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  1. Hello everybody! I wanted to present you an investment game with no limits! Payback period of the deposit 90 days. Sign Up(Click Me) Instructions. "How to start playing and earn?" 1. Sign Up(Click Me) Open full screen 2. Refill your balance. Open full screen 3. Buy a bird, they will bear your many eggs. Open full screen 4. Collect and sell eggs Open full screen 5. Withdraw money Open full screen 6. See the payment Open full screen You can earn not only on birds, but also on in-game games. Such as treasure, auction, slot, kamikaze, stone-scissors-paper, twenty-one, lucky egg. In addition to games, you can also become a shareholder of the project and receive dividends or sell shares more than they bought, due to the floating stock price. Sign Up(Click Me)
  2. Pays! New payment: Payeer Sign up (Click me) Pays! New payment: Payeer Sign up (Click me)
  3. Pays! New payment: Operation date: 04 Mar 2017 05:02 Operation ID: 318993625 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 396.23 p From: @anonim