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  1. In Forex You can sell the currency pair in favor of another and get some profit. However, the other side of the coin is to incur an error of assessment, in a forecast of fluctuations in the wrong exchange rates or simply you can stumble across a number of unexpected and go to a loss. I can choice of fixed and variable spreads, choice of over 200 instruments and many more at AAFX.
  2. To trade Forex it is necessary that the investor has a computer, an Internet connection and has created a Forex account with funds to start trading. In order to start trading in the currency market, it is essential that the apprentice trader has reached the age of majority. Currently I am trading with AAFX’s VIP account which give me Ability to request other instruments, Tighter spreads, Swap free accounts, Zero commission and many more.
  3. Although the practice of virtual trading can help the inexperienced trader to practice and acquire the appropriate knowledge and then jump into the market itself, it is essential that you know all about the operation of Forex. The good choice of instruments and assets together with the impressive range of banking options and excellent customer support services make my broker AAFX an attractive option in Forex trading.
  4. Almost all traders prefer cover for their trading activities. It is the best risk management process. The use of trader hedging instruments may involve the risk of any movement in the price of currencies. However, coverage is possible with few brokers. Among them AAFX is one. They have not only hedging structures, but also they have over 200 trading instruments supported in their MT4 trading platform. The trader will get the swap free account.
  5. To ensure a successful business career it is very important to have a credible broker. The wrong and uncomfortable trading platform can ruin a trader's career. There are different style trading users in the forex and different types of trading brokers in the market. AAFX is my trading broker. As a scalper, their micro trading account suits me best. They also have three additional trading accounts. These are VIP, FIX and ECN accounts.
  6. Choosing a broker is a very difficult job for a trader especially for a new trader. Causes there are many traders already on the market. In addition, you will not know the broker well unless you use them. Using the demo platform of AAFX, I realize that they are comfortable and have started my forex trading with them. They have over 200 trading instruments, 50+ currency pairs, leverage 1:2000 and even USD 2 per referral.
  7. In the forex market, there are more than thousands of forex brokers. It is very difficult for a trader, especially novice traders, to get a credible one for their trading. My trading style is day trading and as a scalper I have chosen AAFX. This broker is a popular regulated trading broker and from this broker I get a spread of 0.2 pips, which is the tightest trading spread on the market. They are also very good for risk management with leverage 1:2000.
  8. Traders have difficulties in their trading life. If their trading life falls continuously, they may feel frustrated and disturb their trading skills. In order not to be frustrated, I am negotiating with AAFX. Using their comfortable trading environment, I never feel frustrated. Their trading platform is quite comfortable with over 200 trading instruments, over 50+ supports for currency pairs, 1: 2000 leverage scalping and hedging facility and a wide range of trading bonuses.
  9. Each trader must select his own broker for Forex trading. I guess there is not a single trader who has not passed his broker's selection. It is also a very crucial part of Forex trading. I have selected a regulated trading broker, AAFX for me. I get 24 hours of multi-lingual customer support with other financial trading facilities from this perfect broker. They have stocks, bonds, commodities, indices etc.
  10. There are many traders in the Forex industry. In addition, different types of brokers are there to serve them. But I am a scalper. Regulated trading broker and MT4 trading platform is suitable for scalpers. That is why I am trading with AAFX. Cause as a scalper I am getting the latest market news, charts and quotes from them. Using their MT4 trading platform I can also trade using my iPhone or iPad.
  11. MT4 and MT5 are two types of trading platforms, are seen in the Forex market, which is briefly known, as Meta trader 4 and Meta trader 5. Both trading platforms are good for trading Forex. However, I only used the MT4 trading platform. I am using the MT4 trading platform with AAFX and I am comfortable with this. Their business environment is very comfortable and secure for financing. They have all kinds of trading services including a wide range of trading bonuses.
  12. Although the Forex business is profitable, this business is highly risky. Traders only focus on opportunities to make money, but they should not ignore the risk factor. For safe and profitable trading, I am trading with AAFX. This broker provides 100% security of your dealer's fund. For risk management they have a micro-investment structure, 0 limit the withdrawal process, stop loss and fewer re-pricing or slippage issues that are of great help for secure Forex trading.
  13. There is no place for any unprofessional trader in the forex market. Cause forex is a highly competitive business. And to succeed here, traders must control their emotions that they only express if the trader is professional enough. AAFX helps me to be professional. They support me through their multilingual service for 24 hours. This regulated trading broker has a wide range of trading bonuses on investments such as 30% welcome and redeposit bonuses.
  14. I think Forex is the only place where traders get the opportunity to develop their trading skills through the demo-trading platform. The trader will not learn many trading terms unless they use the demo platform. I started my trading trip using the free AAFX’s demo account. It helps me develop my skills and gives me the opportunity to practice what I have learned. I am now using the MT4 trading platform.
  15. Bitcoin investment is the extra ordinary service of the Forex market. That is done through modern technological support. However, not all market intermediaries have a Bitcoin investment system. That is why I am trading with AAFX. Cause they are the best technology support for their dealer. From their MT4 trading platform I can trade from anywhere in the world. They also have a robotic Forex structure that helps to automatically stop-loss.