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  1. Update: The extension is now available for Microsoft Edge and mobile Firefox (you need to request the desktop version when you login in the extension). 5th payment
  2. Boosting channels is basically the purpose of this website. You can try it for free with the signup bonus.
  3. During the month of August (1-31) there is a referral contest. Top 20 referrers will share a prize pool of $1000! Also, the menu was changed a bit to make the basics easier to understand for newer members.
  4. There are more countries now getting paid $0.10 per search/click. Australia Canada France Germany Italy Netherlands Singapore Spain United Kingdom United States The rest gets paid $0.05 per search/click.
  5. TwitchFollowers is a Twitch exchange site similar to TwitchFollows. They launched around September 2018. Viewers are paid to follow and watch Twitch streamers, while Twitch streamers can purchase followers and viewers. Earning options as a viewer Follow Twitch channels: between 20-50 credits. Visit Twitch channels: between 20-50 credits. Watch Twitch streams: max 10 minutes per stream, each minute paying about 10 credits (Premium only). Premium Upgrade ($9.99 one time) Get access to watch Twitch streams. Earn credits instantly (no more 24h wait). Stream view notifications (be the first to know via email when a Stream View Sponsorship goes live). Receive a premium viewer badge. Referral Program Both sponsor and the person joining with a referral link will receive 1000 credits. Minimum Payout 20000 credits = $20 via PayPal. Link: TwitchFollowers
  6. Today's distribution of ads was surprisingly big. $4.116 from BAP group 6, $4.375 from top 1% APS and $2.9165 from Top 15% Referral Ad Issue. The rest are random ads. $11.53 in total. My initial deposit is $100 + repurchases.
  7. Starting the week with $4.781 in ads. 50% bigger ad issues!
  8. The biggest ad today for me was $3.1745 from the Achievement ad issue (Top 1%). Combined with BAP groups ad issue (I'm in group 6) and Referrals ad issue, $7.71 in total.
  9. Tips: Ads Recycling All paid ads consume BAP and expire/get recycled in 18 hours after they're issued. Make sure to check everyday for available ads. The number of ads vary day by day, most of them have a timer of only 5 seconds and only a few 15 or 30 seconds. Sort your ads by time Click your username in the right side of the dashboard, then click on "Account Data", then below "Ads order" click "Sort by time asc". The ads will now be sorted by the least time they have before expiring. Ad Filter With it you can block ads below a certain value you set. Cost: $10 for lifetime. Useful if you have a lot of BAPs (hundreds of thousands) in order to justify it's cost. Recycler Upgrade For $0.05 you get the option of receiving a part of all the ads that expire/get recycled from other users. The upgrade expires after delivering at least $1+ worth of recycled ads. The amount of ads received can vary and could amount to up to 2000 ads. Only buy it if you have enough time to click and enough BAP (minimum 2500). Even better in combination with the Ad Filter. Achievements Click on "APS" below main menu and see all the milestones you can complete. You will receive achievement points that help you advance throught ranks (Top 1%, 5%, 50% etc.). Based on your rank you can receive extra paid ads from the Achievement Ad Issue. Check Daily Ad Issue Stats Inside dashboard you can find at the bottom the Recent Daily Ad Issue Stats. You can see the date and value of it. The date is clickable and will take you to a detailed view of BAP groups ad issue, Referrals ad issue and Achievement ad issue. News On Friday there will be a "Mega Ad Issue". Super User Upgrades
  10. Lots of high value ads to click. Get 100 BAP free when you sign up! I bought 100 Bulk Ads and I'm in BAP Group 6. There were 385 ads today for a total of $3.837, the biggest single ad being $1.974

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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