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  1. Stellajones

    Download the wordpress templates from here https://wordpress.org/themes/browse/popular/
  2. Stellajones

    Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct robots, how to crawl & index pages on their website.
  3. Stellajones

    If you optimize your respective pages with your blog posts which is called SEO blogs. Implement the blog section in your site. Then, start posting content that will help you to get ranking in Google.
  4. Stellajones

    SEO tools are: Majestic.com Moz SEM Rush Ahrefs Google Keyword Planner Google Analytics Google Webmasters
  5. Stellajones

    Press Release is a news which is related to company or product and submit the Press Release on the PR sites like Prlog.org, PRfree.org
  6. Stellajones

    Google is the search engine which provides every and useful information to user. It is developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  7. Stellajones

    There are two types of results in SEO, one is paid and the second is organic. By using the Google Adwords tool you can create the campaign and set keyword accordingly. The results came above in the top, those are the Paid results.
  8. Stellajones

    SEO is the Search Engine Optimization that helps to increase the website visibility online or over the internet. SMO is the Social Media Optimization that helps to increase the website traffic by using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. SEM is the Search Engine Marketing is a part of digital marketing that help to increase the brand or website visibility by using paid promotions.
  9. Stellajones

    Google Webmasters of Search Console is one of the free tool of Google to provide the health of websites covering 404 errors, crawling errors, html improvements, clicks and impressions reports, linking reports. It also helps to submit the sitemap in website.
  10. Stellajones

    URL structure is the most important in website or Seo. It should be always seo-friendly and easy to read so that user and search engines could understand on which page they are landing by just seeing url.
  11. Stellajones

    Backlinks are the most important part to get the ranking in search engine. There are several ways to create the backlinks: 1. Guest Blogging 2. Article Submission 3. Web 2.0 4. Blog Commenting 5. Blog Submission 6. Image Submission 7. PPT and PDF Creation 8. Press Release
  12. Stellajones

    Profile Creation or profile linking is the latest technique in seo to build the profile and do the branding of business. It is also a good way to get the backlink for your website from other different websites.
  13. Stellajones

    Disavow tool is the free tool providing by Google to help the users and tell the google that the certain links are unwanted and don't consider the backlinks for your website.
  14. Stellajones

    Ad Posting is the activity to submit your classifieds of your business services and products into the classifieds sites for brand awareness and generating business. It could be free or paid both.
  15. Stellajones

    On Page SEO is the practice to optimize the websites by making some changes into the html source codes to generate the traffic from search engines. There are some activities which users performs in on page optimization: 1. Creating Meta Tags 2. Creating Sitemaps 3. Using Proper Heading Tags 4. By adding Alt Tags 5. Image optimization 6. Resolving Canonical Errors 7. Fixing Page Load Errors 8. Content Optimization 9. Submitting Sitemap 10. URL Structure