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  1. Johnnyfx

    Why are you happy? Because you have earned a lot of money or there is another reason?
  2. Johnnyfx

    I have chosen a broker (Markets.com) from that site - www.forexforbeginners.net and I haven't started real trading yet. I started reading some educational materials as I'm a newbie. How can I be shure that a broker is trusted and reliable?
  3. Johnnyfx

    Thank you very much for the detailed guide. It's really helpful.
  4. Johnnyfx

    Ok, but how to guess which signal to follow?
  5. Johnnyfx

    Many people are suggesting different ebooks and it's really difficult to choose. I hope that all of them are good enough and we can learn and start trading successfully.
  6. Johnnyfx

    Nice job! :)
  7. Johnnyfx

    I have recently registered with XM because they have really low minimum deposit fee. Now I need some time to read their educational materials and test the demo account. I think after some weeks I will be able to trade on the real field.
  8. Johnnyfx

    Thank you, I have already read a lot of threads. There is a lot of information, I think it will be really helpful for me.
  9. Johnnyfx

    Say it here :)
  10. Johnnyfx

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've made an account because I want to be updated about most of the important trading news as I'm a beginner in trading and I need to learn more and more.
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