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  1. First withdraw 0.001066 BTC 6b1cb085eba623971df51c1b9d0ec27033839f237863fce04de6b8e4190103e9 Thanks admin!
  2. deposit 0.00298595 BTC 9045bb8af0417f9e828991c8577bafc2eda77548ed68b4d2eae5538a5e1f233b
  3. Payment: +0.00128393 BTC f8ff6c4c12cad62f442227bf9a48890e8862f0314f256491018a7d9061ae3bf5
  4. Payment: +0.00144085 BTC 7ef2c93c9169a1946c82482a7564ba9708617c9fd7c4adce4cbb8daadf33fc23
  5. Payment: +0.00114517 BTC df0c218ecddbb78e6773be457360cceddca891d818270d3f172a26beec8acfc3
  6. Payment: +0.001207 BTC 2b0c23ddf100f2b86042797bd1b666dfa6be69fabf3658338956b3c9741e651d
  7. My deposit 0.01 BTC https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/8c42864aee94bfac277c17bf46824305a1611cbd055a5c439515492d3b519879
  8. I'm not admin or owner of the project. Start - 14.03.2019 Main Features: Payment method - BTC 6 types of mining contracts: costs from 0.0005 to 0.04 BTC 100 GH/s free contract for sign up Contracts duration - 120 days Interest - from 7% to 30 % Referral commission - 5% MInimal deposit - 0.0005 BTC Minimal withdraw - 0.001 BTC https://nextgenmining.club/?ref=23
  9. Round 1 of weekly contest of active users is over. My congrats to winners: MLMKING, rassmolBTC, bitincome89, beretta333, everchost41, jerryonecoin, sajal, jixxx, youmdy, DmitryKondor. Each of them was awarded with 0.0064 BTC. New round begins. Good luck!
  10. Today we are launching a new competition for the best video about our project. Conditions of the competition: 1. You must be an active participant in the project with a total volume of purchased tickets for an amount not less than 0.025 BTC 2. Videos must be in English 3. Videos must reflect the project working mechanism 4. Videos must be no less than 500 views. The contest will be completed 01/16/2017 First place will be rewarded with a prize of $ 0.60 BTC. Second and third place will share the prize in 0.30 BTC and 0.10 BTC, respectively. Do not forget about our weekly contest. Tomorrow the results of the first round of the contest will be announced. You still have all the chances to receive a portion of the prize pool. Good luck. Official website: https://furyco.in Official social pages: https://plus.google.com/collection/o9f8qB https://twitter.com/Furycoin https://www.facebook.com/furycoin/
  11. Good news, we canceled the commission for withdrawal
  12. Thanks to everyone who believed in us and not afraid to be an active participant in the project. Today, the number of participants has reached more than 100. At the moment we have paid 0.3145 BTC. Join us and make profit without any risk. Do not forget that the prize pool of weekly contest will be drawn at the end of the week. Everyone still have chances to get his part of prize.
  13. Hello, I am admin of Furyco.in website. How it works: The system operates on the principle of mutual queue. So to get profit you do not need refer or fill any matrix. You just need to buy a ticket and wait your turn for payment. There 6 types of ticket prices in our system: 0.005 BTC, 0.01 BTC, 0.025 BTC, 0.05 BTC, 0.10 BTC, 0.20 BTC For each purchased ticket you will get 100% profit wnen full circle will be passed. Our advantages: Our platform uses a unique and fair formula for generating profits for you. All users of the project are in equal terms, regardless of the date of registration, the amount of purchased tickets and the number of invited partners. All funds in the system are distributed exclusively between users. The administration holds only 5% from each purchased ticket for promotion and support of the work of the project. Our system offers the possibility of earnings absolutely for everyone interested. The minimum ticket price is only 0.005 BTC. Our unique marketing provides high stability of the project, the rapid movement of the queue and a guaranteed profit. The mechanism controlling the amount of tickets avoids forming of long queues and allows users to make a profit in the shortest terms. Min deposit amount: 0.005 BTC Min for withdrawal: 0.001 BTC To start earning in our project, you even do not have to invest your own funds. We offer you a great opportunity to get 10% on each your partners ticket purchase. Join us and Earn instant profits from now! WELCOME TO FURYCO.IN
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