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  1. We TOLD YOU when Bitcoin jumped $700 over night to join! Now it JUMPED ANOTHER $400! $1100 in a WEEK! GET IN NOW!!!
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  5. Never been part of a program like this. It could disappear for a year then all the sudden blow up and I would still get paid! Posting payments shortly. Get in now ahead of the pack and suck up extra KASH!
  6. HI, Koin Kasher members we are having a very good start to our first week open. Members love the fact 15 at a time get paid so ALL members get paid the same. You have the chance to make it big in Bit Coin kash by getting more than one Koin spot. The more Koin spots you get going now the more they are worth each day and they pay! You can have unlimited Koin packs running and buy up to 10 at a time before price goes up. No more... asking for withdraws we don't even have a withdraw button.. We PAY INSTANT! "Why did I not get paid" You don't even have to ask to be paid!. We pay Member 2 Member. As Bit Coin price goes up so do your payouts. (Bit Coin price goes up daily too by the way) Koin Kasher is completely Passive and requires no work to be paid. No sponsoring. To be placed in an active pay line go to members area and click on Positions then purchase. Get as many Koin packs as you can now and watch us go to work for YOU! We also have an AD Service that places real workers under you on the dashboard link. Come see the next big payer of the summer and year today! Bit Coin / Paypal / Payza / STP and Credit Cards and lots of other ways to join. Have a great day. Staff [email protected]
  7. Back from a long week of traveling and I have been paid 32 times! Will post more when I get settled.
  8. Bonus Weekend went absolutely bonkers! We are officially chart topping! Make sure you login and upgrade now to be a part of the earnings! Incredible how hot! Great Job everyone!
  9. Pool Mula Holiday weekend DOUBLER! GET IN NOW AND UPGRADE! NO MATTER HOW MUCH (the more obviously the better) THEY ARE MATCHING! Double up everyone!
  10. Passive referral system everyone! If you tend to want to earn just from joining and sitting back you can and do! If you have a strong downline, team, or group of people that all love to earn together and get high profits from referrals you can! Only system out that works instantly like Koin Kasher. Bitcoin stays rising and if you aren't in yet you stay missing! PASSIVE REFERRAL! Had to say it again because it just doesn't seem real. Pays 15 at once instantly!
  11. Some Pays From Yesterday! JOIN NOW! Transaction Jun 27, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC Transaction Jun 28, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC Transaction Jun 28, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC Transaction Jun 28, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC Transaction Jun 28, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC Transaction Jun 28, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC
  12. Twice Paying. Transaction Jun 27, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC Transaction Jun 27, 2017 Received 0.0008 BTC
  13. Instant pay. Now to build the team. Transaction Jun 27, 2017 Received 0.0003 BTC
  14. I AM NOT ADMIN GRAND OPENING!!! KOIN KASHER 100% PAY PLAN WITH A TWIST! Here is the basic plan to make ALL members Koin Kash! NO WORK NO SPONSOR NO CLICKING OR PLACING OF ADS TO BE PAID! Each Koin Pack you purchase will generate funds. Get a few Koin Packs for Big Pays! 15 members at a time get paid no matter who sponsors them admin or a member! NOW HEAR THIS >>> KOIN KASHER PAYS 15 AT A TIME THEN PAYS "NEXT 15" As a result of 15 at a time all getting paid. ALL members will make money not just a few. IN OTHER PROGRAMS THEY ONLY PAY 8 OR 10 AND ITS UNDER 1 SPONSOR! At Koin Kasher we pay 15 then move down 15 more members so we all get paid PASSIVE! Also the sponsor will earn 15% on 2 levels. 11% on level one and 4% on level two. All payouts are instant member to member no waiting for Kash! These kind of payouts below are what you can look forward too! The amount of payouts begin at about $1.00 over and over again hundreds of times. (Not change, but Dollars paid instant right to your accounts) Real Kash! However as Bit Coin grows so do your PROFITS and amounts of your payouts grow huge! Payouts can go from $1.00 to $5.00 to $100.00 to $500.00 as we grow! $$$ HUNDREDS OF TIMES $$$ With 1 Koin Pack you can get Hundreds of pay outs! With 2 Koin Packs you can get Hundreds of pay outs! (Times 2) With 10 Koin Packs you can get Hundreds of pay outs! (Times 10) Most members get a starter Koin pack of 3 to start with this pays TRIPLE! Koin pack of 5 is a Real Winner and pays FIVE TIMES as much! High Rollers Koin Packs are a 10 spot and payouts are TEN TIMES as much as 1 spot! You will get so many Payments your mail box will be FULL of transactions! You can have as many Koin Packs growing and making you Kash Koins as you want! Each Koin Pack you activate can make you hundreds over the cost to join. (Cost to join depends on the price of Bit Coin) Bit Coin has gone up in the last 3 months from about $800.00 to about $2800.00 EXPLODING! Now Koin Kasher will be here for years to come and as Bit Coin Climbs to what some say will be Millions. Then your profits will be huge and growing in YOUR account NOT some admins back room! What are you waiting for go get paid before price goes up again!
  15. The amount of 179 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U12261726->U8183646. Memo: PoolMula VIRAL IS THE NEXT STEP! Date: 3:41 06.19.17. Batch: 122381973.

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