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  1. Hi max, it's really an interesting story here but I checked your video which is removed from the youtube so if it really working and you really want other people to help so, provide another video here. Thanks! Haim Toledano
  2. Hi, I don't have any fast method to make money but yes, you can start making money by monetising your video, apps and websites or start writing blog and also you can do affiliate marketing. Goodluck! Haim Toledano
  3. Hi, Spinning content is good to use if you are doing it manually but if you are thinking to use any spinning tool so, it will turn bad for work because it does not make sense and it becomes bunch of words only. Thanks, Haim Toledano
  4. Hi, It is good to see this post here. Can you please show us some proof that this thing really works and make us the good amount of money? Regards, Toledano Haim
  5. Thanks for that. Cheers
  6. Hey, I am really excited to signup at the provided source because that's really a good investment program with a great benefit of 1000 Free Points. That's so cool. Thanks! ---- Haim Toledano

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