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  1. The way helps us minimize trading risk is called risk management. Every professional trader has his own tips to minimize risk. I also follow some tips like maximum of time I trade with low lot and avoid EA trading as well as hedging. I use only a small amount of leverage in trading. With Trade12 I have flexible high leverage, narrow floating trading spread and lowest transaction cost and all these make me devoid of trading risk.
  2. Forex is such a market where you can take an entry according to your own wish. But all points are not good enough for trading and that’s why we need to find out right trading entry point through making analysis indeed. So it is professional trading method indeed. Trade12 open every pending orders without any technical pitfall and they open entry in a right position. Here I face no technical errors like dealing desk, reqoutes and slippage.
  3. It is really impossible to think of Forex except analysis. Analysis is of two types and one is technical analysis and another is fundamental analysis. Most of the traders prefer technical analysis more and more. As a technical analyzer I am running well with Trade12 broker and here I have the best and fluent trading platform which includes more than 250 technical tools and it is user friendly where I face no technical errors.
  4. As a highly regulated, digitalized and technologically high broker I found Trade12 broker. They provide traders high security of funding using several regulated bank accounts and third party to supervise all accounts. Due to having high trading leverage I can extend my trading lot and enjoy narrow floating trading spread and that’s why my trading profit is always bigger and can run all transaction with the lowest cost. I am also having smart bridge technology for scalping and hedging.
  5. Professionally I am student and in our sub-continent students mainly carry out their expenditure through performing any part time job or tuition. But you know these things can’t afford to give you a high feedback and also can’t be a strong platform. As a part time trading I am taking high trading profit with Trade12 broker with whom I have high leverage, low spread, lowest transaction cost, ECN accounts with lowest commission and no restrictions for pending orders.
  6. Demo is a platform contains all trading features except funding. Here all the funding given is fake. We actually use demo accounts just for skill development and in maximum of the cases we also use it for choosing the right broker. Through using the demo accounts of many brokers I found Trade12 broker where they accepted me with wide range of deposit bonus, narrow floating trading spread and high leverage.
  7. In forex every trade involves a certain amount of leverage which is actually risk. But even risk also relies on various factors. Traders can eliminate risk through following some directions. He must trade with low trading lot and should trade with micro account too. I am using the micro account of Trade12 broker which is swap free and here also I have high trading leverage up to 1:400, narrow floating trading spread and flexible margin level.
  8. Over trading is really fatal to the traders. It causes much loss to the traders. Traders should avoid this type of habit because professional traders never do this. Professionalism can be lain in over trading. But as a scalper sometimes I need to over trade when I have chances. With Trade12 I have the best opportunities as a scalper and hedger like I have smart bridge technology there.
  9. Forex is a complicated task especially those who are fundamental analyzer should keep sight on all occurrence occurring around the world because all these news affect on market. Actually those who are also technical analyzers should also keep sight on these. I am a technical analyzer and trading with Trade12 broker with whom I have the best economic calendar which provides me right news signals on daily basis.
  10. Everyday millions of traders are joining Forex and they badly need of proper support but in the market place there are a less amount of supportive brokers. But verily to say that I have selected Trade12 broker as a highly regulated as well as supportive broker. They are dedicated and active in providing supports. They provides good educative program, narrow trading spread and flexible high leverage to the traders.
  11. Scalping in the forex advertise includes exchanging monetary forms in view of an arrangement of ongoing investigation. The motivation behind scalping is to make a benefit by purchasing or offering monetary standards and holding the situation for a brief timeframe and shutting it for a little benefit. As a scalping broker I selected Trade12 with whom I have smart bridge technology and fluent trading platform including more than 250 technical tools.
  12. Forex is an economy based market currencies are used for dealt in. Traders gather here from different parts of the world with a view to exchanging their currencies. The core disadvantage of the market is that the market has no central place to control over the market so broker is all in all here. Broker is the savoir of the market. So as a regulated trading broker I am with Trade12 broker with whom I have high security of funding as well as high leverage to take.
  13. Risk management is one of the policies to be maintained for Forex trading. Several ways are adapted for risk management craft. Without risk management traders can be failure. With Trade12 I can easily minimizes my trading risk because here I have flexible high leverage, narrow floating trading spread, superior fast execution, easy withdrawl, lowest transaction cost and as a result of this I can enjoy my exact trading profit.
  14. Great survey over broker is needed to select a broker. After a long time I carefully selected Trade12 broker with whom I have high security of funding. So big investors can easily choose he broker who is controlled by Exo Capitals Markets ltd. The broker also includes easy fund transferring, smart bridge technology for scalping and hedging, high trading leverage, narrow floating trading spread and superior fast execution.
  15. A trader expects a good amount of trading facilities as well as a good and active trading supports from their traders. Because traders frequently face some problems and to solve these problems traders usually contact with the broker. Trade12 provides active support for 24/7 and they maintain their branch offices in several places and as a result of this I can directly contact them when need.