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  1. Hi, If your content is good and viewers will like it than you don't need to much worry about the subscribers. All you need to share your video on social media platforms. Cheers! ab testing
  2. I found some news about Tamar natural gas discovery. I want to know more about this news. And want to know more about Delek Drilling.
  3. Hello, In the Instagram you just need to post some attractive, useful and informative images which will provide you so many followers in very short time. Cheer! ab testing
  4. Hi, SMO is stands for social media optimization and SMM is stands for social media marketing. In SMM we promote our website using the paid and free techniques for traffic, lead and sales and in SMO we only focus to optimizing the social media pages and use only free techniques to promote it. Cheers! ab testing
  5. Hi, I am also looking for investing some amount in Ethereum and wanted to know the right to buy it so I can make some profit in less time. Also, I can invest for long term so also let me know if you have any good suggestions. Thanks! Haim Toledano
  6. Hi, knowing about this broker is totally new for me and I am so impressed by your explanation here. But Still it would be nice to know about your personal experience with them. And with lots of goodness what are the points to keep in mind while trading with them. Thanks! Haim Toledano
  7. Hi, many people have already given you some good tips here which I also strongly feels can help you in solving your problem. Also, if you are getting problem in indexing your site you should try the Google fetch option in webmaster tool which can let you know if your site has any script running which is blocking your site to be get indexed. Goodluck! Haim Toledano
  8. Hi, I agree with Yaros. One visitor is enough for you to make a sale if that visitor is looking for the same product or service you are offering. So, you should need to focus on targeted audience instead of getting huge amount of traffic for your site. Goodluck! Haim Toledano
  9. Pinterest is a powerful resource which you can start using it right now and it's simple just create an account and start posting images. Now the trick is you can create some interesting, knowledgeable, and informative images which can talk about your product or services but importantly they must be useful to the viewers. Goodluck! Haim Toledano
  10. Hi, as you know business spend lots of money on the promotions just to get potential customers on their website. With the help of SEO you will also be able to get them for free all you have to do is invest a little part of your time in a day and you can get those customers on your website for no cost. Goodluck! Haim Toledano
  11. Hi, you can check backlinks of your competitors or your site also by Ahrefs, Smallseotools, and backlinkwatch. I use only these sites when I have to check the backlinks of my site and also some of my competitors. Thanks!
  12. Hi, It seems a good money making opportunity and I have checked all information you provided here. I will definitely give it a try and post my entire experience here. Thanks! Haim Toledano
  13. Hi max, it's really an interesting story here but I checked your video which is removed from the youtube so if it really working and you really want other people to help so, provide another video here. Thanks! Haim Toledano
  14. Hi, I don't have any fast method to make money but yes, you can start making money by monetising your video, apps and websites or start writing blog and also you can do affiliate marketing. Goodluck! Haim Toledano
  15. Hi, Spinning content is good to use if you are doing it manually but if you are thinking to use any spinning tool so, it will turn bad for work because it does not make sense and it becomes bunch of words only. Thanks, Haim Toledano
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