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  1. Before picking anyone of this I should explain the major differences of these systems. In day trading you have to put more effort than swing trading. Swing trading allows us to catch a long break. Day trading takes less risk and provides minimum profit margin than swing trading. Swing trading has relatively much bigger profit margin. I prefer swing trading. My broker AAFX helps me to do swing trading by giving me 1:2000 leverage as swing trading need bigger balance margin.
  2. Thank you for your informative topic. It gives me some very unique lesson which will definitely help me in my trading. I am new trader in this market and I invested in AAFX fixed account. It gives me 1:2000 leverage and 1 pip fixed spread on major pairs. I am currently a learner that’s why I use their free trade set which they provide every week. It also gave me 30% deposit bonus.
  3. There are many differences between retail trading and institutional trading. Retail trading means trading with small investment of a single person. Institution means a company. In retail trading traders use his own investment. But when it is about institution trading there must be investment of many people as it is a company. I am a retail trader. I trade with AAFX. This broker one of the best in this market. It gives fund security up to 20k.
  4. There are many types of forex study. Roaming in forums like this is also a forex study. I believe that video and e-books are the best options of study. You can have free video about basic forex on YouTube. And for best e-books I use my broker’s website. My broker’s name is AAFX. It provides free exclusive e-books to their client. It also gives me 30% bonus on my every deposit.
  5. As forex trader we must remember the facts of currencies like, exchange rates, interest rate, global economic conditions of several zones etc. These will definitely help us to make our decision o=in forex trading. I use AAFX’s mobile apps for getting all these notifications. If you subscribe to their account they will always notify you about current market condition which really helps a lot in this market. I am very happy with their service.
  6. May be your platform is good but I really can not trust all these hyped programs. Auto trading can not make you a successful forex trader. It can probably make you money for short while, but in long run you will discover yourselves as unfit for the market. I do manual trading in AAFX trading platform. They also have expert advisor system. But I take little bit support and do most of the analysis on my own.
  7. I have achieved many things from forex market. This market has been a completely gift in my life. Forex trading platform is a life changing business to trade with. I am trading in this business for almost 10 years. Right now I am professional trade who trade with AAFX. This broker also helps me a lot to reach my goal which I set. I don’t want to share how much money I have manages to get from this platform, but I like to share the experience I got of never give up mentality from this market.
  8. After watching your points about your broker I got attracted. But when I inspected about it on couple of forums it seems to be fake and non-regulated broker. We traders should stay away from such kind of advertising topics. It lures traders into a trap. Right now I trade with AAFX. I am with this broker for last 3 years. Always choose your broker by inspecting how traders think about it.
  9. Learning is the first step of entering in this complicated business. I totally agree with your point out there. Learning is important, it is more important to implant it perfectly. For that demo account is the best place. In demo account you can practice your learning and skills. It is a free site. As a pro forex trader I can suggest you my broker AAFX. This broker gives the best demo platform where you can have more than 70+ trading tools and indicators.
  10. Not much information you gave out there in your video. As 2016 is over and 2017 is nearly over, you should realize that we should not make any trading plan according to year basis. Trading plan should build by current market situations and trend. But before making trading you must need proper knowledge about forex trading. For that I use AAFX as my broker. This broker provides free forex education in their website.
  11. Leverage is a precious gift from broker which we get only in forex business. In forex we can have 1:100, 1:500 or sometimes 1:1000 leverage, which is much bigger than any other business. Leverage is a loan that is provided by our respected broker so that we can trade with ease. I get 1:2000 leverage from my regulated broker named AAFX. This leverage is helping me a lot to get what I wanted as I invested low margin of money.
  12. To get legit bonus offer trader must need to sign up with regulated broker. Some non-regulated broker offers some unbelievable bonus rate, such as 100%, 200%, but when you try to use them they bound you with restrictions and conditions. I get only 30% deposit bonus from my broker AAFX.I can use them without any condition. If you can not use your bonus what is the need to get that?
  13. Actually becoming successful in forex trading business is not so hard. You just have to maintain some rules. First, practice in demo account before joining in live trading platform. Then you will need a good regulated broker like AAFX. This is the broker where I trade. Control over mind is the ultimate rules that a trader must follow. Besides this you must stop overtrading, control your greed and stop being nervous.
  14. I usually don’t any broker in forum. Forum now become advertising place where many fake people praise some fake brokers. But if you want any suggestion from me I would say AAFX is the recommendable broker to anyone. No matter what trading method you follow for your trading you can trade in their platform. I am trading with them for last 3 years. It gives free trade set every week with explained analysis.
  15. I choose to make this business as my profession because this business is totally independent. I don’t have to work under anyone. I am the boss of my own. I am responsible for my own deed. I know forex trading is quite risky, but the risk is worth taken. If you have guts to take risk then you will become a winner in this market. My broker AAFX minimizes my risk and makes me a confident trader. It gives me rebate system by which I can earn besides trading.

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