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  1. Every business involves risk and so does Forex. I want to define how Forex involves risk: while opening a trader we take minimum or maximum leverage and we all know that leverage is a loan and risk. If the market goes positive then it brings profit and it goes opposite it brings loss equivalently. But with Trade12 I have high leverage, narrow floating trading spread, lowest transaction cost and everything help me deduct my risk level.
  2. Forex has become a vital source of earning among the traders. Brokers are serving Forex with their amazing options. So traders are operating trading through residing in home. Some traders are taking it as their own profession and some other are taking it as a part time job like am I. As a high liquid and successful broker I am dealing in with Trade12 broker. The broker was awarded several times due to their scam free and honest support.
  3. I am really dependable on high leverage actually. As a trader I prefer scalping and hedging more and more. Though I like to hedge I sometimes transfer some of my balance into another account and trade with high leverage in order to take high profit. With Trade12 I really have high leverage like up to 1:400 through which I can easily extend my lot size and take a huge profit.
  4. The most priority goes to security while choosing a broker. Every trader deserves a high security of funding from his selected broker. But we hardly find such a broker. Really by the stroke of my luck I found Trade12 broker which is highly secure to their traders. The broker maintains all regulated bank accounts and also maintain third party to supervise all accounts and use dedicated fund manager.
  5. In Forex market every trade comes from risk. Every trader uses leverage while taking a trade. So leverage involves risk we know. So a trader can maintain risk through several ways like he can use low leverage, can trade with narrow floating trading spread and closing a tight margined broker. As such broker I found Trade12 broker from where I have high leverage like up to 1:400, narrow floating trading spread and tightest margin level.
  6. I have chosen an ECN trading broker namely Trade12 due to their user friendly facilities. The broker belongs to a fluent trading platform, smart bridge technology for scalping and hedging, ECN accounts with lowest commission and no restrictions for pending orders. They use several regulated bank accounts and maintain third party to supervise all accounts and maintain dedicated fund manager to ensure high security of funding to the traders.
  7. Bonuses are always lucrative to the traders and they mostly seek for this with their brokers. There are many traders in the retail market place have a small amount of capital to invest especially they can enjoy the taste of big capital. You know large capital is helpful for large earning indeed. Trade12 is such a regulated broker who allowed me with no small deposit bonus. Their ECN accounts with lowest commission and no restrictions for pending orders are really fascinating.
  8. Forex is being popular now a day among the traders and everyday millions of traders are joining Forex day by day. Everyday more than $4 trillion dollars is traded here according to the survey the market is considered to be the largest one. So it has appeared to the traders as a potential source of investment. And I have done the job successfully investing into Trade12 broker. Here I have the high security of funding and use dedicated fund manager.
  9. The amount we invest on Forex or any other business is called capital. Capital is an inevitable ingredient to all Forex trader or any businessman. Without having it starting a business is beyond imagination. The cardinal facility of Forex is that a trader can start trading with a small amount of capital. Trade12 allowed me as a small investor and ensured a wide range of deposit bonus to me.
  10. As a good trading broker I selected Trade12 and I am using it’s micro account which is swap free at all and having following facilities: -wide range of deposit bonus with the lowest commission, -best education program including e-book, video tutorials and Forex glossary, -smart bridge technology with superior fast execution, -having no charge on every transaction, -high trading leverage like more than 1:400 with narrow floating trading spread, -high security of funding to their clients.
  11. I am always dependable on high leverage. Basically I am a part time trader and spend not more than two hours a day. So I always extend my lot size and enjoy profit as well as loss within a few time. As a scalper I am running well with Trade12 broker. As a scalper the broker is a heaven to me as I have high trading leverage like up to 1:400 act up to the account type.
  12. Almost every Forex broker provides demo account to the traders. In the demo account only the dollar is fake but remaining everything are likely to real account. We can justify a broker through demo account. Through using demo account I got aware of Trade12 broker. The broker is really honest and supportive to their traders and allow small along with big investors with wide range of deposit bonus.
  13. Forex is a competitive market where currencies are exchanged on daily basis. Success from Forex market isn’t that much easy task indeed. Much experience and sufficient amount of trading ideas are needed to have in order to be a successful Forex trader. Everyone can benefit but actual accessories are needed to have. With Trade12 I have almost all articles of trading including well defined education program, smart bridge technology and fluent trading platform.
  14. Hedging is a way for a company to minimize or eliminate foreign exchange risk. Two common hedges are forward contracts and options. A forward contract will lock in an exchange rate today at which the currency transaction will occur at the future date. With Trade12 I have smart bridge technology for scalping and hedging and I can smoothly execute a trade here. They charge lowest transaction cost in each transaction.
  15. Everyday millions of traders are joining with Forex marker with a view to having their livelihood. They are being hurled away from trading due to their deficiency of knowledge and improper experience level. They mostly suffer from having an unregulated broker and always accord high amount of commission to their selected brokers. But Trade12 is fully different from them and provide wide range of deposit bonus with flexible leverage and narrow spread level.