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  1. NZDUSD is still moving in bearish bias today. For today's forex strategy wait for confirmation of sell signal if pull-back occurs to the reference area at the range 0.73470 before opening the sell position, with potential target up to the range 0.73085. Be careful if the resistance at 0.7369 breaks, it will turn the intraday bias to bullish and potentially will raise the kiwi up to the range 0.74100.
  2. I am trying to access Olymp Trade website but I can't, it is just loading and then there is nothing, it is shame on Olymp Trade how they maintain their website, their client. Website is the most important thing, because we don't know where is Olymp Trade's office
  3. Hello FreshForex, thank you for offering me your best VPS for my EA from FreshForex, now your EA working smooth, as smooth as my profit, the other VPS always give me some troubles and of course it is annoying me. Your VPS is cheap and the best VPS, thank you FreshForex.
  4. High leverage is good, but too high leverage is not good and broker like this will potentially being scammer! Like Exness who offer you leverage up to 1:3000. I think Exness just want your money, you make any deposit and maybe you will not get your money back. So be careful with your broker, spent your time to take a look, read any review before you deposit on that broker.
  5. Practice makes perfect, it is true words! Sometimes you feel demo account is not same with the real account, I mean real account have adrenaline. But don't worry, if you want to practice with real account, you can join FreshForex and start your trading with $1. So if you loss in Forex, you just lost $1, FreshForex offer you the lowest rate of your deposit as low as $1
  6. Yes, Agree! I've been trading with FreshForex for 4 years and I think I am in love with FreshForex because of their service, FreshForex is the most reliable Broker, always make some innovations, so many bonuses that will make you enjoy to trade with FreshForex. It is hard to find another broker that as good as FreshForex. So now if you still trading with FreshForex, you make a good decision.
  7. Hello Guys, are you a bitcoin mania?? Do you want to trade bitcoin and get some profit?? If yes, it is mean that you SHOULD join FreshForex and start your cryptocurrencies trading. So many trader has move from forex market to crypto market. FreshForex will also provide you MT5 for your trading, let's trading to the future, faster and better.
  8. Yes, It is easy to judge your broker, it is good or bad broker, just rate their service at your own experience, I want to share my experience with FreshForex, they serve me better than the other, I mean they are faster, and I always get the best answer, good problem solver, etc. And I think I don't want to trade in another broker anymore.
  9. Do you have any bitcoin? Do you want to feel the brand new trading of bitcoin? You should join FreshForex and start trading Bitcoin (BTC/USD CFD trading ) Bonus for me, because I am a FreshForex client so I get rebate 100% of spread on loss bitcoin trades to all the clients (including me) who apply for Megarebate 2.0! Guys, you have to try this.
  10. AUDNZD today January 24, 2018 is make a small movement, so it is your time to make buy position at 1.08641 and don't forget to put your take profit point at 1.09282 at resistance area.
  11. EURJPY today, as we see here, the market is going sideway, so it is simple, put your buy limit at support area 135.232 with potential Take Profit at 135.617
  12. EURGBP today, as we see now, price has been bounce from 0.87920, you can sell it now with potential target up to support area at 0.87692. Don't forget to manage your money management.
  13. CHFJPY today, like we see on chart that CHFJPY is start to sideway, just wait where the chart to go, if go to 114.852 you can buy it with potential TP up to 115.339, if chart go to 115.339 then sell it with potential target up to 114.852
  14. Be careful with your broker, you have to understand what type is your broker. If your broker is a DD type, it is mean that you against your broker, you will never win, because that's how that broker make any money. But if your broker is an NDD type, it is mean that you trading against market, your broker never played you. So that's why I choose FreshForex as my broker because FreshForex is an NDD type and FreshForex is a reliable broker.
  15. Become a great trader is not built 1 or 2 weeks, but it takes 1 or 2 years (maybe more) you will learn anything about Forex. you will make your trading skill better and better. I have some tips for you guys, first, you can open an account with FreshForex and start trading with FreshForex second, you can claim your bonus from FreshForex to increase your margin.