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  1. most traders do not succeed in Forex Trading because they choose the wrong broker, high spread, always requote etc. It is influence the profitability. So guys, you have to choose broker that reliable and always support you as a trader. Let's try trading with FreshForex. FreshForex is reliable and a good broker.
  2. I was trading with FXB and there is no good at all, delay deposit and withdrawal, always have requote so I lose my opportunity to hit the market, I am very disappointed about this issues. It's better if I go find another broker.
  3. EURUSD today October 17, 2017 is bearish, please sell if there is a reflection in the area of 1.18137, with target at 1.17494. Be careful if area 1.18742 breaks. Because it will turn the intraday bias to bullish and potentially will lift the euro up to area 1.18800.
  4. Trading is not very risky anymore. Good news guys .. For now, you don't need to be afraid of losing your money in Forex. Because FreshForex now offering you a promotion to refund all of your trading losses in FreshForex. Interesting ?? If you are a FreshForex client, please go to https://lossrefund.freshforex.com/ and get your money back.
  5. GBPUSD today October 12, 2017 still Bullish after yesterday managed to break the Resistance, forex technical analysis today : note the Support in the area of 1.31906 to find confirm signals Buy with potential rebound price upwards to the range 1.32556. If Resistance at 1.32904 breaks, GBPUSD will go to 1.33500 area. However, if Support at 1.31906 breaks, will change the movement to Bearish and push GBPUSD to area 1.30890.
  6. Yes, Agree, FreshForex is a reputable broker that you have to try trade with. You can use your best EA and you will get some benefits, such as lowest spread, fastest execution, etc. The service is amazing also, your request will done only in several minutes, and if you facing some issues, just go to live chat and they will bring solutions for you.
  7. It is shame that now MTI Market didn't give me the bonus ($25) anymore, and spreads is quite wider than before. I think MTI markets is not reliable anymore. Better for me if I go find another broker without hidden terms and offer me bonuses for my trading activity.
  8. Yes, of course, why you have to pay commission if you can get it free??? Yes, I mean you have to trade with FreshForex, because there is no commission or swap that you have to pay, so you can trade and get profit without any interest. It is real (I have tried) so leave your current broker and start trading with FreshForex and open your swap free account.
  9. The best trading platform is introduced by FreshForex, now FreshForex has Metatrader 5, better and smoother than MT4, try to trade with futuristic Metatrader and feel the difference, the latency and speed is amazing, fresh new look!! You should try it.
  10. Why you not try trading with FreshForex? So many bonuses from FreshForex : 1. PushUp Bonus $200 2. Deposit without commission 3. Tradable Bonus 101% 4. Megarebate 2.0 5. 48% per annum 6 many more you can use all of them without hidden terms, try it.
  11. Now I am trading with FreshForex, they have launched Metatrader 5, the futuristic trading platform. The advantages : Position locking available, Multilingual interface, Extended trading instruments specification, Email and push notifications, Native 64-bit support and many more.
  12. Spread is depend on broker you choose to trade, choose the thinnest spread, I recommend you to trade with FreshForex, spread start from 0 pip without hidden terms and conditions. so it must be an advantages from your side. Just try it.
  13. USDJPY today September 18, 2017 is bullish but still stuck by resistance. For trading strategy based on forex analysis today, you can look for confirm buy signal if correction occurs to the reference area at 110.743, with potential rebound up to the range 111.195. Be careful if support 110.203 breaks because it will turn the intraday bias to bearish and potentially will press USDJPY up to the range 109.947.
  14. AUDUSD today September 15, 2017. There is a bearish indication (down), Sell opportunity can be taken with TP in area 0.79709. Alternatively consider if the support at 0.79650 breaks as it could potentially depress further AUDUSD to 0.79300 area. If the resistance at 0.80063 breaks, it will probably change the movement to Bullish up to 0.80424 area.
  15. Now FBS offer 1:3000 leverage, what happened with this broker?? Previously Exness offer us 1:3000 leverage and Exness regulations banned Exness, and now FBS doing the same thing, I must be something wrong with FBS! Be carefull guys, choose wisely your leverage and your broker.