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  1. Due to the system update, which is related to the introduction of the new payment system and new design, the operation of the buysellvouchers online market will be shut down for a short while. After the performance of the technical works, you will be greeted by a new, a more affordable payment system and modern design. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to understanding. BuySellVouchers Team
  2. BuySellVouchers.com market is going through significant changes! In the nearest future, a global reform of the market will be performed. The reform will include 2 parts: Part I. A new payment system. The sellers will get the same e-currencies for their goods paid by the buyers. If the buyer has paid for the goods by bitcoin, the seller also gets bitcoin on his account balance, and the same system is applied for all currencies. The benefit from this innovation is the fact that the seller will not be obliged to pay commission for the e-currency exchange procedure. If the seller does not have a wallet in the payment system chosen by him (e-currency wallet), then the seller will be able to exchange e-currencies to his needed currency in our special section - Exchange. Part II. A new and up-to-date design awaits you. It will be started after the system update.
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