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  1. Why are you happy? Because you have earned a lot of money or there is another reason?
  2. I have chosen a broker ( from that site - and I haven't started real trading yet. I started reading some educational materials as I'm a newbie. How can I be shure that a broker is trusted and reliable?
  3. Thank you very much for the detailed guide. It's really helpful.
  4. How a newbie like me should choose a trading strategy?
  5. Ok, but how to guess which signal to follow?
  6. Many people are suggesting different ebooks and it's really difficult to choose. I hope that all of them are good enough and we can learn and start trading successfully.
  7. Nice job! :)
  8. I have recently registered with XM because they have really low minimum deposit fee. Now I need some time to read their educational materials and test the demo account. I think after some weeks I will be able to trade on the real field.
  9. Thank you, I have already read a lot of threads. There is a lot of information, I think it will be really helpful for me.
  10. Say it here :)
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've made an account because I want to be updated about most of the important trading news as I'm a beginner in trading and I need to learn more and more.

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