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  1. On my website there is China moved battle tanks, heavy artillery guns, military to India border video In bing.com, I searched for China moved battle tanks, heavy guns to India border My website appeared in top 5 searches. I have never done SEO etc.... I get traffic from my internet work
  2. AVG anti-virus also has VPN and Bitdefender also has VPN.
  3. the free webhosting service is very good. Now my website is hosted there for 8 months
  4. Epic browser and VPN are good. Try it Opera browser and VPN are also good, but it gets slow
  5. If I have to reply to a trending hashtag or # I must tweet @hashtag. Also hashtag which gets 1000+replies becomes trending, am I right ? Example: hashtag #trumpet is trending. To reply to it I must tweet @trumpet If I just send a tweet, it will be there on twitter.com ?
  6. Yes, I get traffic from twitter. I use my website for replies to news sites etc.. My websites is about world events and more
  7. Try searching for some products like 3 ply surgical masks in Google and Bing. Top 20 searches are reserved for giants like amazon, mart-companies, alibaba etc.. Why waste time with SEO ? Since 2014, billions of smartphones have been sold, now people have smartphones and internet anywhere so all the big companies are into internet marketing in BIG way. they spend millions of dollars so that they appear in top 5 of google, bing, twitter etc.. It's time that people know the truth of internet.
  8. My website lost 50,000+ unique visitors because of false virus alerts and false malware alerts in Chrome browser
  9. You will get 30% to 50% discount direct from Kaspersky, Norton etc... from time to time See my website (below) for the best anti-virus and internet security softwares .
  10. Norton Symantec is rank # 2 for anti-virus and internet security softwares for your computers/laptops, smartphones There is Norton VPN also. See my website for the best anti-virus and internet security softwares.
  11. Free web hosting for life https://infinityfree.net Less features than paid hosting but it is good. My website is hosted there for 4 months. Good service. See it.
  12. Opera browser has in-built VPN Epic browser has in built VPN where you can select 10 countries ip addresses
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