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  1. Hi @Antoniooo, Welcome to TGF!
  2. Season 3 payouts will start early next week: https://help.refereum.com/refereum-com/season-3-payout-audit-details
  3. The new domain for WCX is wcex.com Sign-up here. WCX exchange and sale opened on 13th May. https://medium.com/@wcxofficial/wcx-is-here-603a1bc0bb78 Guide for migrating WCXT to XT, 1 WCXT = 10 XT, current price 1 XT = $0.06 https://medium.com/@wcxofficial/migrating-your-wcxt-to-xt-92bbf4ccd274
  4. Refereum’s Growth Engine, a powerful tool for building communities: https://medium.com/refereum/introducing-refereums-growth-engine-a-powerful-tool-for-building-communities-20f1387f0fe1
  5. Chain letter in 2018 :))
  6. Hey @insightssuccess , Enjoy your stay!
  7. Hi @hyiper.net , Welcome to TGF!
  8. Hi @kamarupak , Welcome to TopGoldForum.
  9. Season 3 ended and season 4 started: https://medium.com/refereum/season-3-ends-and-season-4-begins-88064876e43d
  10. The tokens for season 1 were sent: https://medium.com/refereum/weve-sent-out-the-season-one-rfr-earndrop-ba4981da6821
  11. Countdown till launch: 10 days.
  12. Main ICO is currently running. 1 SAT = $0.14 You can still get 50 SAT free just for signup.
  13. Most likely I'll chill with some cryptos, same as @Pracca Image source: Cointelegraph
  14. Claiming STAC tokens is now possible! Login to CoinStarter and click "Claim Bonus Tokens" and start the process of getting STAC to your own Ethereum wallet (must support ERC20). The claim must be made before February 16th, unclaimed tokens will be burned after this date. The distribution will be on May 15th.
  15. The Refereum Token Sale Is Complete: https://medium.com/refereum/the-refereum-token-sale-is-complete-4f974d7d1c6