – high trading leverage, narrow spread, various trading indicators, smart bridge of technology, one account, multiple trading facility, 50 plus currency pairs, secured trading funds and many other.
  12. To become a successful trader, a new trader needs to learn basics of forex market. Trading is not an easy task, we all know that. When I started my trading career, I had no knowledge about forex. I learn the basics by creating a demo account of TP Global FX. They are really good for new trader. Their techniques and trading policy is very easy. My advice to the new traders is if they want to become a successful trader they need to know all the techniques of trading and a demo account can help them on that.
  13. I think before using high leverage for making maximum profit, new traders should try this in a demo account, what i did. It will help them to understand about the good side and bad side of high leverage. I use TP Global FX. in there demo account they give facility to any trader to set any leverage and trade risk free. Traders can easily trade with their demo account because it is easy to use.
  14. Learning forex trading is a dream of many people. But they don't know how to learn forex trading. I also faced that problem. Than i heard about demo account. I opened a demo account in TP Global FX. It helped me to get knowledge about basics of forex trading. they helped me so much to become what i am now. It is quite helpful to learn forex trading by a demo account.
  15. Many people wants to learn forex trading. But to know about forex is not an easy thing. If anyone wants to learn about forex, TP Global FX will be the best option for him. In there, he can learn about spreads, leverage, withdrawn process, trading techniques, Scalping and many more things. I learn forex from them. It is quite easy to learn for the new traders.

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