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  3. Tran Huy

    • BITURL has been and will grow even more with the realization of the plan - the goal in the new year • To respond to your confidence and Brother and Sister laced with the hot air of the market, increasing the number of ID weekly daily. With the aim to help you A / C building long term mutually biturl system. Le Trung Phong I sent to 20 award-winning program = 2 BTC as follows: • From 1/1 - 01/31/2017 Members with 2 conditions Redemption 1) structure 1: 6 F1 - F2 12 - 18 F3 2) structure 2: 3 F1 - F2 6 - 9 F3 - 12 F4 *note : • Member ID when reaching conditions whereupon bonus. Hot hot hot .... ... • In addition to the reward of LE TRUNG PHONG. A / C there At the fund divided BITURL opportunities. WISH YOU siblings EARLY RESULTS ACHIEVED AND SO MUCH FUN RESPECT!
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  10. BITCYCLER PRELAUNCHED IN DECEMBER 5TH!1000+ MEMBERS IN LESS THAN 36 HOURS!JOIN US AND SECURE YOUR POSITION(S) BEFORE OFFICIAL LAUNCH ON DECEMBER 15THWhat is BitCycler? Is a New Revolutionary Concept on how Helping Communities work, making it 100% sustainable in the long run.How does it work? All the people worldwide purchase positions that are put in a single monoline. For every 2 new purchases worldwide, the first person in the queue get his/her reward, and all the rest are moved 1 spot forward.How much can I earn? Link regist : http://www.bitcycler.com/register/trandainhan0506There are 3 types of positions you can purchase:$20 --> Profit 130%$50 --> Profit 135%$100 --> Profit 140%Purchases and withdrawal are made in Bitcoins.When I will be paid? Monthly? The main difference between BitCycler and other Helping Communities is that in BitCycler there is not a prefixed time frame to earn, and that is what makes BitCycler 100% sustainable.But when can I expect to be paid? If people understand this new concept and accept it, you could get paid weekly or even more often than that.Lets see and example of how much you could earn starting with a single position of $100:🗓Day 1: Invest $100🗓Day 8: Profit $140, reinvest $140🗓Day 15: Profit $192, reinvest $190🗓Day 22: Profit $259.5, reinvest $250🗓Day 29: Profit $347.5Thats more than a 300% interest in less than a Month!Do I need to Refer to earn? No.Will I earn more if I invite others to join? Yes! You will earn a 10% bonus in all the purchases made by your direct referrals.And if you qualify to be a manager, inviting only 10 members who purchase at least 1 position, you will earn in 4 manager levels:1st level: 5%2nd level: 3%3rd level: 2%4th level: 1%Can you give me an example? If just one of your referral starts with $100 and uses the earnings to repurchase during a month like in the example above, you will get a bonus of $68.Just from a single person in a Month.Imagine how much you could earn if you are able to create a big team of hundreds or even thousand of members.Is there any other bonus? Yes! If you are capable of creating a big network under you of 100, 1000 or even 10000 members, you will be rewarded with higher bonuses.In the top level, you will be earning the DOUBLE commissions as a standard manager!How can I join? Speak to the person who told you about BitCycler and sign up using his/her link What should I do after registering? 1 - Log in to the members area2 - Purchase as many positions as you want3- Start sharing BitCycler with others!
  11. Tran Huy

    Do you want to earn 58btc. Please cmt me if you care Only with low deposit 0.03 btc - Payback 2 F1, will be also the large systems to 15 Floor - Upper overflow layer beneath - It is Waves Combined Code -start 0.03 btc only one time, you have 58 btc in month it is recognized through follow the floor, arga, the full branch will be received more money Any expired day or renewal time? - no , no any that No expiry date, automatic cycled out, automatic buy new position, 3% to 15level deep, 55% direct reff * Step 1 : Click link : https://biturl.biz/registration/trnadainhan0506.html - fill full info - User Name : ..... - Enter Full Name :...... - Email :....... - Enter BTC Address :........ - Phone ( telegram phone) :...... - Passport :........ - National: - Address : ...... - Password :....... - PIN Password : ..... = I accept the User Agreemenr •» click Register. * Step 2 : Login and Active 0,03btc - Choose Account / Add funds / fill 0,03 / click Add Funds - Copy system 's bitcoin wallet - » send 0,03 btc to it * Step 3 : Active member - Click Active me
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