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  1. A lot of helpful tips here. When you make a good content, it drives traffic to your blog. Depending on the amount of traffic that visits your blog, they could be your potential customers if they like the products that you're selling.
  2. Selling physical and digital products, advertising online, offering promotions or give-aways and promoting your blog are some of the best ways to make money from blogging. Your blog content should be detailed, informative and speak a lot of experiences for readers to understand. EDIT: I forgot to mention to track your results, this is by far the most important thing if you want to be succesful with your blog! Track everything, visitors, sales, keywords you rank for, ROI, and so on (pro rank tracker is pretty cool and free for 2 sites, see review) ...
  3. I used to play Pokemon Go right after I installed it on my phone since it started its launch. Now I do not have time to play the game due to busy work schedule and family life.
  4. I read the similar news from Time. Donald Trump has been soaring popularly since his inauguration. The question is, when is the stock rally going to end? Is it a good thing that it has been extended?