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  1. Yes, Security is a big issue, I was trading with Vipro Market and I loss my money, it seems like I transferred my balance to another account, but it wasn't me! I believe that Vipro Markets management person do that? Why Vipro Market do that? Because I have a lot of money or what? There is no solutions when I talk to Customer Service.
  2. FreshForex is the regulated Forex Broker, and I think FreshForex is the best broket that I ever join. If you are become a partner with FreshForex, you can get commission up to $20 per lot, it is a big value as a partner. If you are interested, you can go here and start earning
  3. Leverage is important thing to consider, Higher leverage you use, bigger lot you can get. So you have to know about leverage that your broker offer you. Now I am trading with FreshForex and use 1:1000 leverage which is the best leverage that I use until today. FreshForex offer you leverage start from 1:1 up to 1:1000, the choice is yours.
  4. EURCHF today, you can see in the chart that EURCHF is still sideway, so you can put support & resistance line. so now, if price break resistance at 1.16378, you can buy it with take profit target at 1.16699. If price going down and break support, you can sell it at 1.15980 with 50 pips take profit point from your open position.
  5. This afternoon, I want to share my analysis about EURAUD If you see here, EURAUD moving to break resistance, if it is valid, you can buy EURAUD and put take profit at 1.56353, if price going to 1.55553 you can sell it and put your take profit at next support 1.55123
  6. EURGBP today November 2017, 24 if you see here, EURGBP still bullish but there is some pressure, you can buy if price move to 0.89099 with potential target up to 0.89181, if support 0.89060 breaks, you can sell it with target up to 0.88998
  7. GBPUSD is corrected close to support area but still moving in bullish bias for today. For trading strategy today you can wait for confirmation of bullish signal if correction occurs in the reference area at the range 1.32925 with potential target up to the range 1.33194. Be careful if 1.32529 support breaks because it will turn the intraday bias to bullish and potentially will hit the sterling up to the range 1.32202.
  8. You should open a demo account with FreshForex, FreshForex demo account has the same chart, same spread, everything is same with the real account, so I think it is good for you to train yourself with demo account before you are going to real market with your real money. open a demo account now, it is free.
  9. No, It is not, Octa FX is not recommended, because I always loss because of OctaFX, Octa FX will change your leverage up to 1:100 without notice when you trade during a big news, it is happened to me and I loss my money, guys, if you want to trade with Octa FX please be careful and trade with your own risk.
  10. To become profitable forex trader. You can use Free EA From FreshForex, just open an account and make some deposits, you will get a good EA for free. So you can trade without stress and you can do anything you want in your free time, I already try it and it's work. Sound interesting??
  11. Wow, It is amazing that now I got 101% bonus, I didn't expect it, when I go to FreshForex website, there is some pop up appear on my screen said that I can take that benefits, I clicked on it, make any deposits and yes, I get the 101% bonus from FreshForex, it is amazing, for you guys who love bonuses, you should try this bonus from FreshForex.
  12. Forex.ee such a new broker, there is minus point in every section, for example if I want to open an account, verification takes a long time, and then I can not download the MT4, it is always not responding. So, I decided to find another broker that better than Forex.ee, I am afraid if something happen with my money.
  13. Pake google translate gan?? kejar setoran?? wkwkw...
  14. I have read on XtreamForex terms that I can not withdraw my funds before I have traded 15 lots, this term is heavy for me, so I compare XtreamForex with FreshForex (Broker that I trade with now) and I think FreshForex is more reliable, because FreshForex give me 101% tradable bonus without terms, I can withdraw my profit anytime.
  15. If you are a newbie or beginner, you should learn how to trading forex seriously, because Forex is your key to be success in your life. Now, If you are confused how or where to learn, you have to go to FreshForex website, start learning and start trading with demo account, if you are sure you want to trading with real account, you can use bonuses from FreshForex promotions.