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  1. Ross Edwards

    The choice of the right broker is huge and it is something that will have a whale of a great effect. I am blessed on this note that I am managing with brokers like AAFX who are generally exceptionally unique for all estimates and have also been genuine. It is a pleasure to work with them as I can work without lifting a finger and not think about anything while there are more than 200 tools to choose from and we can even use equipment.
  2. Ross Edwards

    Most traders imagine they have all the knowledge on how to make money in forex - however it is still important that you get the most ideal Forex trading training. This is due to the fact that the market is constantly changing and trading skills can simply be moved forward. Also, to learn the best, you need the best resources and educational support. I am trading with AAFX, which is a regulated broker. They provide a 30% deposit bonus along with other trading facilities.
  3. Ross Edwards

    Robots for Forex trading are made by a programmer based on a certain strategy. And there is no strategy that works in all kinds of markets. You have to update your strategy according to the market situation. When you use someone else's robot, you are blindly following someone. The robot is good if you can do it yourself as I do. There is another problem, not all brokers allow the use of the robot. But I can use my robot with AAFX because they allow trading with robots.
  4. Ross Edwards

    There are many advantages in forex trading. With the simple internet connection and the PC you can trade from your bed. From Monday morning opening in Australia to night closing in New York, the forex market never stops. In forex trading, a small deposit can start trading. Leverage gives the trader the ability to trade for a small amount. I am trading forex from home with AAFX. The broker's account manager supports me a lot in my learning and trading.
  5. Ross Edwards

    Forex is for interesting people. You can't win in forex to be irritable. Especially relaxation will be really necessary for all traders because trading is a very stressful activity. When I started trading in the forex market, I didn't really know the different aspects of the market. So, I suffered a lot of losses, which was consuming my savings. In the end, about to stop, I found AAFX. The documents and educational tools available on this site helped me a lot.
  6. Ross Edwards

    Winning and losing is an integral part of a company. Also, in an efficient exchange is more obvious. To calculate the P & L of a position, what is required is the measurement of the position and the number of pips that the cost has shifted. The real advantage or mishap would be the extended position measurement from the progression of the pip. I trade with the broker AAFX. It is a main broker with adequate liquidity.
  7. Ross Edwards

    There are two types of brokers in the forex market. One is the trading desk and one is a non-trading desk. The trading broker executes the request with a new quote and a dismissal. This is irritating to a trader. That is why I choose a non-trading broker called AAFX. It quickly executes my request without re-quotation and dismissal. Those are the most basic thing for my scalping. They are also giving me an account with reduced spreads, swaps and free commissions and more.
  8. Ross Edwards

    The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) is a general decentralized or over the counter (OTC) market for trading money-related indicators. This joins all parties to obtain, offer and exchange money related indicators at introduced or withdrawn costs. For the volume of degree trades, it is by far the best market on the planet, driven by the credit market. To do business here you need a good broker like AAFX. It provides all trading facilities to its clients.
  9. Ross Edwards

    The forex market is not directly affected by financial downturns as a subsidence. This is not at all similar to the stock market, the forex exchanges groups of currencies of two nations. If a trader understands the key differences, I think market drivers will not influence their trades. I am with AAFX, I always try to understand the factors before proceeding. I'm doing well with the ups and downs of the market because I now receive 30% tradable bonus from my broker.
  10. Ross Edwards

    There are many brokers in the forex market. But for me AAFX is the best and the best broker I have ever traded with. They give all the facilities to their clients so that they can trade well. This broker is very favorable. They are very concerned about the comfort of their clients. This broker is very reliable. They provide 100% fund security, easy withdrawal, 30% deposit bonus and many more.
  11. we must choose a regulated trading broker that ensures the best trading environment for all time to acquire the right trading knowledge by providing real educational facilities. Due to slow movements since my first day of trading I used the EURUSD pair which is considered a low currency in this market. And, my AAFX trading broker always ensures that the currency pair at 50 up with metal, gold, indices and CFDs. So, my trading capacity is growing very rapidly.
  12. Leverage is an important financial instrument that we select based on our trading experience. In my trading career, I always like to trade with high leverage to make profits very quickly. That's why I chose AAFX trading broker thanks to the 1: 2000 leverage that I can use all the time with just one trading spread lower than a single pip.
  13. I always try to trade with my trading experience, which I gained by spending a lot of time with the support of my AAFX trading broker. In fact, I have chosen this regulated ECN trading broker due to exclusive educational facilities that are very useful for being a competent trader quickly. But, sometimes I like to trade with my ego to see how it works.
  14. We traders, especially newcomers, try to earn money without learning. Leverage is an important financial instrument that allows an investor to increase his market exposure to a level that exceeds the initial investment. In my trading career, I chose AAFX trading brokers thanks to the 1: 2000 leverage that I am able to use all the time with just one pip of lower trading spreads.
  15. Scalping from all trading strategies is considered to be the most useful and profitable trading policy, especially for beginners. In my trading career, I chose AAFX trading brokers to use the scalping policy in the right way. Because, by providing only one pip minimum trading to spread this ECN trading broker all the time, ensure the best trading environment scalping.