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  1. I believe to have a comfortable trading journey we need to have good relation with trader and broker. In this case I am very much fortunate. My broker’s name is AAFX. It has a great customer care service in their system which is always welcoming and helpful. It has live support system so that you can contact them directly with them when you need. And believe me they response instantly.
  2. Demo platform has many advantages for newbies and pro traders. Many think demo platform is only for new traders. I am a trader in this market for 12 years and still using AAFX’s demo platform for my trading. In demo account I practice trading when I don’t get any good market set up or when I am suffering any losing streak. It also helps me a lot while building any new strategy.
  3. We can trade in this market 24 hours a day and we need the best of our source to make profit and also forex trading should be a incessant process in the sense that we don't need to relax whether we make profit or loses rather we have to keep trading and training our self to comprehend our approach more better. I trade with AAFX as this broker allows me to trade any kinds of trading method without any restriction.
  4. Forex is all about keep your concentration and dedication and having never give up mentality. If you have these no one can stop you to become successful in this market. Winning and losing is part of forex trading. We should feel sad even if we are having losing streak. I have faced it many times. But I always stood up and try even harder. My broker AAFX also helps me in this way. It gives me rebate system so that I could make more money even after losing trades.
  5. Forex is not a money making machine. To earn from this platform we have struggle and work hard. Those who believe making money in forex trading is easy they probably don’t know how to trade. For trading here we need to research about this market first and then we must gather enough knowledge about forex and trading system. For my basic knowledge I take help of my broker AAFX. It gives me free training.
  6. Trading is not risky if you know how to trade in this market. Anyone with proper knowledge can easily make money even after losing some trades. Your trading can be risky if you trade with wrong broker. Each broker has its own policy and trade facilities. You need to understand it and select it. Like I am swing and hedging trader and my broker AAFX gives me enough facility to trade with these methods. Most importantly it is regulated broker.
  7. I was expecting 5 tips. But your comment has only two. Let me do the honor to finish next 3 steps. 3rd step should be selection of good broker. A good broker helps us to make money with comfortable environment. For that I can suggest my broker AAFX where I am trading for 3 years. After selection of broker we must choose your trading strategy as without a significant strategy you can not make consistent profit. Another step should be proper risk management.
  8. You forgot the most important fact of a good broke and that is security. Without regulation you can not trust any broker nowadays. In this market we have so much scam and fraud brokers. We need to be smart and aware of those. The others things you said were pin point. For me my broker AAFX is best broker. it ensures my fund safety and gives me full freedom while trading here.
  9. Trading in forex market is not an easy job. So stop thinking it will be bed of rises. To retain in this market with profit we have to face many difficulties. Some can be created by market and some can be created by our broker. Broker often creates mess so that we can lose money and they win that. Luckily I trade with AAFX who does not manipulate their system for making extra money from my account.
  10. Leverage is sometimes a critical matter to understand for new traders in this market. That’s why you have to gain enough knowledge about the market before joining it. Leverage is a great opportunity to make more money with minimum deposit. I get 1:2000 leverage from my broker AAFX which means it multiply my current investment to 2000. My current investment is 5k. With my leverage power I can trade 5000*2000= 10000000$ trade.
  11. The large amount of forex traders are individual traders. For any trader who wants to trade in this market have research a lot about the market and make a good strategy. Otherwise it will be like gambling. As new trader you should learn fundamental first as this is the basic of forex. Then you can try using technical. I get my basic forex learning from my broker AAFX. This broker offers free forex education to their clients.
  12. I mean this is not rocket science. Anyone can say that. We are doing all those hard work to earn money in every position not only in forex but also in every profession. I can not agree with you in this topic. Every business has its own way of making money. Don’t insult any business for praising forex. Even I know forex is the best option of making money but still anyone can make money from their respected profession. I am currently trading with AAFX. They are the best company t work in forex market.
  13. I completely agree with you in this topic. As a human being we can not prevent our emotions but we can surely control it. Controlling the emotions is very much needed in forex trading as forex market is not an easy job to handle. It tests our temper and mental strength more often. If we could not maintain it we may lose our money consistently. I am currently trading with AAFX. It gives me good trading environment so that I can trade here peacefully.
  14. Smaller profit targets can assure your fund safety as you don’t have to risk too much for that. Normally in forex scalping has the same type of nature as you are speaking. I am a scalper in this market and I use AAFX broker for my trading. I believe a broker can help us in many ways for scalping. Not all brokers can assure scalping concept. I get low spread rate and very fast execution with my broker and these are very important elements in scalping trading.
  15. If anyone wants to stand into the top of anything in his life than I believe self believe is one of the important things that he should have within him. Forex is like a game o psychology. This game can test our sentiment and skill. So we need to be confident about what we want to do and what we are doing. To have that confidence beneath you your broker can also play a part like my broker AAFX do. It gives me fast execution and rebate system.