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  1. Every Forex trader needs to have a regulated broker to have safety of funding and to get other friendly facilities. I am enjoying all regulated facilities with Trade12 broker as a scalper. I have high leverage like 1:400, narrow floating trading spread, tightest margin level, smart bridge technology for scalping and hedging, superior fast execution, fluent trading platform and this is user friendly indeed.
  2. No deposit money is really good news for retail Forex traders, but I see the terms and conditions of no deposit bonus are too complicated! So, traders need to check terms and conditions before using this type of trading bonus! By the way, I used 100% welcome bonus of TradingBanks broker, there was no hidden or complicated terms so, I already withdrawn this bonus!
  3. In Forex market everyday more than $4 trillion dollars are traded which exceeds New York Stock Exchange market. According to the survey Forex is considered as the largest economic business in the world. It is natural to have risk on this market. Traders mostly are afraid of trading with the market. Forex takes different position according to the price action. So a trader also needs to be flexible in taking several decisions. Because nothing but only a good planning can change one’s trading career. Despite all risk just for the lowest spread and lowest transaction cost I can carry a good total of profit with trade-24.com broker.
  4. Every business is established on the theory of assumption. So according to the theory we can easily say that before trading we need to predict market price through analysis. Though Forex is uncertain so it must be risky to the traders. That’s why business is always risky profession. Many traders are losing from Forex market day by day. Knowledge is an asset which leads to a good profit. A good knowledge always helps us in taking a good assumption regarding Forex. I am a trader of trade-24.com is the best supportive broker and best for signal and news.
  5. Broker is a media which renders all trading facilities to the traders. Each and every trader usually seeks for such a trading broker where they can trust on. That’s why a trader go for some specific qualities like high security level, high leverage, low spread, fast execution, no extra transaction cost etc. Regulation of a broker is very much needed to have because it’s makes a broker durable in it’s way. To get a pure security there is no other alternation of having a right broker. I am a trader of trade-24.com where I have been trading with for more than 1 year but yet I get no problems regarding service and durability.
  6. Broker is an important media to every Forex trader that serves essential facilities to their traders. Regulation of a broker is very much needed. Without regulation a broker cannot be regulated. There many brokers in the market place which having no registration and a huge amount of traders are getting cheated day by day. That’s why broker selection has become the top most challenging task to do. I suffered much with several brokers but at last I got engaged with trade-24.com broker. Here I have been trading for long one year facing no problem yet. That’s why my trading life is going well with this broker.
  7. To find out a right broker has become very tough task to do. There are several brokers in retail market position. They are getting into market position day by day. In my career I have faced many brokers and also changed many brokers for several problems. There are thousands of brokers in retail market position who are running their activities without showing any legal certificate. Now you need to compare and discuss many things while choosing a broker. At last I found trade-24.com broker for me where I am getting almost all trading facilities. They are really active in their services.
  8. Usually a broker is known as a middleman. It serves different services to the traders. It performs for the welfare of their traders. We can identify a broker through it’s activities. There are thousands of brokers around the world. Now a day it has become very tough to identify the right broker. Maximum of the brokers are getting into market position through showing fake or no certificate. That’s why a question regarding their reputation is arose. By the stroke of my luck I found trade-24.com broker for my trading. It is an excellent broker from all sight and it is technologically so much developed.
  9. Brokers work as a media of Forex market. Traders use to run their transactions with brokers. Broker serves several services to their traders. If the broker remains good then it will provide well services to their traders. That’s why regulation of a broker is very much needed to have. There are thousands of brokers in retail market position. As a result it has become very tough to identify the right broker for us. In my trading career I traded with several brokers. But I was not comfortable with most of them. At last I found a broker called trade-24.com where I have been trading for a long time with facing no problems.
  10. Forex is the largest financial market where money is the main ingredient of trading. If a trader has enough knowledge regarding Forex money is not a big fact for him. A trader has the ability of earning unlimited with this market. This is a 24 hours open market. I have been trading with this market for a long time. When I was first at Forex market there were many problems regarding Forex brokers. Even in retail market position there are many brokers to select. But when I got myself involved with trade-24.com broker I have been fully free from various types of problems. Because they offer the best security level.
  11. Yes, ECN broker trade-24.com also helps me to reduce risk exposure by providing 30% welcome bonus offer with Negative Balance Protection service! This is way, now I am comfortable here with my small amount of trading capital! That’s the reason, why I am interested on only friendly trading platforms, they make sure 2 services in a time, best live trading environment with enough capital security! While market maker brokers are harassing their clients!
  12. Well, I respect your opinion but success without any specific trading strategy is not impossible in Forex! I have 5 years trading experience and I identify good points of trading by doing live market analysis! Yes, there is no specific trading system here, I make both kind of market analysis thus I filter my entry points, in this case live market analysis of trade-24.com broker helps me a lot! There I get professional ideas on market analysis with details!
  13. Well, a trading system is simply a group of specific rules that determine entry and exit point so clearly! No doubt, good trading strategy or system is not available here and there! Although, in my 1st year of trading I tried to make a profitable trading strategy but now I use one of the most reliable automatic service ‘Social Trading Service’ of trade-24.com ! Strategy based trading is challenging but automatic trading is enjoyable because of consistent result of trade24 broker!
  14. Good broker means, which broker ensures low trading cost with 100% capital security like trade-24.com broker! I know this ECN trading broker very well since, I have been using their live trading service from the 4th month of 2015! The most fastest withdrawals that I have experienced! This is way, as a pro trader I am very much comfortable with trade24 because, I need to withdraw my profit for several times in a week!