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  1. AAFX is the broker I am dealing with. They have adequate CFD and SP support for their trader. Their trading platform is suitable and comfortable for any type of trader with its advanced trading features. As a trader I have a leverage of 1:2000 with proper risk management, tight trading spreads and a wide range of trading bonuses. Because their trading platform is regulated, I enjoyed the full bonus amount.
  2. Forex is definitely a big challenge. When I lose all my hopes of coming to forex. I took on the challenge of how to do or die. Considering it as a part-time might not be profitable, I took it as my main source of income. I take AAFX's MT4 trading platform as the best regulated trading broker on the market. They have 24 hours of multilingual support. They also support stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, indices, etc.
  3. The MT4 trading platform is the abbreviated form of Meta Trader 4. Most traders in the forex market use this electronic trading platform. It helps a trader trade through their android, iphone or ipad. I am also using a AAFX MT4 trading platform. Their trading platform has full technical support for their trader with over 2100 trading tools and 50 support for currency pairs. The trader will also appreciate tight spreads and leverage 1:2000.
  4. To get good results in forex, business traders have to maintain their patience and have to do a lot of hard work. The trader also needs a solid trading platform through which he will get the most accurate trading indicators. For my forex business I am taking support from a regulated trading broker AAFX. It's the latest market news, charts and the supplier of quotes. All these things are the most authentic as they are based on streaming the market in real time.
  5. The result of modern digitization in forex is that there are now digital currency investments in forex. Which is known as crypto currency. Because it is called digital because this currency is traded online. AAFX I trusted to do this online business. I can say that it is really my good choice to get them as a trading partner. There are several crypto currencies in the forex market. Bitcoin was the popular digital currency, but now many other digital currencies are becoming popular.
  6. It is a very simple way to earn money from forex. The trader who is doing forex business basically make money by buying or selling or trading money in the forex market. Now, as the profit made by this currency exchange. Basically the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the two currencies is the reason for the profit or loss. To make money I am using the ECN platform of AAFX.
  7. My broker AAFX provides me with 100% support for trading. They are very good for money and risk management. I have seen several risk management tools, for example, take profit, stop loss, margin level etc. In their MT4 trading platform. I also have from 1:2000 a leverage service. For me the risk management system is equally important besides the high volume of leverage and that is why this broker is very convenient for me.
  8. First of all because a market analysis is required. You need to understand the forex market correctly as the forex market is the most volatile market that even experienced traders cannot predict. Trade with AAFX and are regulated and supportive. A trader able to correctly evaluate the market will get the most success. And the evolution of the market is only possible through different analyses. There are several trading analyses. Among them technical and fundamental are more important.
  9. Basically widespread is the difference between asking and offering price in the foreign exchange industry. It is a commission that has been taken by the broker from its trader. That is why the provider of lower spread services is always useful for trading. Because these brokers have taken less from their trader and offer great profits. I got real ECN trading support from my AAFX trader. They have 30% deposit-based and welcome bonuses.
  10. The simple and easy way of effective trading varies from trader to trader. Some prefer bonus offers. Some like different strategies. Such as action on prices, trends, signals, etc., are the most common. But above all the forex broker is very important. Because without a credible broker like AAFX you can't apply anything. I am earning quite well and consistently with this broker. They have a micro lot investment structure that I used while I started my trading career.
  11. I have been trading with them for about 3 years. I like this broker. I can withdraw and deposit on the same day without any problems. They prove to me the daily and weekly technical analysis in my mailbox. I study Forex in my training course. They still provide me with new educational resources. I learn a lot from them. They also give me one-on-one coaching about Forex trading. I was lucky to have them.
  12. The loan arm is provided by the broker to its client. High leverage is effective, but deadly. It can blow up all your capital. I use a high leverage to 1: 2000, which was provided by my broker AAFX. I use it with proper risk management and money management. I start with a little capital in the Forex market. High leverage was very important to me. Now I am a successful trader in the Forex market.
  13. Forex is an online investment market some see as a business some consider as part of the time. I am a professional forex trader. Forex changes my life. I make a living by this. This is the most amazing and profitable trading market in the world. Now I'm trading AAFX. This is an adjustable and licensed broker in the Forex market. They give me the most amazing trading experience
  14. When traders simultaneously open a buy and sell order, this is called a hedge. The trader also uses it as a risk management strategy. The trader hedges to minimize losses in the Forex market. This type of trading strategy is not allowed by all types of brokers in the Forex market. But my broker AAFX allows all kinds of trading strategy in the Forex market. It is licensed and regulated by FCA .
  15. Forex broker provides a demo account for free so that a trader can easily practice the trade Forex is at high risk Every new trader must recognize this using a demo account Before opening a real account I used the AAFX demo account for several months. its trading strategy and enough practice, I start my way to Forex with great success.Every new trader should do the same thing that I do in the Forex market.