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  1. Gener8's marketing campaign will start in a few hours https://www.reddit.com/r/Gener8Ads/comments/b2ydyo/gener8_marketing_dates_to_look_out_for/
  2. Improved KYC Procedure, Deposit/Withdrawal Processing Time and Lower Fees
  3. TIO Markets Phase II Update Message from the CEO
  4. Today there were at least 5 offers = $0.25 or $0.50 depending on your country.
  5. February Update https://www.reddit.com/r/Gener8Ads/comments/ass8p8/february_update/
  6. Pending payments for a week. The classic excuse of "new owners" was used in an update.
  7. Trading Competition with a total prize sum of 5 BTC The hottest coin in crypto now available
  8. Warfare

    @earnmoney Hello, Welcome to TopGoldForum!
  9. SerpClix is a site where you can get paid to search on Google with the help of their extension for Firefox. Webmasters can also buy clicks to increase their SERP CTR. Steps to earn as a clicker: 1. Register as a Seller 2. Watch the explanation video inside the dashboard 3. Download and install the extension for Firefox 4. Login into the extension, a new tab will open 5. Click on any available order, another new tab with Google will open, type or copy/paste the keyword and search for the required URL. Once found click on it and stay for 60 seconds, you can click any links if you want except any ads or the back button of your browser. I repeat: DO NOT CLICK ON ADS. After 60 seconds the tab will close automatically. Users from US, UK, CA, AU, DE can earn $0.10 per search. Everyone else earns $0.05. Do not use a VPN or proxy, else you get banned. From referrals you can earn 10% for their first 3 months. Minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, payments are sent automatically during the first week of the month for earnings accumulated during the previous month. Link: SerpClix
  10. trade.io Announces Token Buyback Program
  11. Looks like I won the 3rd place at the referral contest in partnership with Streamers Connected. The leaderboard is here, check if you are in there. For top 10 there are cash prizes and top 100 can claim a t-shirt with Gener8 logo if you contact them. I received in PayPal the equivalent of £650 in dollars (minus the conversion fee from PayPal).
  12. Purchase Crypto With Your Credit Card Finally, a no-hassle way to buy your favorite cryptos. We know how difficult it can be to access the crypto market. As of today, we are thrilled to announce that you can buy cryptocurrencies on the trade.io Exchange, by credit or debit card. CEO William, B., Heyn, said about this offering: "It’s no secret that newcomers to crypto are hindered by complicated onboarding processes; we endeavor to reduce barriers and responsibly provide access to the crypto world"
  13. Warfare

    Is that a question or the name of a course from the aforementioned website?
  14. Old crypto packs pay less again. At this rate, it's uncertain how long it's gonna last. Remember, this is a high risk investment program, they could stop paying or reduce earnings at any moment. Still got the 43rd payment
  15. WeWork Voted Gener8 Their Startup Of The Week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnEGMIEsh7M
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