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  1. bilo

    Better doing a little research to find out the right broker rather than making a regret in future. At the moment there are thousands of broker however we should only choose among those who have some repute in the past years.
  2. I bet this demo trading leads even an average person to become a good earning machine because demo account allow us to learn forex trading processes more easily than any other method.
  3. bilo

    Practice on consistence basis eventually brings a lot of success and those in forex trading, we have witnessed many examples where new traders looses money however those who let go these losses becomes successful traders.
  4. bilo

    Success only comes to those who are disciplined, consistent and patience as per my knowledge.
  5. bilo

    Gambling only involves luck however forex trading business is purely professional business where we need to do a lot of work based on our knowledge and experience in order to earn good returns on our investment.
  6. If they are not learning enough to make a good trade yielding them any money, then it is better they should choose any other money making opportunity other than this forex i guess.
  7. bilo

    I have also seen that there may happen when some trades also went bad too however the best strategy is to make a proper trade management plan and sticking to it, even if loss is hit stop the trading and take some time reviewing the trade plan again to make some necessary changes.
  8. bilo

    Slippage is the issue which arises during the high volatile market and i think that we have no other choice but to trade on as it is basis.
  9. bilo

    Yes but it also requires us to be very patient and consistent while learning the strategies that help us earn some money from forex trading.
  10. bilo

    Hedging is important and i think we should have a safe exit plan just in order to make sure that we should not blow all of our capital in one place.
  11. bilo

    I just have received email from my broker hotforex confirming that they also started accepting bitcoin as deposit method, so i think this bitcoin might be a good thing that has acceptance at many other places as well.
  12. bilo

    Learning is the only key to success in every aspect of life however i think many of us feel learning like a tiring job and that is why many of us looses too.
  13. Risk of loss is always there in any business so those who do hard work with positive mind and face problems surely succeed one day.
  14. bilo

    I believe that many losses in this forex market yet it allows many traders to live a luxury life style so better to let go off these losses which were incurred in past and start trading with a new passion and learn the tactics required to place you in the 5% list.
  15. bilo

    indeed you are right because there are no doubts that these brokers are one of our partners which supply us the required technology in order to access the trade market.
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