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  1. It feels really great when someone from same profession share same feeling about the market which you love too much. My life has also taken a huge turn when I decided to join forex 7 years ago. I struggled a lot for getting into position I am having right now. But my friend I am gonna tell you the secret behind my success which is my broker AAFX. A broker can surely change your whole trading fortune like my broker did.
  2. Undoubtedly forex is a highly competitive and risky market place where traders may face losses in many instances due to the changing environment of forex market as well as frequent changes in world economy. But when it comes to naïve traders the trading becomes much difficult since they lack proper trading skills. However, practicing demos for sufficient time, working with smaller amount, using stop loss, trail stop or take profit and trading with a reliable, trusted and regulated broker: all these can help new babies to engage in successful trading. When I was new entrant I did all the mentioned things and my broker was AAFX.
  3. I know that there are millions of brokers in the forex market which are extending their helping hands towards the customers in the forex market. And since this decentralized market has no specific regulatory authority it is up to the traders that they have to take proper precautionary measures to secure their funds. For this reason, I always prefer regulated trading platform and I am working with a reliable, trusted and regulated trading broker AAFX so that it can ensure me a high security of my funds through regulations.
  4. The reason behind that could be many. But I will mention some common ones. 1st one is lack of information. Some traders join this business just because the hype of this money making business without even knowing anything about the market as failed miserably due to lack of knowledge. Another common mistake is wrong broker selection. Wrong selection can harm any trader their whole account as I suffered it twice in my career. Now I am trading with AAFX which is very reliable and regulated. It offers me best security system of my account.
  5. Broker is the best support that helps a trader to work in a common trading floor so that all time he can get an opportunity to engage in successful trading. There are two basics forms of brokers: dealing desk and non-dealing desk broker. And my broker AAFX is a non-dealing broker and my greatest support on the forex market. Since it charges no commissions and provides me lowest zero spread which as a scalper I desire most.
  6. Broker is an essential stakeholder in any foreign currency trading which acts as an intermediary between the traders of a currency pair, i.e. buyer and seller of a currency pair. While selecting a broker, we have to give concentration on lowest spread and charges since as traders we will always require lower transaction cost as possible. I am working with a non-dealing desk broker AAFX and it is amking money from being my counter party in various trades and as a customer I am also receiving lowest costs and it charges no commissions. It is offering me lowest zero spread, 1:2000 high leverage and fastest trade execution.
  7. Hedging is now becoming a widely used risk management tools by the currency exchange traders. But while applying risk management techniques: especially in case of hedging traders will have to take drastic step since a trader takes simultaneous position on a currency pair in order to ensure a completely safe trading no matter in which direction price actually moves in the forex market. However all broker is not providing the opportunities to hedging. But I am fortunate that my broker AAFX is allowing me hedging so that I can minimize my risks of losing money.
  8. Forex is undoubtedly a good platform for any age group. But novice traders should keep in mind that without proper learning this market can become a greater challenge to exist. So trader should try to practice basic trading at first with the help of various demo trading accounts and acquire basic knowledge and get familiarity with the natures of forex market with proper utilization of diverse learning tools. When I was a new baby here, I practiced with the demo trading accounts of a regulated broker named AAFX and now I am trading with it since I am receiving lowest zero spread, 1:2000 high leverage and re-quote and slippage free timely trade executions all the time from it.
  9. Diverse trading facilities are provided by the currency exchange broker which can make a huge difference while selecting a broker. And among these trading facilities lowest spread, high leverage, fastest and timely trade executions, etc. are taking the major positions. And I am enjoying a high leverage of 1:2000 from my broker AAFX which is essentially showing my greater borrowing capacity from AAFX. And as a micro trader this high leverage is obviously an added advantage for me.
  10. A very well said. It is true that here we traders need to keep our aspiration and emotions in a balanced way otherwise it can be difficult for any trader to survive for a long period of time. Here greed, frustration, anger, etc. all can be regular emotions since forex is a zero sum game. With the proper utilization of money and emotions we have to ensure a good trading life. My broker AAFX is providing me lowest zero spread, 1:2000 leverage, 24 hour customer support and reliable environment so that I can ensure proper money management for myself and earn good money at the end.
  11. With the technological advances, various online currencies are developed which are exchanged via online networks since these virtual currencies have no physical existence. And with the use of digitized trading platform, Crypto currencies are now becoming popular day by day. And Bit-coin, Lore-coin, Etherum, Naga-coin, etc. all are various widely traded Crypto currencies now. My broker AAFX is also providing me BTC/USD pair so that all its prospective customers can get the opportunities to work with virtual currencies along with the conventional currencies.
  12. No one can expect good money without learning forex trading. Luck by chance, you can earn money from some trades but it resembles to gambling since there is no surety that you will earn money. Thereby it is imperative to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills about forex market and get familiarity with forex trading with the help of various learning tools like forex e-books, video tutorials and forex trainings and professional courses via demo trades. I have practiced with demo trading accounts of my broker AAFX for almost one year and it is a great help for me now since my broker AAFX was providing forex trainings and professional courses via demo trades.
  13. Forex is the largest currency market in the world which is also a decentralized market. This decentralized market is offering employment as well as entrepreneurship opportunities to millions of traders where they can trade from anywhere around the world. And we traders require a good deal of knowledge and skills about forex trading so that we can earn good money with proper technique and trading strategies. Thereby my broker AAFX is offering me a great opportunity to learn forex with the help of demo trades.
  14. Several considerations have been about the selection of appropriate broker. Thousands of threads yet new traders are not able to recognize that imaginary bonus offers are some tarps of scam brokers. Please try to evaluate your trading position and select the trading platform as per your trading requirements. For example: I have chosen a regulated broker AAFX since it is providing me lowest zero spread plus re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade execution which I am in need as a scalper.
  15. Forex is a virtual trading platform that is offering currency exchange trading to all age groups. No matter a trader is man/woman/a retired old person; everyone gets diverse opportunities here to earn good money. But without a reliable and regulated broker this journey can be difficult. My broker AAFX's support is making my journey easier since I am enjoying 24 hour customer support with lowest zero spread and a good leverage of 1:2000.