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  1. Word press is really best platform even several times awarded as a open source CMS.
  2. It is quite a good idea to explain all the things like services in a professional word press blog and from here you an drive more and more traffic.
  3. Good description of word press theme with the features but images didn't show.
  4. Social networking is the best way to redirect the organic traffic towards the website. It's really helpful to increase ranking on SERP.
  5. Attractive offer with coupon discount too, good offer for the long time duration.
  6. Nice to know about you but can you please explain about your services. I mean, you offer only for facebook and some others too, Please explain in detail. Thank you so much.
  7. What a good idea to advertise my services with in my contacts.
  8. I think for getting genuine traffic towards your website start to make visibility on social media and increase your user engagement, share most attractive and informative content.
  9. No, meta keywords tag is not important for ranking.
  10. FRED is last update in SEO, It is basically for content however Google didn't confirm the protocols that how to judge particular website content according to this update.
  11. For getting instant traffic go for Google Adwords, it is paid service provided by Google another way is SMO with SMO you can optimize your website socially and parallel start doing SEO as well. Hope it'll helpful for you.
  12. Thank you so much, me quite good and what about you? Especially, I would like to learn Money making.
  13. I'm new member here. Need to learn a lot of things. Please coordinate me.