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  1. Paid 19.03.2017 в 14:01 Добавить в избранное Перевод от 410013795894115 100 Р Детали платежа Счет отправителя: 410013795894115 Сумма: 100 Р FOLK BANK
  2. I'm not the admin! :) Start: 07/04/2016 Register here ABOUT THE BANK The BANK FOLK - a unique community of voluntary associations of people who have a common goal and a desire to earn money. What is the difference FOLK BANK of other online projects? - Each participant is insured against the risk of losing money due FOLK the BANK FUND . FOLK BANK participating in the stock market can guarantee payment to the Participant. And other projects do not have insurance for your deposits and payments depend on the contributions of new members. - Available tools that allow participants to feel in the community not only by the User and the owner of a full account with lots of possibilities. Such as, create a custom page, available public data of all referrals, invite a new participant knowing his post, according to the affiliate program income, the ability to check the traffic statistics of visits, the opening of the Deposit from the internal account and transfer money within the party website. In other projects, there is no such function or they are very limited. - Marketing FOLK BANK not reboot the system space per cent. Affiliate program two levels: the first level of 10%, the other 5%. In other projects, a referral program with high interest rates, which load the system and contributes to the early closure. MARKETING PLAN The contribution of 20% of the initial , Contribution for 180 days at 20% per month. The minimum contribution from 500 to 2499 rubles, and from $ 10 to $ 49. The contribution of 25% efficiency , contribution to the 180 days under 25% a month. The minimum contribution from 2500 to 9999 rubles, and from $ 50 to $ 149. Contribution 30% FAVOURABLE , contribution to the 180 days under 30% a month. The minimum contribution of 10,000 to 49,999 rubles, and from $ 150 to $ 799. The contribution of 33% of the maximum , contribution to the 180 days under 33% a month. The minimum contribution of 50,000 to 500,000 rubles, and from $ 800 to $ 5000. Referral Commission: 10%, 5% Payment Processors: Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex Money, Perfect Money, BitCoin, WMZ, WMR Paid: