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  1. Broker plays a vital role in forex trading. And it is the most difficult work for every newbie. Because forex market already have a huge number of brokers. Selecting one broker for them is way difficult then you think. Without a right broker you cannot get success in your business. If you have proper knowledge you can easily select a good broker. Or if you select a good broker they will provide you proper education regarding forex trading. Like I get the knowledge of forex trading from ECNCAPITAL.
  2. Good broker is not very hard to find. A new trader just spends some time for research through online and take an advice from professionals. To become successful in forex trading is not possible without a good broker of your own. So, think before you join one. I am with ECNCAPITAL because what I think is most concerning matter is the broker you are choosing is regulated or not. This broker is regulated.
  3. Foreign exchange market participants assign trend following strategies a fairly high degree of reliability in forecasting short term returns. Rigorous research confirm that these strategies do indeed tend to be profitable for major dollar based exchange rates. The profitability of trend following strategies can potentially be explained using the microstructurally based analysis of carry trade. To understand this market deeply a person should enter this business with a good broker like ECNCAPITAL.
  4. Forex market is involve with buying and selling different countries currency. That’s why it is called currency trading or foreign currency exchange market. In this market one currency of one country is exchanged with another countries currency. This exchange is based on the rate of exchange. You can exchange with more than one trading pair in your business if your broker allows. My broker ECNCAPITAL allows many currency pair including major and minor currency.
  5. For day traders, knowing which pieces of US data move the market the most can be extremely valuable. System traders need to know when it is worthwhile to turn their systems off, while breakout traders will want to know where to place their big bets based on what economic releases typically set off the largest movements. No matter what type of trader you are, you can feel comfortable and profitable with ECNCAPITAL trading platform.
  6. Technical indicator is very important in forex trading. Because you can understand the future price movement by the help of technical indicator. It is also define market patterns, technical analysis etc. In forex market there are many technical indicators. It is not less than 200. Basically all these indicators are based on mathematical calculation on the base of previous exchange patterns. My trading platform is ECNCAPITAL it is providing me the best technical indicators.
  7. Making trading decision based on fundamental analysis means buying or selling currency as exchange rate is expected to go up or down, because of a news release or other economical incident. The news releases that affect exchange rates are news containing information about economic indicators such as interest rates, gross domestic product or employment cost index. I used fundamental analysis to predict the market with ECNCAPITAL.
  8. Forex market has huge opportunity to earn profit compared to other financial market in the world. It is the best solution to earn unlimited profit. Traders find this opportunity due to leverage. To understand leverage as opportunity traders must understand what is leverage? The answer is leverage is expressed by the ratio and based on the margin requirements by your broker. I am able get high volume of leverage by maintaining 2% margin in my account by the help of ECNCAPITAL.
  9. Forex is the largest financial market in the world. It is an online market, where currency pairs are being traded 24 hours a day and five days a week. Daily turnover is more than $4 trillion. Typical transaction involves buying one currency and selling another with free floating exchange rates. I am a currency trader and am operating in this market with ECNCAPITAL the best exchange dealer or broker in this market.
  10. The success in forex is a secret to general traders. But the thing is there is no secret to get success in forex trading. Forex market is open for all. Anyone can join forex trading without any academic certificate. Anyone can trade 24 hours of a day in forex trading. Just traders has proper knowledge or know the proper process then it is as easy as water. I have got success trading with ECNCAPITAL.
  11. I am currently trade at ECNCAPITAL. after testing several forex platforms I found this one to be the most suitable for me. What made the difference this from others is a unique feature that allow me to watch and copy the strategies and trades of the best performing traders on the platform. I can actually see each move the professional traders make. This method works for me nicely and I am enjoying trading.
  12. You cannot separate this two things from your forex trading. Knowledge and investment both are related with one another. Initial capital is very important for starting forex trading. On the other hand without proper knowledge you can’t do that. Without proper knowledge how could you do forex trading? To become a successful forex trader every trader must have the combination of knowledge and investment. I had invest in ECNCAPITAL, they have ensure my profitable trading future with best environment.
  13. If you are decided to do forex trading you have select a broker. You have to be very careful choosing a right broker. You have to check their security system for your funds, their transaction cost, bonus offer, trading strategy etc. Most important thing is you have to check is it a regulated trading broker or not. If it is not a regulated trading broker you cannot work properly due to many restriction. My broker is ECNCAPITAL.
  14. Everyone should know all fundamentals of forex trading process. So, this way new trader can easily obtain all the tools needed to ensure a quick start. Many forex trader is going through many problems until reaching a stable and consistent success. That is why it is important for us to pointing out the potential hazards that every trader will encounter at some point. I also faced many hazards until I join with ECNCAPITAL.
  15. Basically I personally prefer USD /GBP trading pair for my forex trading. Because in the whole world US dollar is the most powerful currency. Every forex trader must have the proper knowledge of trading pair. Because you are doing finally currency exchange. So you have to understand the currency pair. ECNCAPITAL is my broker they have many trading pair in their trading instrument. They helps me to choose according to my business which currency will suit to me.