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  1. With Trade12 broker you can easily maximize your trading profit. It’s because the broker offers no set up fees and high leverage up to 1:400 and narrow trading spread which obviously increase trader’s profit. With the broker you also are going to have smart bridge technology, tightest trading spread, superior fast execution, all advanced technologies, fluent trading platform including more than 250 technical tools indeed.
  2. Strategy can be vary from trader to trader because traders of different types follow different types of trading system like some prefer scalping, some hedging, some long time trading and some goes for EA trading indeed. But to a strategy appropriately we should select a broker indeed. Trade12 is the best and most desired broker who offers low trading spread, all ECN accounts with lowest commission and no restrictions on trading.
  3. Spread is the chief of all discussions in Forex market. Spread is mainly the basic difference between ask and bid price. It is according to market language. But informally I have to say that it is commission taken by broker and the mean of making profit of a broker. Trade12 charges a very small amount of trading spread in maximum of their ECN accounts which is really genial to the traders.
  4. Yes definitely to the scalpers spread is an important topic indeed. It mainly refers to the basic difference between ask and bid price. It is also important for extending trading profit indeed and every single traders begs for low trading spread for enlarging their trading profit indeed. Trade12 is a broker charges lowest trading spread to the traders and the amount of spread is lower than 0.1.
  5. Broker is an inevitable part of trading indeed. Every trader selects a broker to run trading indeed. In market place there are several types of brokers including ECN, STP and Market maker. ECN brokers are the dominators in market place indeed. I am strongly referring Trade12 broker which is an ECN based broker allows traders with high security of funding, narrow trading spread and superior fast execution.
  6. Those who are long time trader keep a trade open for a long time and it can be for a day, a week and a month too. But on the other hand scalpers keep a trade open for a very short period of time. But to do scalping properly a reliable trading broker should be selected. Trade12 is a reliable broker operated by Exo Capital Markets ltd and offers all qualitative facilities.
  7. MetaTrader 5 is an institutional multi-asset platform offering outstanding trading possibilities and technical analysis tools, as well as enabling the use of automated trading systems and copy trading. MT4 is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. Trade12 provides all trading platforms with web trader, android and IOS trading software. There is inclusion of more than 250 technical tools indeed.
  8. Forex trading has become a buzz word among people. They are taking it as their profession but fact is that they are not capable enough of tolerating the pressure of Forex. As a result they are leaving the profession after a few while indeed. They are not even getting proper support from their brokers. But Trade12 is an advanced ECN broker allows traders with smart bridge technology, narrow trading spread and superior fast execution.
  9. People of different types are much passionate to getting rich indeed. They are accepting Forex as a way to becoming rich indeed but the work is not that much easy to the traders to get rich by trading within a very short time. They must be calculative in selection of broker. Trade12 is a very good option to the scalpers and hedgers because while trading you are going to face no dealing desk, reqoutes and slippage.
  10. Forex is a life changing profession. Traders can’t be successful if they are not well educated about trading. They have to knowledge from each and every mistake indeed. They have to utilize trading and should find out the best educative program after all. Trade12 issues a very good educative program for free which includes e-book, video tutorials and Forex glossary to the traders indeed.
  11. Forex is a life changing profession if a trader can utilize it in the right way. But here traders make their first mistake and they jump onto trading without gathering knowledge. There is nothing compared to learning and only an ignorant person can utilize the importance of learning indeed. To develop traders Trade12 offers a nice educative program which actually includes e-book, video tutorials and Forex glossary as well as live classes.
  12. Platform is of different types including web trader, android and IOS trader. It incorporates all essential trading tools with showing market price movement indeed. Trade12 offers all types of trading platforms to the traders. Here you are going to have more than 250 technical tools, one click trading facility. It’s specialty is that it is free of dealing desk, reqoutes and slippage.
  13. Forex is such a blessing profession where traders can start with low deposit indeed. As a result those who have not enough funding to start with can choose and become flourished. Traders need to select such a trading broker who allows traders with wide range of deposit bonus indeed. Trade12 allows traders with handsome amount of deposit bonus to the traders which is helpful to them.
  14. If a trader wants then he can keep his trade open for one month. This type of trading is known as long time trading is favored by maximum of the professional traders indeed. But a regulated and reliable trading broker should be selected for trading nicely indeed. Trade12 is a blessing broker indeed who allows traders with no small deposit bonus, high leverage up to 1:400 and narrow trading spread.
  15. Confidence is a goof sight of every human nature. There is lack of trading confidence among traders which makes a victim of loss. A trader can grow up his confidence level day by day by developing trading knowledge indeed. That’s why a good educative program should be followed indeed. Trade12 is offering a nice educative program which includes e-book, video tutorials and Forex glossary indeed.
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