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  1. EURGBP is simple, the market still sideways so you can choose buy position at 0.87472 with potential target up to 0.87747
  2. CHFJPY today wants to break the resistance but it has been bounced, for your strategy today, you can go sell at 110.406 with potential target up to 110.029. Be careful if resistance 110.666 breaks, it will turn the trend become bullish.
  3. AUDNZD as we see here is still sideways but the trend is bullish, so this is the right moment to make buy position, because now the price is in support area, you can buy it now at 1.09084 with potential target up to 1.09500
  4. EURUSD still holding in bearish bias, currently stuck in support area. For today's forex strategy you can look for confirm signals sell in the range 1.17930, with potential targets in the range 1.17443.Be careful if the resistance at 1.18000 breaks because it will potentially turn the intraday bias to bullish and potentially will raise the euro to 1.18288.
  5. Because Forex is the biggest and fastest money transaction in the world. So please choose the best broker to manage your money in Forex Trading, I recommend you FreshForex as your broker because FreshForex offer over 135 financial instruments for profitable trading, including precious metals, oil, CFDs on indexes and Bitcoin. No slippage no requotes.
  6. charge for positions held is called Swap, swap is always annoying because sometimes it can reduce our profits, But you will not charge anymore if you join FreshForex, because you can choose to open a free swap account . So you will get your profit without have to pay swap anymore. It is good for your psychology. Just join FreshForex today and choose swap free account.
  7. Some broker is not allowing you to make over trade, like XM. Your limit is only 200 positions, it's mean you can not use your scalping robot, because scalping is always open and close position in short period. If you want to use your EA as smooth as you want, you should find another broker. XM is not your choice !!
  8. Trading without analysis is like suicide, but be careful with analysis which you followed. I followed analysis from HotForex and what I got is just false signal, I have lost my money, big number of money. So now I want to know how to make analysis by myself
  9. Hi Guys, I am trading with FreshForex and I get plus in my swap point, not minus like if you trade with another broker. So I think swap is not annoying anymore if you join FreshForex. Join today and get your benefits.
  10. Now you don't have to fear about losing money, because FreshForex will give you 1 Bitcoin as your equity, what you need is only open an account with FreshForex and claim your bitcoin, you can withdraw your profit from this bonus. For more information, just click here.
  11. Yes, FreshForex is really help me, When I am facing some issue with my trading activity, I just go to live chat and they will help me as soon as possible. It makes me feel comfort when I am trading with FreshForex, thank you FreshForex, always the best broker.
  12. I choose FreshForex as my trading partner, because now FreshForex give me leverage up to 1:2000, this leverage is better than other broker. Beside that, I can start trading only with $1 and I can withdraw all of my profit without any commission. I think there is no other broker as good as FreshForex.
  13. GBPUSD today, as we see here, there is a long jump before closing market, so we can get some benefits from the rebound, you can buy it when the price back to 1.37610 with potential target up to 1.38521, don't forget to put your stop loss point 50 pips below your open price.
  14. NZDUSD is still moving in bearish bias, seen trying to rise approaching the resistance area. For today's strategy you can again look for a confirmation of sell signal if a pull-back occurs to the reference area at the range 0.70794 with potential targets up to the range 0.70532. If the resistance 0.71154 breaks, it will turn the intraday bias to bullish and potentially will raise the NZD up to the range 0.71444.
  15. CHFJPY today as we see, the price is going down fast in last 3 hours, it is your time to buy at 110.470 with potential TP up to 110.954. But be careful if price breaks 110.250, CHF will going down deeper up to 109.750